Aug 202013

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  6 Responses to “Boston Fakery ~ An Expose of the Boston Marathon Bombings Hoax”

  1. I see no proof the Tsarniev brother even existed. I think they are fictions.

  2. I think It was Staged and the poor lads were Framed for it hear in the u.k we have not heard any thing else of what is going on with the Trail. To me they is just too much Evidence for it been Faked

  3. This is the dumbest thing ever, nice evidence. The bottle of “Activate”you claim is fake blood is a fucking bottled water company. Morons.

    • Nice tip. Chalk it up to our trusting foray into original material. Good to get the drink bottles distinguished from the blood bottles. I see you spelled morons, correctly. Way to go!

  4. If this is true then the people who participated in it would be the scum of the earth! Do you think that they blackmail people to do this? Why would so many people agree to be a part of something like this if it really was staged? Just asking…

  5. Do you see the marathon false flag operation as another event by the CIA in the drive toward the New World Order as described in FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER posted at ?

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