Dr. Russell Blaylock is a foremost leader in alerting the public of the increasingly prominent and intricate connection between food and human behavior. He draws upon his extensive research and his 24 years as a board-certified neurosurgeon to successfully present a nutritional path for his audience outside the field of medicine. "Nutrition and Behavior" is an essential tool for individuals and their families wishing to avoid becoming part of the growing trend of cases of behavioral, neurological and toxic maladies. Armed with the knowledge contained in this video, we can prevent being caught up in an increasingly and alarmingly malevolent society.

The questions below are a small sample of the topics covered in "Nutrition and Behavior":

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Question # 1: Does giving your toddler apple juice help to instill healthy eating habits throughout life?

Question #2: What common vegetable can produce a hypoglycemic reaction?

Question #3: Which food product is more allergenic?
Question #4: Are serotonin levels in the brain correlated with

Question #5: Does soy slow the growth of breast cancers?

Question #6: Is natural estrogen toxic to the body?

Question #7: What can be a surprising and not so uncommon effect of excessive drinking in young people?

Did you know that the answers to these questions can be crucial to your health and the health of your family? They can be found in Dr. Blaylock's new Video,
"Nutrition and Behavior"
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