Quick Update on Recent Bird Flu Vaccine

by Catherine J. Frompovich
According to The Himalayan online newspaper, August 10, 2013, and its story “US vaccine may be behind bird flu”:

“…the unauthorized use of vaccines meant to fight bird flu, especially a USA-made vaccine, may have caused bird flu outbreak in Bhaktapur…”

in Nepal, a lovely and peaceful country between China to the north and India to the south.

Interestingly, the chairman of the Poultry Farmers’ Association, Tulsiram Dhukkhwa, said that many farmers complained that the bird flu broke out after the unauthorized use of those vaccines. That doesn’t seem to be anything new. Consider what happened recently in India when the oral polio vaccine was given: 47,500 vaccinees became paralyzed!

Furthermore, there is great belief that other countries are using poorer countries like Nepal as a laboratory! What’s new about that? Hasn’t that been going on for a long time and no one has the gumption to stand up to the practice, the medical profession, Big Pharma, or the World Health Organization (WHO)?

Additionally, PFA chairman Dhukkhwa said,
If Nepal has been used to test vaccine developed against bird flu in the USA, it is a misfortune.

Destroying a poor nation’s food source ought to be criminal – no matter who does it or how it’s done, either by deliberate use of vaccines or genetically modified engineering of food crops.

When will the human race wake up to what’s going on to eliminate it, and take back our unalienable right to have non-contaminated, chemical-free and poison-free air, food, and water? Good question?

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Today’s Health Problems: Will Most Children Ever Know How Good Health Feels?

Gaia Health

The typical child is now ill. Not only is it likely that any child will be suffering from allergies, asthma, diabetes, autism, cancer, or gut disorder, the odds are that they’re also suffering from the ill effects of the treatments they receive, like steroids and beta agonists and devastating psychiatric drugs. The new normal is to be sick.

The WHO, the FDA, and other similar agencies promote two different approaches to deal with drug immune gonorrhea and other diseases. They’re the same ways they approach every disease: more antibiotics and vaccines. Both ultimately must result in exactly the same thing that’s now happening: drug resistant and immune bacteria and viruses, and more virulent diseases, as is now happening with the new virulent whooping cough outbreaks that are ten times more deadly than the disease that vaccines were supposed to prevent.

The Natural Course of Diseases

Diseases often have a natural trajectory: going from severely virulent and then growing milder. It’s believed that much of our cellular structure, and certainly our gut biota, originated as diseases.

Now, we’re seeing the early stages of that disease trajectory as conventional medicine’s methods fail. The few decades of relief that resulted from antibiotics are coming to an end. Not only are diseases that had been fading away over time making a comeback, they’re also becoming more virulent.

Alternative Medicine’s Approach

Alternative medicines, such as homeopathy, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, generally do not view disease as an enemy. Rather, it’s seen as a symptom of body and mind out of balance. Though bacteria and viruses are associated with diseases, they do not necessarily cause them. During epidemics, most people do not contract the disease. People respond differently, and there must be reasons for that. Some people don’t succomb, while others do. Obviously, there is something at work besides the bacteria and viruses.

It’s surely true that we have evolved in association with bacteria and viruses. We can reasonably view our bodies as sacs of symbiotic bacteria. Bacteria are synonymous with cells, and complex life most likely developed as bacteria battled and cooperated. Each new challenge prompts life forms to develop.

Humans have best protected themselves against disease by making themselves healthier. Adequate and high quality food and water and sanitation—not antiseptic cleanliness!—along with satisfying lives and activity without undue stress have done far more to eradicate disease than anything produced by conventional medicine.

The Price of Trying to Force Health

By thinking that we’re not part of the system of life on our planet, by separating ourselves from nature, we have been heading down a road to disaster. Though it’s seemed like a panacea over the last few decades, that is merely a blip of time in the full picture. Ultimately, we may have made things far worse for generations that follow.

Our comfort and security has come at an enormous cost. Terrible chronic diseases and conditions that were nearly unknown have become standard—literally the way we now die through years of suffering, never knowing true health. Most children of today are unhealthy. They suffer from allergies, asthma, diabetes, cancer, gut misery, and autism. Most of these children will never know real health.

And now, we’re seeing the end of what had seemed to be the greatest benefit of modern medicine, antibiotics. With that end, there’s a resurgence of bacterial and viral diseases. What will happen to our children and grandchildren, as they live with ill-health as the new normal, many so harmed that they will never be able to care for themselves, as they face the onslaught of these diseases?

The only approaches that have ever truly worked, what are now termed alternative medicines—often demeaned as merely complementary or fake—may be the only way forward. These are the systems that recognize we’re part of this earth, not independent of it. They work with the body’s healing power, not against it. They work to strengthen, never to weaken. They respect nature.

Yet, the alternative methods are being systematically destroyed by conventional medicine’s forces. The time has come to speak out or forever hold your peace.

The FDA has taken a clear and definitive stand against health. In their response to a lawsuit, they have asserted that:

There is no right to feed children any particular food.
There is no generalized right to bodily and physical health.
There is no fundamental right to freedom of contract.

How can anyone suggest that the FDA’s goal is to protect the health of the people? It could not be more clear that their goal is the subjugation of people, to bring them into the rapacious maws of Big Pharma, Agribusiness, and Big Medicine.

It’s time to take a stand—or forever hold your peace. The forces amassed against us have no problem with stealing our health and happiness to stuff their coffers. They have created an image of panacea, the idea that we can rely on them to care for us, to resolve diseases, if only we pay them enough. The reality is exactly the opposite. At one time, they led us. Now, they’re so powerful that they’re pushing us to a precipice, a point of no return.

Bird flu may not be so deadly after all, new analysis claims

Reuters, Feb. 23, 2012

Bird flu may be far less lethal to people than the World Health Organization’s assessment of a death rate topping 50 percent, scientists said on Thursday in a finding that adds fuel to the heated controversy over publication of bird flu research.

Scientists led by virologist Peter Palese of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York argue in an analysis published in the online edition of the journal Science that the WHO, a U.N. agency, is calculating the death rate using an estimate of human bird flu cases that is simply too low.

Full story

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