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July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

75% of Greeks are overweight as southern Europe abandons traditional Mediterranean diet
Health Trends: The report says the typical Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fish and vegetables also is declining in the Middle East and North Africa, where eating habits are changing and calorie intake increasing.

LA blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas
The World Reacts: The yearlong moratorium is intended to give the city time to attract restaurants that serve healthier food.

FDA Issues New Warning for Novantrone
Medical Industry: Novantrone and generic equivalents are approved to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) and cancer. Novantrone has been linked to the development of congestive heart failure.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Makes You Stupid
Tainted Food:

Yoga Found to Reverse Metabolic Syndrome, Ease Blood Pressure
Natural Health: Yoga can be "a powerful adjunct therapy when these diseases arise," said researcher Faahri Saatiglou. "We do not emphasize this point enough in our Western health care."

Home medicine errors, deaths rise
Health Trends: "The amount of medical supervision is going down and the amount of responsibility put on the patient's shoulders is going up," said lead author David P. Phillips of the University of California, San Diego.

Natural Sweetener Stevia Loaded With Antioxidants; Protects Against DNA Damage
Natural Health:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doctor and Patient, Now at Odds
Health Trends: But increasingly, research and anecdotal reports suggest that many patients don't trust doctors.

GM crop trials 'should be secret'
GMO's: The researchers say that vandalism of GM crop trials is holding back research in the area. Gosh, maybe you should not try forcing a pandora's box upon the people.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food Industry Lobbying Linked to Salmonella Search Debacle
Medical Industry/PR: Tommy Thompson, health secretary during the lobbying campaign, agreed a stronger tracking system could have helped with current illnesses and business losses. "We went in with the larger package but knew we had to compromise," Thompson told the AP. I don't need anyone knowing my health record - I have seen the other side of its "virtues".

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cancer warning adds wrinkle to parenting debate
Ecohazard: It's a signature parenting dilemma of the wireless age: Should kids have cell phones?

Kids lose weight when families diet together
The World Reacts:

Walgreens to Donate More Than $1 Million Annually to Pharmacy Schools
PR: Call me cynical, but to me, this seems like an investment in the future, to ensure that future employees will tow the party pharmaceutical line.

Nutrients Lacking in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Natural Health: A new study clearly shows that a lack of key vitamins sets the stage for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Irvine, California Threatened by Contaminated Water From El Toro Marine Base
Ecohazard: What happens when wealthy Republicans suddenly find out that the home they invested so much in, could be sitting on top of one of the most dangerous, polluted places in the nation?

Human sewage used on crops in the Midlands
Ecohazard: Severn Trent Water says demand for the waste has soared because it is now just a fifth of the cost of conventional animal-based fertiliser, which is closely linked to the price of oil.

Public Worry Grows With Raytheon Plume
Ecohazard/PR: Trichloroethylene (TCE); 1,4 dioxane; and vinyl chloride can cause an assortment of ailments, from headaches and dizziness to several forms of cancer and birth complications.
Raytheon and health officials say there is no risk of such exposure.

What's in your water?
The World Reacts: Small traces of arsenic have been found in Nash County wells. Here's what officials are doing about it.

FDA faulted over unapproved uses of medications
The World Reacts: When federal regulators catch a drug company peddling prescription medications for an unapproved use, it takes them an average of seven months to issue a warning, according to a draft report by congressional investigators.
It typically takes four more months for the company to fix the problem. During that time, a lot prescriptions can be written.

Unmasking the super foods
Natural Health:

Autism Rates Soaring For Somalis In U.S.
Health Trends: Farah works on refugee resettlement with the Minnesota Department of Health. It's through her work that she's noticed something troubling within her community.

Woman discovered the rare condition behind her EIGHT miscarriages by going online - and is now a proud mum
Health Trends:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yerba mansa 'calming herb' may be next echinacea
Natural Health: But before the ancient herb can get its day in the sun, researchers must find a way to protect the ecologically threatened plant from depletion by habitat loss and urban development.

'Wellness' a healthy investment for company
The World Reacts: The investment in "wellness" pays other dividends, according to Orme. He says fitter workers are more productive, have better morale and are safer.

Too Much Coffee Depletes B Vitamins
Health Trends: A new study shows that 4 or more cups of coffee per day have a significantly adverse affect on B vitamin status. The researchers found that folic acid levels were lowered by 11.7%, B6 by 14.1%, and B2 by 5.5%. At the same time the arterial plaque forming homocysteine was elevated by 6.8%.

Antidepressant Scripts Up 16 Million Over 3-Year Period
Health Trends:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Front Porch Fridays: This week is our sixth installment of our in-depth report on Coconuts and Coconut Oil by Chef Lori Nichols-Davies. Click here for article.

Soy-based foods may lower sperm count: study
Health Trends: Eating a half serving a day of soy-based foods could be enough to significantly lower a man's sperm count, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

Homeopathy Proven Better Than Conventional Medicine for Eczema
Natural Health:

Cancer institute warns of cellphone risks
Tainted Products: The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cellphone use because of the possible risk of cancer.

Toxic chemicals found in fresheners
Tainted Products: "I was surprised by both the number and the potential toxicity of the chemicals that were found," said Steinemann, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and public affairs.

Complaints Undermine Hip Device
Medical Industry: In recent months, some doctors have complained that the device, a hip socket known as the Durom cup, was failing in their patients, who then had to undergo replacement surgery.

ADHD increasingly common in older kids, CDC says
Health Trends:

Fish Oil, Red Yeast Rice Cut Cholesterol
Natural Health: Supplements, Lifestyle Change Work as Well as Cholesterol-Lowering Medications in Small Study.

Mercury declining in Hudson's fish
The World Reacts: Now, after years of state regulation and federally mandated clean-up, mercury concentrations have declined two- to threefold in fish, proof that impeding the flow of heavy metals into the river can have a demonstrable effect on wildlife, scientists say.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cancer Docs Warn Staff Of Cell Phone Risk
Tainted Products: The director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers plans to warn about 3,000 faculty and staff about the possible health risks associated with cell phone use.

U.S. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Grow
Health Trends: Despite wide-ranging efforts to encourage Americans to lose weight, the number of U.S. adults who are obese increased almost 2 percent between 2005 and 2007, a new report found.

FEMA Trying to Weasel Out of Toxic Trailer Lawsuits

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doctors to be banned from dishing out antibiotics for sore throats and colds
The World Reacts: Colds are caused by viruses, which means that antibiotics, which work only against bacteria, are useless.

Intensified concerns on the cholesterol drug Vytorin
Medical Industry: In a clinical trial the cholesterol-lowering drug Vytorin did not help people with heart-valve disease avoid further heart problems but did appear to increase their risk of cancer, scientists reported Monday.

A Locally Grown Diet With Fuss but No Muss
The World Reacts:

Pollution degrades ecosystems, report says
Ecohazard: The authors urge U.S. policymakers to establish air quality standards based on critical loads or the maximum amount of deposited pollution an ecosystem can tolerate before it is harmed.

HEALTH-LEBANON: Cancer On the Rise
Health Trends:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Schering-Plough, Merck's Vytorin misses study goal
Medical Industry: In the latest disappointment for cholesterol pill Vytorin, a major European study in patients with heart valve disease found the drug didn't prevent worsening of the disease or lower the need for valve surgery, sending its makers' stock plunging.

Mass. woman diagnosed with rare brain disease
Health Trends/PR: In very rare cases, a form of the disorder can be caused by consuming meat products from cows infected with mad cow disease. This is one reason why I don't eat meat, myself.

The Truth Behind Paxil's Black Box
Medical Industry: Paxil has long been known to cause suicidal thoughts in some children and causes more than just suicidal ideation in others, leading to suicide. This was discovered in a clinical trial; however, the information was suppressed.

Restaurants Offering Gluten-Free Options
The World Reacts:

Gardasil Injection Followed by Stroke
Vaccines: Last month, Merck added more possible adverse reactions to Gardasiil's growing list, including fatigue, weakness, and muscle pain; however, many feel this is not enough.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Surgeons will get 'survival bonus' every time they save a patient's life
The World Reacts: Britain's largest hospital trust is planning to pay doctors every time a patient survives the operating table or leaves hospital without picking up an infection. This shows what the motivation is assumed to be for doctors by industry - at least in the UK.

Mass. patient tested for mad cow disease
Health Trends:

Skin cancer fear 'may harm bones'
Health Trends: The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) says lack of vitamin D - part-made by being in the sun - could raise the chances of brittle bone disease.

Blueberries for Your Memory and Bones
Natural Health: Blueberries continue to rack up their impressive credentials as the top superfood fruit in the world.

Lush paddy fields as far as the eye can see. So why can't this farmer afford to feed his family?
Health Trends: I ask if she [Lai Phon] knew that the Americans and Europeans have found a way to turn food into fuel - that's one of the reasons food prices are going up all over the world. She stops her work and looks at me. She hadn't heard about that. 'It would be better,' she says tentatively, 'if they turned fuel into food. Have they found a way to do that?'

Bee die-offs creating change

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Living Next to Coal
Ecohazard: A new study out of West Virginia University finds that people in coal mining communities are much more likely to suffer from lung, kidney and heart disease - even if they never worked in a mine.

What is the Big, Fat Health and Fitness Lie?
Natural Health: Why mince words? Let's dig right in.

Fattest states are in South
Health Trends:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Color Me Concerned
The World Reacts: Activists ask FDA to ban artificial food dyes after research supports possible link to ADHD.

2 Calif. health insurers to pay $13M for dropping clients
The World Reacts: Anthem Blue Cross will pay $10 million and reinstate coverage for 1,770 enrollees while Blue Shield of California will pay $3 million and reinstate coverage for 450 enrollees. Both insurers will also reimburse policyholders for any outstanding medical debts that resulted from loss of insurance.

Alzheimer's vaccine stopped plaque, not dementia
Vaccines: Some doctors have long suspected that if the plaque that builds up in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease could be removed, they could be saved. But a new vaccine that did just that suggests the theory is wrong.

Human trial for vaccine against HIV is canceled
Vaccines: Plans for a large human trial of a promising government-developed HIV vaccine in the United States were canceled Thursday because a top federal official said scientists realized that they did not know enough about how HIV vaccines and the immune system interact.

Wal-Mart: the new FDA
The World Reacts:

Environment Becomes Heredity
Health Trends: The same diseases may be treated by relatively simple changes in nourishment and lifestyle.

U.S. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Grow
Health Trends:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Front Porch Fridays: Today, we have our fifth installment of our in-depth report on Coconuts and Coconut Oil by Chef Lori Nichols-Davies. Click here for article

Menthol Dose Manipulated, Study Says
Tainted Products: A new Harvard study claims that the tobacco industry in recent years has manipulated menthol levels in cigarettes to hook youngsters and maintain loyalty among smoking adults.

Diet Rich in Plant-foods Aids in Preserving Muscle Mass in Older Adults
Natural Health:

Dow Chemical Co. to clean homes along the Tittabawassee River
The World Reacts: "We're not just going to go along for the ride," Young said. "I have questions."
He plans to have an attorney review the details before agreeing to the terms, which Dow hasn't presented to him.
"I'm not going to say yes until I know what's happening," Young said.

Former Vioxx users to start getting cash from Merck
The World Reacts: According to Merck, more than 48,500 of the roughly 50,000 individuals with registered, eligible injuries have enrolled in the settlement program. Nearly all have submitted papers releasing Merck from further liability and documenting their use of Vioxx and medical care received as a result.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

THIRD THURSDAYS: For our first selection in our new THIRD THURSDAYS, we offer the DVD, Healing Cancer from Inside Out. Click here to purchase and for more information.

Tylenol Causes 650 Cases of Liver Failure in 2007
Health Trends:It would cause great pain to the medical establishment to suggest that liver toxic drugs in common use, such as Tylenol and antibiotics, should be consumed with antioxidants so as to protect against liver failure. For the 1600 Americans last year with acute liver failure, such a warning could have saved a lot of misery.

Wyeth Settles Premarin, Prempro Lawsuits
Medical Industry:

More corn seen increasing 'dead zones'
Ecohazard: Dead zones are created when nitrogen from farms, lawn fertilizers and other sources flows into a waterway, stimulating the growth of algae that robs the water of oxygen as it decomposes. Algae blooms are a major concern in the bay and the Gulf of Mexico because they close beaches and make it impossible for fish, crabs and other aquatic life to survive.

Food Choice During Pregnancy Shapes Lifelong Taste Preferences of Baby
Natural Health:

Girl, 13, may be paralysed by disease that baffled doctors for six months - but her mother diagnosed on the internet
The World Reacts: 'The last time she was in, the doctor said there's nothing wrong with her, she needs a psychiatrist, which I knew was wrong, the poor girl could hardly walk' [said her mother].

Kids' Physical Activity Drops by Age 15
Health Trends: Nader tells parents to take walks with their children in the evenings and to plan longer, more vigorous workouts as a family on the weekends. This can help all family members to lead fit, active lives, as well as eliminating the trap of having to say, "do as I say, not as I do" (or don't).

Women exposed to pollutants in domestic products less likely to have boys
Health Trends: PCBs are persistent organic pollutants identified worldwide as human blood and breast milk contaminants. They were widely used in industry as cooling and insulating fluids for electrical equipment, as well as in construction and domestic products such as varnishes and caulks.
They also affect immune, reproductive, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Junk food firms are using the internet to 'push products on children'
PR: Firms, from fast food chains to cereal makers, are pouring money into child-friendly websites and mobile phone competitions.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chemical companies, health groups spar on consumer safety
The World Reacts: Chemical companies and health groups are battling over a provision in a consumer safety bill that would ban the use of plastic-softening chemicals found in many everyday products such as clothing, shoes and furniture.

Botox Lawsuit Filed Over Deaths and Injuries
The World Reacts: Both injections are made with forms of the botulinum toxin, which blocks nerve impulses to muscles, relaxing them.

A Threat in a Grassy Stroll: Lyme Disease
Health Trends: This tick, which is the size of a pinhead when it starts searching for a bloody meal, is responsible for about 20,000 reported cases of Lyme disease each year in the United States (the actual number is believed to be 10 times that) and 60,000 reported cases in Europe.

Is American Psychiatric Association too Tight with Drug Industry?
Medical Industry: The psychiatric profession continues to be scrutinized by Congress over concerns it is too cozy with drug makers.

Congress Overrides Bush's Veto on Medicare
The World Reacts:

Food firms shun sludge use
The World Reacts: Is this safe? The provincial government says yes, and claims to have science on its side. But several food companies, including Del Monte, Campbell Soup and Gerber baby foods, aren't so sure and have decided to err on the side of caution.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

U.S. Health Care Gets Boost From Charity
The World Reacts: This charity founded to help people who can't reach medical care finds itself throwing America a lifeline.

Physical fitness may slow Alzheimer brain atrophy
Natural Health:

Another Study Links Fosamax to Fractures
Medical Industry: Meanwhile, earlier this year Canadian researchers issued a warning that bisphosphonates, sold under the names of Didrocal, Actonel, and Fosamax can lead to bone necrosis, a painful and disfiguring condition that results in bone death. The study found that such drugs almost tripled the risk of developing bone necrosis.

Vitamin D tests soar as deficiency, diseases linked
The World Reacts:

U.S. Lax on Chemicals
Ecohazard/Tainted Products: Audio. Julie Grant reports that other countries are ahead of the US in efforts to improve the safety of all products.

Pill-popping pets
Health Trends:

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps Nerve Pain
Natural Health: R-Alpha Lipoic Acid at the dose of 600 mg a day was able to reduce nerve pain from a herniated disk over a 60 day period, resulting in 71% of participants being able to lower pain medication.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Single Brain Neurons are Smarter Than You Think
Natural Health: The ways that the brain stores and transmits information are still poorly understood, and the current research only raises more questions.

Doctors react with fury at new website which asks patients to scores GPs
The World Reacts: Dr Richard Vautrey, vice-chairman of the BMA's GPs committee, said: 'There's a significant possibility of it being used in a malicious way. It would be of great concern if any doctor was put in jeopardy through a malicious campaign, maybe through viral email.' The doctor doth protest too much methinks.

No surprises on toxin levels in fish

I-Team: Injection Used To Subdue Prisoners
Mind Control: The city's policy to use the method, which calls for the injection of a drug into a person, came as a "total surprise" to people most would expect to know all about it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Major surgery death rates are published for the first time
Medical Industry: There is a four-fold range in mortality for four common operations, but the NHS medical director insisted this did not mean any hospital was unsafe and they were all achieving results that were 'virtually equal'.

Aggravated Symptom Relapses Reported after Use of
Widely Available EMR Protection Products

Medical Industry: We fear that consumers are being lured into a false sense of security by their use of widely-available products purporting to prevent disease - causing consumers to unknowingly compound the effects of dangerous exposures by increasing their use of wireless devices.

Our poisoned paradise
Ecohazard: Over 100 pharmaceutical firms operate in a string around the Harbour area. They are also a cause of concern, with strange smells occasionally drifting across to Cobh but Mary said they are relying upon these companies to be good neighbours, given that they operate under strict licences.

FDA Failing the American People Over Food Safety, Regulation
Medical Industry: The FDA's resources are going mostly into responding to crises, the report said, leaving the FDA unable to be proactive about emerging threats.

Living in a world without waste
The World Reacts:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

No choice but MMR as supplies of single mumps vaccine run out
Vaccines: Clinics say stocks are running low and they have been told they will not receive new supplies for up to 12 months after the world's only manufacturer - American pharmaceutical giant Merck - halted production....Merck is also the world's largest supplier of the MMR triple jab which was linked to autism by Dr Andrew Wakefield a decade ago.

Heart attacks and suicides... yet the dangers were all kept so quiet. So how CAN you trust your medicine
Medical Industry: Over the past four years, there has been a string of disturbing reports suggesting that, with some major drugs, the watchdog and doctors were not told the whole story.

Hospital error blamed for more infant overdoses
Medical Industry:

Some Drugs Increase Risk Of Falling
Medical Industry:

New pharma ethics rules eliminate gifts and meals
The World Reacts/PR: Sales representatives are prohibited from providing restaurant meals and entertainment or recreation. But they can still provide the occasional, modest meal in a healthcare professional's office "in conjunction with informational presentations," according to a statement from PhRMA.

The Truth About Plastic
Ecohazard: We think of plastic as essentially inert; after all, it takes hundreds of years for a plastic bottle to degrade in a landfill. But as plastic ages or is exposed to heat or stress, it can release trace amounts of some of its ingredients.

New No-Calorie Sweetener Truvia Debuts
The World Reacts: Cargill, which developed Truvia with Coca-Cola, is holding a "first taste" event in New York's Rockefeller Center to launch Truvia into the retail market. Interesting how stevia could only be labeled legally as a food additive until Cargill and Coca-Cola decide to make a patentable version.

A Young Life Lost to Prescription Drug Abuse
Medical Industry: The medical examiner's office determined that Harrison died from "acute combined drug toxicity."

Nutrients Safely Boost Metabolism in Diabetic Rats
Natural Health: This really should not come as a surprise as our bodies know how to use nutrients and drugs simply force our bodies to behave a certain way even if they don't want to (meaning adverse side effects). A new animal study clearly proves this point, doing easily what dangerous diabetes medication can only accomplish with extreme side effect risk.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Front Porch Fridays: This Friday marks the fourth installment of our in-depth report on Coconuts and Coconut Oil by Chef Lori Nichols-Davies. Click here for article.

Senate Housing Bill Requires eBay, Amazon, Google, and All Credit Card Companies to Report Transactions to the Government
Mind Control: FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey commented: "This is a provision with astonishing reach, and it was slipped into the bill just this week. Not only does it affect nearly every credit card transaction in America, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, but the bill specifically targets payment systems like eBay's PayPal, Amazon, and Google Checkout that are used by many small online businesses. The privacy implications for America's small businesses are breathtaking." FreedWorks recommends action: Call Congress and Tell Them to Oppose The eBay Reporting Provision in the Housing Bill: 1-866-928-3035.

Ten people die from new CJD-like disease
Health Trends: A NEW form of fatal dementia has been discovered in 16 Americans, 10 of whom have already died of the condition. It resembles Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease - with patients gradually losing their ability to think, speak and move - but has features that make it distinct from known forms of CJD.

Lower fertility in men linked to obesity
Health Trends: Obese men produced substantially less sperm than average and had higher levels of abnormalities, which can reduce chances of conceiving and increase the risk of miscarriage, researchers said.

Faster, cheaper search for antibiotics in the field
The World Reacts:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tainted Food: Neurosurgeon, Russell Blaylock, MD offers these suggestions to enhance detoxification.

Tainted Food: Persons consuming large amounts not only may suffer aspartame disease, but also have difficulty stopping them because of violent and prolonged withdrawal reactions... the hallmark of addiction. Today, at 9:20am PST, Cori will appear on Jaye Beldo's Lava Cocktail Radio Hour to disguss aspartame and addiction during a special program delving into the subject of addictions. We present here a link to you of Dr. HJ Roberts extensive compilation of examples of people suffering withdrowal symptoms from aspartame-containing products.

Cori says: "There is hope, however, at 'the end of the tunnel'. So often, I hear of wonderful stories of courage, perseverence, and transformation. I welcome anyone to submit personal stories of their lives after aspartame! Contact me at:"

NY Hospitals Urged to Adopt Aggressive Anti-Infection Protocols
The World Reacts: McCaughey criticized the state for leaving infections off a list of preventable hospital errors that the state's Medicaid program will no longer pay for effective October 2008 and compared the state policy unfavorably to a federal policy announced last summer by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which will not reimburse hospitals for infections and other preventable hospital errors.

ADHD Might Raise Kids' Obesity Risk
Health Trends: "The answer here is to identify root causes of ADHD, so fewer children wind up needing medical treatment in the first place," he [Dr. David L. Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine] said.
Hmmmm. Could it possibly be... the FOOD? Check out The Feingold Association's great compilation of research findings regarding food and ADD/ADHD by going to: or by clicking here.

Obesity levels in China rising fast, study finds
Health Trends: Chinese people now derive a far larger proportion of energy from fat and animal-based foods, such as meat and eggs, compared with in the past, the study found.

Use of statins in children is debated
Medical Industry: A recommendation from an influential doctors group that some children as young as 8 be aggressively treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs has triggered debate over whether there is enough scientific evidence to justify such a move.

FDA Claims Cancer-Causing Chemical in Infant Formula is "Safe"
Medical Industry: "Current statements by the FDA that BPA is safe are reminiscent of the response of the FDA to new findings concerning Vioxx," said Frederick vom Saal, of the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Russia's toxic rivers running out of time
Ecohazard: "What we face here now is the question of ecological collapse - the question of life or death of the environment here," said Shopen, a local environmentalist who as a boy spent his summers swimming in the Volga.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Multiple sclerosis sufferers getting 'postcode lottery' treatment
Medical Industry: It [a report by the Royal College of Physicians and the MS Trust charity] also states that only one in three MS patients is getting help with symptoms that could prevent them becoming disabled.

Fringe autism treatment could get federal study
Medical Industry/PR/Vaccines: The study outline says that failing to find a difference between the two groups would counteract "anecdotal reports and widespread belief" that chelation works. Does that sound like unbiased scientific research to you? I am greatly saddened by this article. At a time when parents need answers and good science, research needs to be unbiased. How has any therapy or treatment been discovered other than through an open mind, honesty and curiosity. I challenge any doctors to please show us the scientific research showing the harm caused by chelation therapy. Isn't the 5-year-old autistic boy who went into cardiac arrest also anecdotal? At least, within what to me appears to be in this report an extremely biased view of anything other than allopathic medicine, there is mention of the Pennsylvania doctor who is being investigated for malpractice. According to information released by the Institute of Medicine, errors result in deaths of over 98,000 people annually and go on to injure more than a million others. It's time to give people the right to take control of they're health and lives. To post a comment about media and/or research bias to The Examiner regarding this article, click here

Gardasil Side Effect Reports Near 8000

FDA issues warning on Cipro, similar antibiotics
Medical Industry: Drug safety officials Tuesday imposed the government's most urgent safety warning on Cipro and similar antibiotics, citing evidence that they may lead to tendon ruptures, a serious injury that can leave patients incapacitated and needing extensive surgery.

Using food diaries doubles weight loss, study shows
Health Trends: They were told to consume about 500 fewer calories a day, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, do about 180 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week, and keep daily food and exercise records.

Dieting can be counterproductive
Health Trends:

The Toxic Consequences of the Green Revolution
Genetically Modified Foods/The World Reacts: Four decades after the so-called Green Revolution enabled this vast nation to feed itself, some farmers are turning their backs on modern agricultural methods - the use of modified seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides - in favor of organic farming.

10-year battle with pain highlights Lyme disease debate
The World Reacts: The memory of one doctor's visit stays with her to this day. She went to see him with joint pain so severe, she said, her hands were curled into a palsy-like position. Yet the doctor seemed impatient with her.
"You're obviously an attractive woman, and you're just trying to get attention," she recalls him saying.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heart attacks and suicides... yet the dangers were all kept so quiet. So how CAN you trust your medicine?
Medical Industry: But just how safe are they really - and is the official drug watchdog doing enough to protect us?

Cholesterol drugs urged for kids with heart risks
Medical Industry/PR/Health Trends:

The un-constitutional amendment
Mind Control: A group calling itself Reform Michigan Government Now! - but won't tell usanything about its members or where it gets its funding - has filed signatures for a constitutional amendment that involves wholesale changes to 4 different articles and 28 different sections, with a complicated implementation schedule and more fine print than a subprime mortgage.

UK to slow expansion of biofuels
The World Reacts: The UK is to slow its adoption of biofuels amid fears they raise food prices and harm the environment, the transport secretary has said.

HPV Vaccine Linked To Teen's Paralysis?
Vaccines/The World Reacts: U.S. News & World report says there have been other possible adverse effects associated with Gardisil, though none has been confirmed.
The New York Post also says Gardasil may be causing some medical problems.
A heavy risk to chance for ensuring your daughter won't get cervical canceer - at least SOME types of it.

Eli Lilly Sued by Insurers, Unions for $7.7 Billion Over Zyprexa
Medical Industry:

US 'planned to test nerve gas on diggers'
Ecohazard: Top secret US military plans to test deadly nerve gas by dropping it on soldiers in a remote Queensland rainforest during the Cold War have been uncovered in Australian Government archives.

GM scientists engineer meal to make your day
Genetically Modified Foods: This is not making my day. I don't want pharmaceuticals in my food.

Healthy Eating Helps to Get the Bogeys Out of a Golfing Diet
The World Reacts: You are what you eat, they say, and in golf, it may be more true than you think. Is a slice driving you mad? That banana ball off the tee may be cured with a midround banana. THIS is a real reason for you to eat healthy. Not to curb your obesity or prevent cancer or diabetes or heart disease or...

Uncommonly Big Hearts May Not Harm Athletes
Medical Industry: But a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy afflicts 1 in 1,500 people, leads to a huge heart and is a leading cause of sudden death in athletes.

Cancer Prevention Research Journal Launched by American Association for Cancer Research
The World Reacts:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Examining the FDA's HPV Vaccine Records

Fertile and Fallow
Ecohazard: Apart from environmental concerns, this recent development raises important questions about the sanity of an agricultural policy increasingly dislocated from the countryside.

'Do what makes him happy,' worker told
Mind Control: When she took a job at the assembly plant in 1996, Sanders said she was naive. "They told me I was going to have problems, 'You're fresh meat here,' " she remembers being told. "I didn't know what that meant."

Should you chew a Chow Chow or munch a Mooli? Your guide to new vegetables on store shelves
PR: At a time when gasoline is $4.00+/gallon, I believe we should be focusing on the wonders of local produce already nearby, natural, abundant and available.

New lab to safeguard water supply
PR: "I don't drink bottled water. I feel very confident there is no need," said a smiling Jim Scott, the district's lab and environmental service manager.
There is no conclusive research that shows they pose a health risk, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is studying the science and may one day set drinking water levels for them.
Scott thinks that might take three to five years. Until then, he and his co-workers in white lab coats test, test and test, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for dozens of pollutants researchers know for sure are bad news.
What about fluoride? What about point of use elimination of chlorine? what about the birth control pills?
What about???

Meade environmental hazards shrouded in secrecy
Ecohazard/Malpractice/The World Reacts: Concerns that the Department of Defense has failed to remove hazardous waste at Fort Meade quickly enough has ignited a political firestorm in Congress and drawn criticism from county government.

Diabetic Hospitalizations Among Youth Rises 38 Percent Since 1993
Health Trends:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

COLUMN: The antennas are coming
Ecohazard: Why don't more people know that low-level, non-heating electromagnetic waves can adversely affect people's health and well-being? One reason is that citizens are prohibited by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 from speaking at public meetings about health effects when cell-phone antennas are proposed for their towns, a law written by lobbyists designed to keep information about health effects from the public. Another is the Wireless Communications and Public Safety Law of 1999, which gave cell phone companies total immunity from product liability.

Costly Cancer Drug Offers Hope, but Also a Dilemma
Medical Industry: But there is another side to Avastin. Studies show the drug prolongs life by only a few months, if that. And some newer studies suggest the drug might be less effective against cancer than the Food and Drug Administration had understood when the agency approved its uses.

How to stop superbugs
Medical Industry: Farmers use the drugs not just to treat sick animals, but on a much wider scale to prevent diseases in the first place and, worst of all, to help speed up the fattening of livestock. Inevitably, this leads to breeding bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. There is recent evidence that farmers' use of antibiotics might be a factor in the spread of a particularly lethal bug, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

Vegetarians warned that 'superfood' tofu may harm your memory
Tainted Food: Read The Whole Soy Story by Kaalya Daniel, if you're interested in learning more about this controversial topic. It provides the "other" side that's not seen usually in the mainstream.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

FDA gets more money amid charges of bonus abuses and incompetence
Medical Industry: For the second year in a row legislators have scolded the Food and Drug Administration for doling out most of its bonus money to top managers instead of field inspectors. And for the second year in a row legislators have given the FDA more money.

Farm Life Turns Male Toads Female

Insecticide found in beef sent to S Korea
Tainted Food: The reputation of New Zealand beef suffered in 2005 when the misuse of endosulfan on cattle on a single farm led to a recall in the South Korean and Taiwanese markets, costing millions.

YouTube Ordered To Reveal Users' Data
Mind Control:

Attack of the Diet Cokes
Tainted Food: It's the one addiction people will admit to.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Front Porch Fridays: Today, we offer the third installment of our in-depth report on Coconuts and Coconut Oil by Chef Lori Nichols-Davies. Click here for article.

Half of oldest women are hit by dementia
Health Trends: Scientists in the US found that 45 per cent of women from a group of 911 people aged 90 or older had dementia compared with 28 per cent of men.

Pesticides Remain In Ground Water Long After Initial Applications
Ecohazard: Groundwater - quite, simply water that comes from the ground - is used as drinking water and to irrigate crops to grow the food we eat.

Big Pharma "Doomed" if it Doesn't Change, Says Eli Lilly Chairman
The World Reacts: The expiration of patents on top moneymaking drugs is expected to reduce the top drug companies' profits by a total of $67 billion between 2007 and 2012, or 50 percent of those companies' combined 2007 sales in the United States. This decline in income is expected to be the industry's first in 40 years. It's too bad that this is the motivation to change.

Pfizer Eliminating Some-Not All-Financial Support for Physician Courses
The World Reacts: "The reason we're not going to directly support them has to do with mitigating the perception of a conflict of interest, if a direct payment is going from a company like Pfizer to them," said Cathryn Clary, Pfizer's vice president of US external medical affairs.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland
Vaccines: Authorities claim that the alleged victims received 1-2 Pounds to be tested with what they thought was a conventional flu vaccine but, according to investigators, was actually an anti bird-flu drug.

Medication Errors Linked to Hospital Technology Flaws
Medical Industry: This was the first such study of its kind and revealed that both the technology design and its implementation - often relied upon as a "cure-all" for medication administration errors - is flawed and can increase the likelihood of some errors. Even worse, it seems that "the urgencies of care" and creative attempts to cope with the problems have caused other medication errors.

FDA panel urges more testing for diabetes drugs
The World Reacts: Diabetes drugs should face tougher safety standards that could cost manufacturers millions but protect patients from unforeseen heart risks, a government panel has recommended.

Theme park food has 600 per cent too much fat for youngsters
Tainted Food: In a survey of 397 meals from 220 popular days out, not one met the nutrition guidelines for school meals.

Study shows how broccoli fights cancer
Natural Health:

Cancers linked to lifestyle still on rise - especially in Scotland
Health Trends: CANCERS linked to lifestyle are rising across much of Europe, with Scotland seeing some of the highest rates of the disease, research suggested yesterday.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Study: Needle-poked newborns in need of pain relief
Medical Inddustry: "This is barbaric," says co-author K.J.S. Anand, a professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

CA-MRSA Striking Children with Bone Infections
Health Trends:

Study: Some sunscreens overpromise on protection
The Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based nonprofit, has released an investigation of nearly 1,000 brand-name sunscreens that says four out of five don't adequately protect consumers and may contain harmful chemicals.
So, this information finally becomes mainstream...sort the article.

Fatty Liver Disease Ups Heart Risks for Obese Kids
Health Trends: More than 6 million children in the United States have a condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which can boost their odds for heart disease, researchers report.

Diabetes: Underrated, Insidious and Deadly
Health Trends:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

U.S. leads world in substance abuse, WHO finds
Health Trends: "The United States, which has been driving much of the world's drug research and drug policy agenda, stands out with higher levels of use of alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis, despite punitive illegal drug policies, as well as (in many U.S. states), a higher minimum legal alcohol drinking age than many comparable developed countries," they [the researchers] added.

Patients' happiness with treatment will determine hospital funding in radical NHS shake-u
The World Reacts: Satisfaction levels will determine funding while 'fines' will be levied on trusts which make mistakes.

Mother's junk food 'harms child'
Health Trends: The offspring of rats fed fatty, processed food had high levels of fat in their bloodstream and around major organs even after adolescence.
The animals had a raised diabetes risk - even if they ate healthily.

Cell Phone Cancer Risks Need Further Study
Tainted Products: In January, the National Academy of Sciences released a report calling for more research on cell phones and health risks. The authors concluded that many of the past studies were not conducted over a long-enough period of time to assess the risk of brain cancer.

Mercury fillings ARE dangerous say regulators - but British health bosses still refuse to take action
Tainted Products: Mercury fillings given to millions of Britons every year can be dangerous, the world's biggest health regulator has warned.

MS Patients at Higher Risk for Restless Legs Syndrome
Medical Industry:

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