Jan 242014


I couldn’t think of a better excuse to start over for the new year.  We had a decent offer on the domain, “theintercept.com”, so this will be the opportunity to roll out another blog exploring the hypocrisy and origins of the war on terror.  Receive updates for the upcoming movie of the same name.  The new  domain will  be www.americanterrorist.com.  Join us or die!

  3 Responses to “Our ‘Intercept Site’ Will Switch over to AmericanTerrorist.com”

  1. American Terrorist? Say what? Is this name change a good idea? It will trigger every trigger at the NSA and FBI and Kammissariat of Homeland Security etc etc etc.

    • So, you’re saying “Don’t you know that the real terrorists will then be looking at you?” Since they are obviously obsessed with every minutia in our lives, I doubt our sentiments would be much of a surprise to them. It’s time that we control the language. We make the definitions. Not them. We must regain control of this dialog.

  2. No, I’m saying, don’t make it TOO easy for them, fer petes sake!

    Govmt. attorney:

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you the fact that this individual has admitted that he was the publisher/subscriber to something called “the american terrorist”!

    Better name:

    The American Anti-Terrorist

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