Feb 162013

J.T. Waldron

Professional polling services could sure come in handy after the standoff between murder suspect  Christopher Dorner and the variety of police that surrounded a burning cabin at Big Bear Canyon.

Those watching the live CBS feed of the standoff online immediately recognized that authorities intentionally set fire to the cabin.  Two thirds of the exterior of the cabin was engulfed in flames immediately after the news correspondent reported the firing of tear gas canisters onto the cabin.   As the cabin was catching fire, authorities staged and impromptu and unnecessary press conference in a pathetic attempt to draw attention away from the retaliation that was taking place.  Once coverage resumed with the CBS correspondent on the scene, we learn that authorities were actually setting limits as to how far their cameraman can zoom into the emerging fire.   As a final insult to the intelligence of the viewing audience, CBS studio pundits immediately began speculating that Dorner himself set fire to the cabin.

Footage from KCAL 9 revealed the intentions of officers on the ground:

“burn this motherfucker”.

Transcript from the police scanner indicates the proper use of the term ‘burner’ as the intended outcome of the burner is stated in the same sentence:

“26:22 Seven burners deployed, and we have a fire.”

Police attempted to cut the online police scanners using the bogus claim “to ensure officer safety”, but they were too late as the intent to burn the cabin was made clear to anyone who was listening.

Another attempt to quash coverage during the time of the emerging fire was recorded online by Twitter in the following message by the district attorney that was later removed:


Reporting on something so obvious is comparable to Media Matters fixation with Fox News.  Not very challenging.   The Dorner standoff is a pristine example of a summary execution of a person with unflattering information about the very institution that murdered him.  It demonstrates the willing compliance of mainstream media and their efforts to exonerate the authorities with word games aimed at creating confusion about the term “burner”.    The rigid corporation lie manifests in the San Bernardino Deputy’s denial of their intention to set fire to the cabin.

The clarity of this incident offers an opportunity to find out how many people are thinking for themselves and critically looking at the situation by instantly accessing a variety of verifiable sources through the internet.  You may have seen a number of articles from one of our favorite sources, ‘The Daily Bell‘.   They have coined the phrase “Internet Reformation” and it refers to seldom recognized new period of enlightenment ushered in by internet access.   An historic example is the Gutenberg press, which is responsible for the period identified as the Protestant Reformation.

Public resistance to tyranny can be boosted by larger numbers no longer hoodwinked.

A number of other telling distinctions about who we are as a nation can be brought to light with good polling.   Playing the role of a pollster, we could learn what percentage of the population permits summary execution when the perpetrator has likely committed murder.  Would they acknowledge that the police deliberately set fire to the cabin and consider the forfeiture of due process acceptable due to the severity of the crimes believed to have been committed by the suspect?   There are those who seem to choose convenience/retribution over the rule of law and it would be helpful to understand their demographics.

Groups surveyed about this incident can also indicate their ‘level of obtuseness’.  For example, some acknowledge that the NYPD shot up two Oriental ladies and a skinny white guy before making any attempts to identify these owners of vehicles loosely fitting the suspect’s description.  How many of the same people refuse to acknowledge that the authorities deliberately set fire to the cabin?   How many set limits about what they are “willing to believe” regardless of what the evidence otherwise indicates?

In varying degrees, there is one most destructive force in our society – the willfully ignorant.  They not only include selectively accepting certain realities and denying others deemed to be ‘too much’, but they include those abandoning any tendency to question what they see on television. read in mainstream print or hear on commercial radio.   They have abandoned their civic duty as an informed electorate, yet are still involved in the political process (usually as voters), like elders who claim, “I’m old, therefore I don’t spend time thinking about such matters anymore.”  It takes a few probing questions to discover that age has nothing to do with their lifelong choice to avoid fundamental realities.

So what reinforces this habit in all age groups?  Rules of social etiquette dictate the absence of meaningful exchanges that touch upon politics or other controversies.  Few like to be confronted with ideas or asked to recall opinions they haven’t formulated in their own minds.   Some times they’ll even lash out at you.

Dorner’s standoff marks a rare opportunity to learn about ourselves.

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