Aspartame: It’s everywhere!, Mar. 30, 2011

Did you know that artificial sweeteners are in many children’s vitamins and pain relievers? I know that most of you are aware that aspartame and sucralose are in many foods and diet soft drinks, but I would guess that many are shocked to realize that the very things that are supposed to help keep our kids healthy are actually causing them great harm.

Check the shelves of the pharmacy or the health and beauty aid aisle at the grocery store next time you’re there and look at the ingredients of children’s vitamins. Many do contain the same dangerous ingredient, aspartame, that can cause harm to people of all ages.

NutraSweet and Equal contain aspartame while Splenda contains sucralose. The FDA has approved sucralose but does admit that 2 percent of sucralose is made up of heavy metals, methanol and arsenic. Yes, the calories are gone but what has happened to the many products in the process of replacing these calories is harmful.

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