UK Boy to Be Forced into Chemotherapy

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by Heidi Stevenson

‘A seven-year-old boy has been taken from his mother to be forcibly given radiation treatment because his doctors believe it’s for the best. Not only do doctors support barbaric treatment, but they believe they have the right to force it on innocent children.’

The loss of rights to our own bodies and to control what is done to our children continues. Neon Roberts, the seven-year-old boy pictured to the left, is about to undergo radiation treatment because his doctors want to do it.

Sadly, Neon has a brain tumor. He has had surgery, but his mother does not want him to be treated with radiation.

His mother ran with Neon, trying to escape from forced treatment. Sadly, though, they were found by police in Sussex, UK.

We don’t know what this child’s future will be. His chances do not look good. Without knowing the particular type of cancer he’s suffering, it’s not possible to state the odds. However, we do know that, even if he does survive, the chances are his life will be irreversibly changed from adverse effects. Children are more susceptible to harm because their nervous systems are not mature. There’s a strong chance of being left with limb weakness, poor balance, and uncontrollable shaking. Epilepsy, blackouts, and chronic headaches are also possible, as is blindness. Intelligence, including short term memory, learning, and logic ability can be harmed.

It’s also possible that years later he will develop loss of appetite, lack of energy, and return and worsening of earlier symptoms. Personality changes years later have also been noted.

Yet, both doctors and the legal system have run amok. They presume to know what’s best for this child, so ordered his mother to hand her son over to them.

Neon’s case is unique because we know about it. That’s only because it was considered so important to find him that the judge ordered his and his mother’s identity to be revealed so it would be easier to find them.

How many other children are forcibly treated with radiation, chemotherapy, or vaccination? We don’t know because that information is hidden from us. All we do know is that Neon, who more than ever needs his mother, has been snatched from her and will shortly undergo a treatment that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy—simply because the hubris of some doctors says that they have the right and a judge supports them.

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Dentists warned over x-ray machine amid radiation fears

The Guardian

Dentists have been warned not to buy a handheld x-ray machine which exposes patients to 10 times the recommended dose of radiation.

The cheap imported devices could also pose a significant risk to dentists and nurses, health officials said.

The Tianjie Dental Falcon scanners can be purchased on eBay for as little as £205, compared with about £4,000 for a safe model.

Officials have confirmed that one UK-based dental practice purchased one of the dangerous machines, and several others have expressed interest in buying one.

Any dental practices that have purchased the machines have been urged to contact the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Bruce Petrie, of the MHRA’s medical devices enforcement team, said: “It’s vital that dentists and dental staff do not buy these dental x-ray machines from eBay or other websites because they are not approved and not safe for dentists or patients.

“We have seized 13 of these x-ray machines from the distributor and we are working with eBay and other governments to ensure dentists and patients are protected. We urge anyone who has bought one of these machines to contact us.”

Barry Cockcroft, chief dental officer for England and the government’s principal dental adviser, added: “It is vitally important that when buying equipment dentists make sure it is appropriate and safe for use. I would urge all dental professionals to be cautious of seemingly cheap devices which may not be fit for purpose, and potentially dangerous.”

Clinical evaluator Donald Emerton, who examined the seized devices at King’s College hospital, added: “When we tested the x-ray machine we found it did not properly protect either a potential patient, nor the person operating it.

“Over time someone operating this machine, such as a dental assistant, would be exposed to unacceptable levels of accumulated radiation and this would have an increased risk to their health. I certainly wouldn’t want someone to use this piece of equipment to take an x-ray of me.”

Radioactive Fish: All 21 samples caught 50+ km from Fukushima plant exceeded maximum cesium level

EneNews, Aug. 9, 2011

Fish caught at a port about 55 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant contained radioactive cesium at levels exceeding an allowable limit, the environmental group Greenpeace said Tuesday.

The samples taken at Onahama port in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, in late July, included a species of rockfish that measured 1,053 becquerels per kilogram. […] The other samples, which were all rock trout, measured between 625 and 749 becquerels per kilogram, again exceeding the provisional limit. […] A total of 21 samples taken in the study were analyzed […]

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Stop claiming food is safe, ministry told

Japan Times, Aug. 8, 2011

Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto has committed an about-face on policy by telling his ministry to refrain from vouching for the safety of Japanese food. The ministry stance changed after radiation-tainted beef was found to have been sold to consumers nationwide, sources said.

The contaminated meat is coming from cattle that were fed rice straw contaminated with cesium isotopes ejected by the disaster-crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

On July 8, Matsumoto said that he wanted to dispel food safety concerns by explaining what the government is doing to prevent tainted food from making it into the food supply.

But several countries have since asked about the beef scare after several cattle suspected of being fed tainted straw were found to have been slaughtered and theirta beef shipped to market months ago to stores and restaurants.

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