Homeopathy Attacked by Big Pharma Supporters

The Daily Bell, Feb. 7, 2011

Big Pharma has apparently found another target: homeopathy. After relentlessly destroying Britain’s Dr. Andrew Wakefield for his temerity to suggest that there might be a link between vaccines and autism or other childhood injuries, homeopathy has now come under attack. It is part of larger power-elite dominant social theme having to do with the scientific correctness of Western, surgical medicine and the fuzziness and non-utility of other approaches.

Of course from our point of view (as an alternative “reality-based”news site) this is in itself questionable. Many pharmaceutical companies derive many of their drugs from natural plants, often found in the Amazon. Aspirin is a good example of this. But unlike aspirin, most pharmaceutical solutions seem to have critical and even deadly side effects. This may be the result of simulating nature with chemistry or is simply inherent in the process of concentrating the antidote. What does seem apparent is that many of so-called safe drugs that are said to be both effective and non-detrimental to one’s health, turn out to be most toxic over a long time period.

Singh, like Randi and other mainstream debunkers of “alternative” science and health, spend a good deal of time attacking what seems to be effective for some (though not all). They are, of course, entitled to their views; but when one looks judiciously at the way the world works, one is struck by the constant “scientific” attacks on people’s free-market choices and little in the way of analysis of the West’s increasing governmental mandates when it comes to regulating people’s preferences by law (and force).

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