How THREE police officers went to grandmother’s farm just to warn her NOT to make massive Double Gloucester for annual cheese rolling event

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Police have told an elderly grandmother she must not make a massive Double Gloucester wheel for locals to chase down a hill at a popular event – because she could be liable for any injuries.

Farmer Diana Smart, 86, of Churcham, Gloucestershire, has been making a special hand-made wheel of cheese for the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, which sees daredevils chasing cheese down the 200-yard Cooper’s Hill near Brockworth, for a quarter of a century.

A one-foot-wide cheese wheel is rolled down the hill – followed by brave competitors who risk life and limb to chase it and reach the bottom first.
Injuries suffered at the cheese rolling including broken arms, legs and even backs.

Following health and safety fears 2009 was the last official cheese rolling event – but unofficially the event is still held every year, without proper medical cover or insurance.

But Mrs Smart, who has provided the large piece of cheese since 1988, has now been warned off doing so for this year’s race on Monday – after a visit by three police officers.

They visited her farm and told her not to donate five 8lb wheels of her cheese in a bid to prevent the ‘dangerous’ event.

She was warned she could be liable for anybody injured – and so has pulled out.

It is the first time in its 200-year history that police have banned a cheesemaker providing the cheese – leaving organisers considering using something else instead.

Mrs Smart said the ‘heavy-handed’ police visited her home last week and told in a ‘threatening’ manner she would be responsible for any injuries caused.

She said: ‘We are not allowed to give them cheese this year. The police came to my farm and said it could cause us an enormous amount of damages.
‘I just have to take it as they have said. We cannot do anything about it. It’s crackers the fact that the police came round and warned me not to give the event some cheese.’

She added: ‘I like doing it, it’s always brought me such joy and a smile. The police were so heavy-handed.

‘They threatened me, saying I would be wholly responsible if anyone got injured. I’m 86, I don’t have the will or the cash to fight any lawsuits. It’s crazy.

‘I really don’t know if anyone will step up to the plate and provide them with a cheese.

‘It’s such a shame – the police are using scare tactics on businesses because they can’t break the will of the locals.’

The event sees runners reach speeds of up to 70mph as they hurtle down the steep slope after the rolling cheese.

There are five races – three for men, one for women, and one safer uphill chase for children.

Organisers of the annual spectacle said they will defy any bid to stop the race happening.

A spokesperson said: ‘It’s outrageous. Completely unbelievable. You cannot stop someone selling cheese.

‘If they try to stop us, we will use something else or get some cheese elsewhere.’

A Gloucestershire police spokesman confirmed Diana had been given ‘advice’.
He said: ‘Advice has been given to all those who have participated in any planning of an unofficial cheese rolling event this coming bank holiday.
‘This included the individuals who provide the cheese. We feel it is important that those who, by law, could be constituted as organisers of the event are aware of the responsibilities that come with it so that they can make an informed decision about their participation.’

Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, slammed the police for threatening Mrs Smart.

He said: ‘Taxpayers will be appalled that the valuable time of three police officers was wasted trying to scare an elderly lady into withdrawing her involvement in a centuries-old tradition.

‘People expect the police to be keeping us safe and solving crime, not badgering innocent old ladies.

‘Anyone participating in the cheese-rolling needs to take personal responsibility for themselves and the idea that Diana Smart should be liable for any injuries is frankly ludicrous.’

Mrs Smart sells her traditionally-made cheeses at farmers’ markets and luxury grocers Fortnum and Mason.

Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban will cause New Yorkers to poison themselves with more aspartame

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Ah, the hilarity of the nanny state knows no bounds, it seems. Especially not in New York City, where Mayor Bloomberg oversaw a large-sized soda ban that just became law. The really hilarious part of the law? It does not apply to aspartame-laced “diet sodas” which, by any honest measure, are far more toxic to your health than regular sodas made with HFCS.

HFCS may cause diabetes and obesity, but aspartame causes neurological damage and early-onset Alzheimer’s. But that’s just what New York needs, it seems: A wave of crabby soda-drinking senior citizens who are half blind and can’t remember where their apartment building is located. (Or has that already happened?).

That the New York city health board actually thinks diet soda is healthier than regular soda is a sad, sad commentary on the state of nutritional ignorance in NYC. So under this nanny state plan, citizens will be pushed to consume more neurotoxic aspartame — gee, what a brilliant plan! Why not ban vitamins, too, and just force everybody to take a daily chemotherapy pill and call it a “public health initiative?”.

Soda prohibition will only create a new black market.

I’m mesmerized by the arrogance of nanny state governments that think they can alter reality via decree. Bloomberg and the entire city health board somehow believes they will magically make people healthier by taking away their choice. So instead of actually educating New Yorkers about the dangers of HFCS and phosphoric acid — two of the primary health-destroying ingredients in sodas — they pull a nanny state / police state fast one and criminalize the selling of those sodas.

This, of course, will only create a black market in high-capacity sodas. So now, instead of people buying their sodas at legitimate establishments with relative compliance with public health regulations, they’re going to be buying “contraband” sodas in dark alleys where crime runs rampant. This is the upshot of all such prohibition laws by any government: economic transactions that used to be above the board are now driven underground. (Marijuana, see?)

Before long, tyrants like Bloomberg will dutifully announce “there is a crime wave of illicit soda sales taking place!” and therefore the city needs to create a soda prohibition task force to hunt down soda sellers and infiltrate their operations.

Yep, it’s time to declare the “War on Soda” … kind of like the War on Drugs, except even more of a waste of taxpayer money.

Then we’ll see the NYPD hiring “undercover soda buyers” to infiltrate soda selling establishments, posing as regular customers. They’ll ask for — OMG! — a “13 oz. soda” and see if the vendor actually serves it up. If they do, they’re arrested on the spot and processed as a soda criminal. Because, you know, they’re obviously a danger to society and need to be taken off the streets, right?

You see, the problem with creating new laws is that you then criminalize an entire segment of the population; then you need law enforcers to hunt those people down and “process” them with fines or criminal penalties. So instead of gaining public health, the city actually loses public freedom and creates a new crime enforcement overhead paid by taxpayers.

A nation with the most laws has the least freedom

The more laws you create in any jurisdiction, the less freedom you have remaining. Laws always have good intentions, of course, but they also have unintended consequences (such as driving people to drink more aspartame).

Such is the problem with trying to micromanage everybody from a centralized government: You can never successfully shape their behavior to your liking because people are individuals and they want to make up their own minds about things. Even if they do stupid things like drinking a Big Gulp soda sweetened with genetically modified corn syrup tainted with mercury. Yeah, it’s STUPID beyond belief, but it’s still their choice.

With this soda ban, Mayor Bloomberg is treating the citizens of New York like stupid little children. Or even like house pets. “Bad soda drinker! Bad!” It is a silly, dignity-crushing stance for any government to take, and it only breeds contempt among the People who increasingly see their local government “rulers” as power-hungry maniacs trying to micro-manage every little detail of their private lives.

What’s next? Is Bloomberg gonna pull a Singapore and ban chewing gum, too?

Or how about banning “dirty thoughts?” That could be a real windfall for the prison industry system.

Mark my words: In a year, New York’s obesity problem will be WORSE

The really hilarious realization in all this is that banning large sodas won’t make a bit of difference in the city’s obesity problem. A year from now — or five — you’re going to have even more cases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

And why is that? Because most of these diseases are caused by nutrient deficiencies. Banning diet soda does nothing to get people more vitamin D, selenium, zinc or magnesium — the things that help prevent chronic degenerative disease. Diabetics, in particular, usually lack chromium, magnesium and vitamin D.

Banning people from buying large sodas does not magically make people take up exercise or consume fresh fruits and vegetables. You can’t legislate people to want to be healthy, especially when half the people writing and passing these laws are obese, cancer-ridden desk jockeys in desperate need of a colon cleanse.

Look, society is SICK. Disease is rampant. The food supply is toxic. People are eating themselves to death with GMO, HFCS, MSG, aspartame and more. But that’s mostly because huge food corporations dominate the legislation process and the poisons they put into the foods never get questioned.

Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t question aspartame, MSG or GMO. Neither did Michelle Obama with her newly-release grocery shopping guide. There’s never any real talk about the real poisons in your food. Instead, it’s just this watered-down nanny state mish-mash of pure political bunk.

I don’t drink soda, but that’s because I’m an intelligent person who doesn’t wish to poison my body with phosphoric acid and mercury-laced HFCS. I don’t need some silly government mandate to tell me that soda is poison. That should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

I also don’t smoke marijuana, don’t eat bacon and don’t drink coffee. But again, that’s my choice. I don’t believe any one group of people has the right to tell another group of people what they can eat, drink or smoke. So why do we bow down, lick boots and surrender our freedoms over these things to the government?

Folks, if you live in NYC, you need to leave anyway. Not due to Bloomberg’s silly nanny state initiatives, but because the city will become a death zone in the coming economic collapse. NYC is the absolutely last place you want to be when it all comes down.