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The facade is starting to wear thin…

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer – the most monotonous voice in cable news – is also one of the most restrained personalities. He is so incredibly boring, lacks any charisma or inducement to humor and lobbies one softball question after another.

It is outstanding that even in a failing network like CNN he is accorded three hours daily. For Christ’s sake, the preceding buffoon Rick Sanchez is more amusing! Or just run re-runs of Larry King interviewing Marlon Brando!

But occasionally Blitzer’s passion will leak through, as it recently did. Pay very careful attention to the tone Blitzer takes here when he is subject to listening to a plethora of anti-Israel comments voiced by CNN viewers:

Blizter is clearly bothered and unhappy, and with good reason. Because Blizter started his career in ‘journalism’ working for the famed Israel lobby: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC. Blizter wrote for its mouthpiece, the Near East Report, and then took up a position with the Jerusalem Post after it came under new ownership and moved from being a left-wing, pro-peace publication to a Likud, militant Zionist and neo-conservative rag. Blizter wrote for them before joining CNN as their (Occupied) Jerusalem correspondent. Prior to Blizter’s CNN hiring, the network had come under strong criticism for its supposedly anti-Israel bias in covering the first Intifada and fired/replaced its targeted journalists and replaced them with Blizter, a man with pro-Israel bonafides, in order to appease the Zionist hoodlum lynch mob:

…in the midst of the Palestinian uprising, the Likud government launched a dirty and successful campaign against CNN, accusing two of its former staff members in Israel, Jerusalem Bureau Chief Robert Weiner and correspondent Michael Greenspan, of “anti-Israel” news coverage of the intifada. The anti-CNN campaign, during which Weiner and Greenspan were branded as “self-hating Jews,” was joined by several American Jewish organizations, led by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith. It resulted in the firing of Greenspan and the reassignment of Weiner. “The hostile journalists of CNN are finally going home, ” announced a bold headline in Israel’s daily, Yediot Aharonot.

…on April 20, 1991, CNN broadcast a half-hour special report entitled “The Israeli Connection” and hosted by correspondent Mark Feldstein. The report presented various perspectives on the Israeli-Arab conflict and raised questions about the strength of US-Israeli ties in the aftermath of the Gulf War and the end of the Cold War. “The Gulf conflict is over now, but another, older conflict remains,” Feldstein stated. “How much longer it will do so may well depend on Israel’s willingness to do what it has so far refused—change the status quo.

This was too much to stomach for the usual chorus. AIPAC’s newsletter, Near East Report, said that CNN “is a home for Israel bashers. ” This ignores the fact that CNN’s correspondent, Wolf Blitzer, is a former editor of that same newsletter,

During the 1980s, Blizter also wrote for Hadassah magazine, the publication of The Women’s Zionist Org of America. And here is Blitzer before his CNN days advocating on behalf of Zionism:

Thus it is no surprise that Blizter is a little irritated, to say the least. More to the point: why is a man who dedicated much of his career to the promotion of Zionism accorded such a prominent news position with the mask of objectivity? At a minimum, he should excuse himself from ever discussing the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Would CNN ever hire a man who wrote for, say, Wafa (the PLO’s wire news service) for any position expect that of commentator (if that)? The answer is obvious.

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  1. Blitzer is a disgrace…he is an apologist for the Israeli massacre of children in Gaza…I for one will never watch CNN again….

    If CNN viewers are anti-Israeli it is because of the actions of the Israelis…we can read… we do not only rely on news…we can make up our own mind…and it is sickening to listen to the same old rhetoric…repeated over and over and over because you think we have a short attention span…

    Whenever we get the repetition….we know we are listening to spin…we know you are lying…and Blitzer is the biggest repeater of pro-Israeli spin…

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