Vintage Bottle of Ant Poison Labels Fluoride As Deadly Poison

Intel Hub, Jan. 13, 2012
Fluoride soft kill continues amid overwhelming evidence of dangers

What I purchased is a vintage bottle of ant poison which surprisingly had never been opened.

I would not want to consume the contents inside this vintage bottle of insecticide, nor would I ever want to use this product, but in reality we have all consumed the contents in this insecticide because the active ingredient is composed of 95% Sodium Fluoride.

It can be difficult to find such direct information regarding sodium fluoride as a poison, but it is a true fact.

Sodium Fluoride is both a contact and a stomach poison; for this reason, most exterminators know the substance to work tremendously better on grown insects rather than larvae because adults have self cleaning habits which larvae do not.

Needless to say, sodium fluoride does not sound safe for human consumption.

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What You Don’t Know About Aspartame Could Kill You

Opposing Views, May 24. 2011

This is probably worth an entire article all by itself, but the basic information is this: Aspartame is poison.
But don’t take my word for it. How about referring to fact that aspartame was classified as a neurotoxin before it was approved by the FDA as a sugar substitute in the early 1980s?

How about the fact that straight out of the package you can use it as a very effective insecticide? Ant killer anyone?

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Prenatal pesticide exposure tied to lower IQ in children

Science Blog, Apr. 20, 2011

Berkeley — In a new study suggesting pesticides may be associated with the health and development of children, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health have found that prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides — widely used on food crops — is related to lower intelligence scores at age 7.

The researchers found that every tenfold increase in measures of organophosphates detected during a mother’s pregnancy corresponded to a 5.5 point drop in overall IQ scores in the 7-year-olds.

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15 Die From Mass Food Poisoning

Peace FM, Dec. 6, 2010

As Ghana marked the 26th National Farmers’ Day with a holiday last Friday, disturbing reports from the Upper East Region indicated that 15 persons had died from eating food poisoned with insecticides.

The Upper East Regional Coordinating Council claimed later at a news conference that only 12 persons had died as a result of what they described as “misapplication of agro-chemicals or the use of fake agro-chemicals by some farmers to fertilise their crops in these areas.”

Farmers were advised to read or seek information from any extension worker on the methods of applying agro-chemicals, especially when they were in doubt or dealing with agro-chemicals containing Endo-Sulphar.

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