New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Damages The Liver

Healthy Home Economist, Apr. 1, 2012

When Jodi Ferris unknowingly unleashed the wrath of Social Services at Penn State Hershey Medical Center by questioning the necessity of the Hepatitis B vaccine for her newborn daughter, little did she know just how big a can of worms she was opening.

A study reported in the journal Apoptosis just weeks ago indicates that this controversial vaccine normally injected into newborns within hours of birth induces liver damage primarily due to the presence of the toxic vaccine adjuvant aluminum hydroxide.

Aluminum hydroxide, an adjuvant also present in the anthrax vaccine, has already been shown as a likely culprit for triggering the motor neuron autoimmunity issues present in Gulf War Syndrome which are indistinguishable from the autoimmune disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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Book Review: ‘Vaccine Epidemic’

The Epoch Times, Feb. 13, 2011

Legalism is the driving force behind a powerful new book with a unique, provocative view on the autism-vaccine flashpoint. Big Pharma, bigger government, and a pliable mainstream media have been trying to squelch and censor the right to vaccine choice for the past decade.

Books like Vaccine Epidemic, combined with the social networking power of the Web, make it impossible for the apocryphal CDC and NIH, the government agencies tasked with being the guardians of public health, to control and suppress all information or from putting the dark truths back in Pandora’s box.

The push by federal and state governments to make injecting newborn babies and infants with vaccines of unproven safety and questionable ingredients—aluminum hydroxide, pig and bovine DNA, and thimerosal, although in lesser amounts—backs not only an argument against the Puritanism of today’s vaccine program, but it exposes the propaganda machine of Big Pharma, the government, and the press for what it really is: a collusive, profit driven calculus to control people and diminish their rights.

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“The recommended schedule for shots are at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 to 15 months and then 4 years old…Blackburn recommended that parents who are concerned about the risks of having their children immunized should do research. More can be learned about vaccines through the CDC website.”