Jun 262013

J.T. Waldron

The last six months have seen an acceleration of the trends we have been closely monitoring and presenting for the last three years. It’s difficult to recall since 9/11 ever seeing such a rapid push for the erosion of civil liberties, the related loss of cognitive liberties and the continued adulteration of our water, air and food.

We have seen the true nature of the surveillance state and it’s power over public officials. The NSA has subverted the balance of powers as congressmen, federal officials, and judges have been bribed through the use of NSA recordings.

For the last three years, the Intercept has been actively reposting news items that were considered by us as ground breaking or significant. We have the proud track record of only one article we presented that proved to be misleading or false – an early repost of an article by Sorcha Faal, later discredited as a subterfuge. Ironically, the most significant part of that particular article was President Barack Obama assassinating citizens without due process, a phenomenon now recognized as a matter of public record.

This act of collecting articles has been as beneficial to us as it has been for our readers. Truth is stranger than fiction and we have, no doubt, amassed a great deal of material for our work in the near future. I have written in depth about election fraud, the carbon orthodoxy, and the rigged economy, but have limited production to periodic original articles and daily reposts. Though we took pride in what we selected to post, we were limited by a life-threatening illness that has sapped the energy, time and resources necessary to be more productive.

An autoimmune disorder (sarcoidosis) has ruined my heart, so this spring I have been attached to a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), which is a machine similar to what Dick Cheney used to pump oxygenated blood throughout his body. There’s a lot to be said for having oxygenated blood coursing through your veins after years of never getting enough and never knowing what was missing.

From now on, the Intercept will only present original material. Check back for straight-up news articles, satirical fiction and multimedia content. Fortunately, the nixing of our reposts is adequately covered by a number of key sites. We hope you are as deeply concerned about the limiting insular nature of independent media and the lack of hard figures about how many are watching. If you haven’t already, please consider a close look at the sites we have referenced in our posts. Meanwhile, we will set up a way of accessing all our original material to date

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  1. I have been following your site for years on a more or less daily basis ..not even sure how long exactly, could be since 2009, as I just flip and flop to news sites on the Internet that might allow me to understand the madness I see around me better. I am so sorry to hear about your heart condition. As a complete stranger but someone who has enjoyed reading many of your posts and articles, may I wish you strength and the sincere hope that your condition will reverse itself. Kind regards, Jane

    • Great to hear from you, Jane! Thanks for the kind words. So far, I’m pretty optimistic about the outcome of my heart condition. Always good to learn about who might be watching.

  2. Hi JT,

    Really like your writing as always! Don’t think I’m weird (for this) but I was reading about something that is supposed to help oxygenate blood and has “auto immunization” effect and really improve your health yes have tried it. 🙂 http://www.rexresearch.com/articles/urine.htm Hope you get well soon!


  3. Hi, JT – I hope that you feel better. I remember you from the very excellent 911 truth group in Tucson that you used to host (I’ve known that 911 was a scam right from day one) . I lost track of Intercept a while back but just tracked it down. – Larry

    • Great to hear from you, Larry. Thanks for being with us. We dug what you had to say as well. We intend to do more in the future and are sincerely encouraged by the activities surrounding this anniversary. My email is still: jt@theintercept.com.

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