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Boyd Graves Challenging entrenched corrupt election officials can be a daunting prospect. Citizens, however, are resilient and can broach the forest of technical information, jargon and sleight-of-hand to reveal the truth. This story is about how one team was able to pull back the curtain on election fraud in Arizona. Coming Soon
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The Last Fortress

From cradle to grave, the American citizen is bathed in the cathode glow of a television or the liquid crystal display of a flat screen, and bombarded with corporate messages all humming the same tune: buy the products, buy the lies.  But to buy indiscriminately without regard to the details (child labor exploited to sew shirts, animals cruelly confined and sickened with hormones, false flag attacks on American soil, crops modified with genetic chimeras) requires a profound ignorance.  People aren’t born that stupid.  They are made that way. April, 2009

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While aspartame was the single focus in "Sweet Misery:  A Poisoned World",  Sweet Remedy demonstrates that a corrupt flagship regulatory agency has given birth to numerous toxins in our food supply.  This is no accident.

A close examination of the global corporate power stucture demonstates that neurotoxic foods resulting in reduced lifespans and cognitive function are a matter of public policy.  In the United States and through each nation within its global corporate  grasp, maintaining a healthy mind and body is an act of civil disobedience. In this case, healing has become one path of resistance for informed individuals.  We interview a host of MD's and Natural Health practitioners to gain the clearest possible perspective for a path to recovery.  Perhaps the sweetest remedy this film offers is the hope provided by  witnessing a variety of people withstand the confusion, casualties and obstacles involved with taking control of their food and their health.

Includes Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jim Turner, ESQ, Dr. Michael Ruff,
Dr. Candace Pert, Noam Chomsky, Sheldon Rampart, Jeffrey Smith, Jack Samuels, Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Mary Nash Stoddard, Spice Williams-Crosby, Bob Wall, Larry Hagman, David Getoff, Howard Glasser, Sally Fallon, Robert Scott Bell, Arthur Evangelista, Betty Martini, and many more.

Sweet Remedy Box
Aspartame Documentary:

After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, "Sweet Misery" will reveal one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution.

The toxic long-term effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a "hoax" by the sweetener industry and at least five other internet websites.

The real footwork, however, unravels something less comforting than a mere "Hoax."

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