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Full Body Workout, Big Fun for Children

Many parents today face the challenge of balancing a busy schedule with the time they want to spend with their kids, and the time they would like to have to stay in shape - or at least stay a little toned. The fun exercises in Parents Fit Kids Fun benefit both the parent and the child - physically, emotionally, and developmentally.

The Parents Fit Kids Fun exercises provide a safe and effective full body workout, which benefits the areas of exasperation for many adults, i.e., the abdomen and waist, chest and arms, and the buns (gluteals).

Another important benefit is the time spent with your child - having fun with them and giving them a fun opportunity to practice their counting and ABC’s. The program also provides children an opportunity to become involved

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with exercise in a context where they have a positive feeling toward it, thus making them more inclined to want to exercise themselves as they age.

Enjoy Parents Fit Kids Fun. We hope that it brings a fun and fit break to your busy life.

Erich Smidt, Executive Producer

"It was a pleasure working with Erich Smidt and his family to develop this novel approach for all families to remove the 'stagnation' that typically occurs in any household on a day-to-day basis. Erich took great care to strike a balance between a carefully planned certified work-out and the right portion of time affordable to any busy parent. To quote Spice Williams-Crosby, 'You've got to keep the body moving.' I am proud to include Parents Fit, Kids Fun in our catalog as a crucial component to individual health."

Cori Brackett, Director: Parents Fit Kids Fun

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