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MAY, 2007

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Using pesticides raises the risk of Parkinson's by 40%, scientists warn

New alarm over toxic risks to fetuses
Ecohazard: The declaration by about 200 scientists from five continents amounts to a vote of confidence in a growing body of evidence that humans are vulnerable to long-term harm from toxic exposures in the womb and during the first years after birth.

Junk it! Bill would ban fatty, sugary snacks in Mass. schools
The World Reacts:

Birds and bees are hit by phone waves
Ecohazard: First it was bees. Now it is birds and other insects, say reports describing how they are being thrown off-course by "electrosmog". Some even claim that entire migrating flocks can find themselves off-course when faced with mobile phone masts or pylons.

China To Execute Chief Food Inspector
China Blames Panama For Tainted Drugs
Tainted Food:
Cancer, Western habits expected to surge in Asia
Health Trends:
Tainted animal feed not just China's problem
Tainted Food:

Shut Up & Eat Your Mad Cow Burgers: Feds Fight Broad Testing for Mad Cow Disease
Regulation: The Agriculture Department argued that widespread testing could lead to a false positive that would harm the U.S. meat industry.

How Curcumin Helps Fight Cancer
Natural Remedies: The scientists also showed that curcumin increases the production of proteins that cause immune cells to proliferate and reduces the production of proteins that destroy immune cells.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nigerian state sues drugmaker Pfizer over tests
Medical Industry: The Nigerian state of Kano is suing drug maker Pfizer Inc. for its alleged role in the deaths of children who received an unapproved drug during a meningitis epidemic in 1996, court papers showed on Wednesday.

Another Reason Not to Buy Food From Wal-Mart
Tainted Food:

New formulas make ADHD meds hard to abuse
Daytrana delivers methylphenidate through a skin patch with the dosage controlled by the patch size and by the duration of wear. “One advantage of the patch, first and foremost, is its flexibility,” Findling said.
"Kids have no difficulty using the patch," he added, and it has been formulated so it can’t be re-used. "That way, they can’t stick it on a buddy" when they’re horsing around, he added.
How an ADHD label can require no medication.

Nerve damage may occur after weight-loss surgery
Medical Industry: Among patients who develop symptoms years down the road, the spinal cord typically is affected, resulting in falling, extreme coordination and gait problems, and severe spasticity, and some individuals need to use wheelchairs.

Opinion | U.S. Health Care System 'Slowly Bankrupting Us,' Opinion Piece States
Medical Industry: He cites the recent news that DaimlerChrysler sold off its Chrysler division to Cerberus Capital Management in order to escape the company's health and pension liability costs. "The deal meant that the costs of our job-based health insurance system ... have so broken the automaker's ability to compete that giving it away became the smartest thing Daimler could do," Gawande says.

Don’t Point That Menu at My Child, Please
The World Reacts:

Autism's Rise May Reflect Broader Definition, Better Diagnosis
Or more people with autism. Notice the absence of excitotoxicity or vaccines in exploring the causes of autism.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

FDA warning won't stall flu vaccine
Vaccine: A warning issued to MedImmune Inc. over manufacturing issues at a United Kingdom plant shouldn't significantly disrupt company production of its nasal spray flu vaccine, federal health officials said Tuesday.

Parents give children Ritalin at exam time
Psychotropics: Pushy parents are giving healthy children Ritalin bought on the Internet in an attempt to boost their exam performance, a leading psychologist claimed

Herb enthusiasts often don't follow indications
Natural Health: Roughly half of adults who use herbal supplements do not use them in accordance with "evidence-based" indications, U.S. researchers report.

Resistance Genes In Our Food Supply
GMO's: Could the food we eat be contributing to the continuing rise of antibiotic-resistant infections?

HIV Vaccine Development Field Has Made 'Significant Progress,' Faces Many Challenges, Opinion Piece Says
Medical Industry:
Conversations with key researchers in this field have left me with the impression that this has been a longstanding development that lacks a willingness of big pharma to get behind this research.

Inactive Kids Storing Up Illness For The Future
Health Trends:

Monday, May 28, 2007

A chronic problem on campus
Health Trends: While there is no data on the number of chronically ill students, experts say more arrive on college campuses each day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report nearly a third of Americans -- 90 million --have at least one chronic condition.

Don't Buy The Hype: Big Pharma Targets Women For Drugs They Don't Need
PR: The pharmaceutical industry spent much of its $4.2 billion direct-to-consumer advertising budget in 2005 on ads targeting healthy upper-income, middle-aged people. A common underlying message was this: you appear to be healthy, but a deadly heart attack, hip fracture, or other medical catastrophe could occur at any time. Therefore, you should take a prescription drug to prevent such problems.

Apple's Power May Lie On The Outside
Natural Remedies:

EPA Cites USA's Largest Hospital Disinfectant Manufacturer For False Claims

Helping A Spouse With A Chronic Illness
Health Trends: 90% of senior citizens have one chronic disease
77% of senior citizens have two or more chronic diseases

Food scares help China's nascent organic market
The World Reacts:

Beware, America's Fast Food Consumers!
Tainted Food: The study, which lasted for 16 weeks, had some curious results, says Tetri. "We had a feeling we'd see evidence of fatty liver disease by the end of the study," he says. "But we were surprised to find how severe the damage was and how quickly it occurred. It took only four weeks for liver enzymes to increase and for glucose intolerance – the beginning of type II diabetes – to begin."

Critical Care Without Consent
Medical Industry: "This just seems like lazy investigators not wanting to try to get informed consent in situations where it is difficult to get it, so they say it is impossible," said George J. Annas, a Boston University bioethicist. "I don't think we should use people like this."

Toxic Culture USA
Ecohazard: Yet because these studies are so controversial, because they point an accusing finger at American culture and suggest that the "American Dream" itself may be one of the root causes of our deteriorating mental health, they remain in the margins – disputed, denied and ignor

Sunday, May 27, 2007

E211 Revealed: Evidence highlights new fear over drinks additive
Tainted Food: Like most other children, Lee Buniak enjoys swimming, basketball, burgers and, of course, fizzy drinks. But just one of those drinks can make him disruptive and aggressive, says his mother, Helen.

TV Food Advertising Unchanged
PR: Research at the University of Arkansas shows that a year after major food companies announced new advertising policies to combat childhood obesity, there have been no significant changes in television food advertisements that children view.

U.S. women, especially minorities, short on folate
Health Trends: A government study shows that despite requirements that grains be fortified with folic acid, many U.S. women -- particularly blacks and Hispanics -- are not getting enough of the B vitamin.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blood infection probe to be held

How mint could ease migraine agony
Natural Health:

Most pediatric chemotherapy mistakes reach patients
Malpractice: The vast majority of chemotherapy errors identified in children reach patients, according to one of the first epidemiological studies of cancer drug errors in children. Published in the July 1, 2007 issue of CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the study concluded that the antimetabolite class of chemotherapeutic agents are most likely associated with errors, and that errors in drug administration and errors in drug dosing and frequency were the most common mistakes made and consequently, the most potentially harmful.

Cruciferous veggies may ward off bladder cancer
Natural Health:

NYC Adds WTC Dust Death To 9/11 List
People are still dying from this crime and we still don't have a criminal investigation.

How Does the Latest Glaxo Drug Scandal Affect Your Health?
Medical Industry:

Some Frito-Lay Food Labels to Address Possible Heart Benefits

Five Servings of Fruits, Vegetables a Day Not Mandatory
PR: "The whole idea that you must meet some vitamin and mineral targets every day of your life is a marketing myth," she said. Collins's advice flies in the face of Britain's Five A Day campaign which encourages people to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables every day to be healthy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

TV Linked With Poor Diabetes [Type 1] Control
Health Trends: If the researchers' theory is right, then turning off the TV could be added to a list of remedies "that are very low-cost to the health care system," said Dr. Francine Kaufman, head of a diabetes program at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

Diabetes Complications Rising in Kids
Health Trends: "Type 2 diabetes is increasingly becoming a pediatric disease with serious complications just like adult-onset disease," Graves tells WebMD

Teens Gorge on Fast Food Even When Not Super-Size
Tainted Food: A new study suggests that there's something about fast-food burgers and fries, other than the often giant portion sizes, that encourages teens to gorge.

FDA Study Said to Show Avandia Risk
Medical Industry: The government's own preliminary evaluation of the diabetes pill Avandia confirms the heart risks reported in a study earlier this week and suggests that as many as 60,000 to 100,000 heart attacks might be linked to its use since it came on the market eight years ago, a leading member of Congress said Thursday.

Calm Urged For Avandia Patients
What did you think they would say?

The "Uninsurables"
Medical Industry:

FDA: Don't Eat Monkfish
Tainted Food:

Tarvil for Tardive Dyslexia: Are We Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?
Heatlh Trends: So if we give our patients Tarvil to reduce their vulnerability to TD, shouldn't we also instruct them to avoid diet products containing aspartame?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

FDA Calls Citizens for Health, Announces Re-opening Comment Period on CAM Guidance
The World Reacts: “The FDA had already received more than 125,000 comments on this proposed guidance, mostly negative, when I spoke with Mr. Chao three weeks ago.  Since then, more than 8,000 Citizens for Health members responded to our call for e-mails to the FDA urging them to honor the May 29th deadline,” Mr. Herd added.  “This is clearly a grassroots victory for Citizens for Health, its constituents, and the natural health movement as a whole.”...If you haven't yet sent your comments - click here to do so!

House Democrats Question Financial Incentives for Drug Research in Children
Medical Industry:

FDA OKs pill that ends menstrual periods
Medical Industry:

'Supersize me' mice research offers grim warning for America's fast food consumers
Tainted Food:

Poll: Parents Wary Of HPV Vaccine Mandate
Vaccines: Most parents don't support requiring girls to get vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV) by ninth grade, a new poll shows.

Doctor told FDA of Glaxo's Avandia risk in 2000
Medical Industry:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Read between the lines on the FDA's CAM Guidelines

Did FDA Know Of Avandia Dangers In 2002?
Medial Industry: About 1 million Americans are currently taking Avandia, which sells between $90 and $170 for a one-month supply. Its U.S. sales topped $2.2 billion last year.

U.S. health care crisis squeezes families
Medical Industry: While many industrialized countries provide care for all, the United States covers only the elderly and the poor. Some 45 million, or 15 percent, of people in the world's richest nation lacked health insurance in 2005, up 3 percent on the previous year.

Pfizer's head of research is departing
Medical Industry: In the past two years, regulators have also rejected the company's applications for drugs for osteoporosis and pain, and Pfizer has discontinued development of a medicine for schizophrenia. Meanwhile, Exubera, an inhaled insulin, has sold far less than the company had expected.

Sex-Changing Chemicals Can Wipe Out Fish, Study Shows

Targeted marketing by drugmakers under fire
PR: In the letter, the salesperson wrote that Thakkar was causing his patients to miss more days of school than they would if he put them on Vigamox, a more expensive brand-name medicine made by Alcon Laboratories.

I Don't Want My Pharma TV

Chinese producers play down risk of a chemical taint in exports – again
Tainted Food: “Since profit margins for exported toothpaste are so low, such companies try to use cheaper replacements and that is permitted,” Hu said.

Cleveland heart doctor is drug watchdog
The World Reacts: As criticism of the federal Food and Drug Administration mounts, Nissen, aided by powerful medical journals and government officials, has become a de facto drug regulator.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too much Diet Coke can weaken your skeleton
Tainted Food:

Calm urged on Gardasil 'illness'

Mom: TV show, store used son who called 911 as 'marketing tool'
PR: The mother of a 9-year-old boy who was thrust into the limelight because of the 911 call he placed when she fell unconscious earlier this month has a few bones to pick with the syndicated television show Inside Edition.

Is Your Family Toxic?
Health Trends: At the end of the war, we British were healthier than we'd ever been. What, I wanted to know, had gone wrong?
Why, just 60 years later, are we in the grip of an obesity epidemic, eating junk food and, I'd just discovered, food riddled with toxic chemicals?

Soldiers acquired drug-resistant infections in field hospitals
Medical Industry:

Another Sneak Attack on Organic Standards: USDA to Allow More Conventional Ingredients in Organics
Tainted Food: The USDA has announced a controversial proposal, with absolutely no input from consumers, to allow 38 new non-organic ingredients in products bearing the "USDA Organic" seal.

Bladder control surgery may be less effective
Medical Industry:

Drug for diabetes is linked to heart risks
Medical Industry: GlaxoSmithKline, the drug's manufacturer, contested the findings of the study done by the Cleveland Clinic.

Cancer 'raises travel premiums'
Medical Industry: Many respondents also complained they were asked insensitive questions, such as: "Is your husband going to die?"

De Niro wages courtroom battle
Medical Industry:

Blood pressure threatens 1 billion
Health Trends: An estimated 1.56 billion people worldwide will suffer from hypertension by the year 2025.

Eczema, asthma, whiplash. I've used alternative remedies to cure them all
Natural Remedies: I'm a great believer in the idea of treating the individual, rather than just giving the same treatment to everyone who has the condition.

Pentagon's Teen Recruiting Methods Would Make Tobacco Companies Proud
Mind Control: Teenagers' brains simply lack the impulse control that can prevent a lifetime of regret, psychological and physical disability, and preventable deathstheir own, their fellow soldiers' and those of civilians.

Italian doctors get their information on medicines from drug company sales reps
The World Reacts: In an effort to ensure that all physicians in Italy have access to reliable, unbiased evidence on drug effectiveness and safety, the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) has sponsored a program to disseminate independent information that is free of drug company influence.

Doctors, states fight drug firms' collection of data
The World Reacts:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Chernobyl lurking in Himalaya's main rivers?

Allergy patients 'failed by NHS'
Health Trends: The number of people suffering allergic reactions has been rising over the last 15 years with over 6,000 people a year in England admitted to hospital.

Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Limit the FDA's Authority Over Supplements
The World Reacts:

The classroom 'cancer risk' of wi-fi internet
Ecohazard: The demand came after it was revealed that classroom "wi-fi" networks give off three times as much radiation as a typical mobile phone mast.

Obesity may lead to cancer, warns expert
Health Trends: Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Obesity Taskforce (IOTF). There are more than 1 billion overweight adults worldwide and at least 300 million of them obese.

Repetitive exposure to an opinion can influence as much as exposure to opinions from several people
Mind Control:

Staff asked to 'snoop' for police
Mind Control: Civil liberties campaigners are concerned that people could be put under police surveillance despite having committed no crime.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moore film attacks U.S. health care
Medical Industry: Director Michael Moore says the U.S. health care system is driven by greed in his new documentary "SiCKO", and asks of Americans in general, "Where is our soul?"

Rice Containing Breast Milk Proteins to Be Grown in Kansas
GM Foods: This is the first time that any food crop containing genes that produce human proteins will be grown on a large-scale.

Soldier's mom champions health screening
Vaccines: The father of two collapsed after a recreational run in Bagram, his wife, Hildi Halley, said at the time. Damon-Day believes it was related to the extensive series of vaccinations soldiers undergo before deployment, and perhaps how the vaccinations interacted with each other.

"Functional Foods" Must Be Monitored To Assess Their Long-term Safety And Effectiveness
Tainted Food: Functional foods are modified foods which claim to improve health, quality of life and/or well-being, for example, yoghurts or margarines which improve the health of your gut or heart.

Diabetes And Indigenous Australians
Tainted Food: A study by Dr Robyn McDermott, Pro-vice Chancellor of the Division of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, shows that while clinical care of adults with diabetes has improved, more Indigenous Australians are developing the disease.

FDA acquiring new powers to suppress alternative health

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A 90-day warranty for health care
Medical Industry:

How walking steals a march on Prozac
Natural Health: The 'dramatic finding' that fresh air and exercise make you feel better was simple common sense before quick-fix medications for depression became the norm, says Jan Etherington

When Produce Is Homegrown, Kids Eat Better
The World Reacts:

Patients with brain injuries sue state, claiming inadequate care
The World Reacts:

Unfair treatment worsens physical, mental health
Medical Industry: The findings underscore that health is a societal issue as well as an individual concern, Dr. Roberto De Vogli of University College London, the study's lead author, told Reuters.

Hard to swallow: vitamins, supplements are questioned
PR: When the researchers pooled the data from 47 reasonably unbiased studies involving 180,938 people, they found a 7 percent increased risk of death from all causes in those taking beta carotene, a 16 percent increased risk of death in those taking vitamin A, and a 4 percent increased risk of death in those taking vitamin E. Jeffrey Blumberg, a nutritionist and director of the antioxidants laboratory at Tufts University, said this study was based on flawed methodology, including the fact that the researchers left out of their analysis a number of studies that might have tipped the results in a different direction.
My love affair with organic fruits and vegetables is soaring. I have a hugely fond like-like relationship with vitamins and minerals. Perhaps that's because soil is being robbed of its nutrients, so the plants grown in them are also lacking. I wonder if the authors of the studies cited in this article make a distinction between synthetic and natural vitamins or how the particular vitamin used in the study was made. For example, according David Getoff, board-certifed clinical nutritionist and naturopath, when vitamin E first came on the market, the closest that manufacturers could get was to make the chemical mirror image of vitamin E. In their infinite wisdom, the FDA approved it saying that's close enough. Most studies today are done with that mirror-image vitamin, and - unsurprisingly - the results from those studies vary greatly from the early very positive results on the more true form of vitamin E. This article is an example of a frightening trend in the mainstream media which, in my opinion, attempts to push vitamins and supplements out of favor and to push all of us away from that annoying and pharmaceutically unprofitable desire to lead healthier lives. This comes on the heels of the passage on May 9th of Complementary and Alternative guidelines by the US Senate which serve to remind us lowly citizens of FDA's supreme wisdom to know right from wrong. Personally, I wouldn't trust them to hold the pickles on my Big Mac.

First Reaction: Michael Moore’s Sicko is “brilliant and uplifting”
Medical Industry:

Coca-Cola agrees to take carcinogenic benzene out of soda
Tainted Foods:

Has Product Placement Made Our Television Viewing Experience Worse?
PR: A study last year discovered that nearly 11 percent of all network minutes include a branded reference and the Philly Inquirer recently started carrying a Citizens Bank-sponsored column.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates
Mind Control:
You can contact Saul Anuzis:

Could Frankencrops be killing the bees?
GM Foods:

Black Wednesday at the FDA
Regulation: Within an eight-hour period that day, the FDA succeeded in killing not one but two safe, promising therapies designed and developed to act by stimulating a patient's immune system against cancer.

Afraid of cancer? Giving up hope makes it worse
Natural Health: "They say, 'Well, there is nothing much you can do about it,' and, as our survey shows, they indeed do nothing about it," said Jeff Niederdeppe of the University of Wisconsin, who helped lead the study.
"Yet we know that approximately 30 percent of cancer deaths are attributed to smoking, while 15 to 20 percent are linked to overweight and obesity. Clearly, there are very specific things we can do to reduce our personal risk for getting cancer."

Panama: Toothpaste killed 51 people last year
Tainted Food:

Home tests help keep the doctor away
The World Reacts: "These (tests) sell because all of us, myself included, would like to have more control over our health," [says Dr. Don Vickery, a Colorado-based internist and past board member of the American College of Preventive Medicine.]

Troops exposed to sarin risk brain damage
Ecohazard: Approximately one in seven of the 700,000 troops deployed in the first Gulf war experienced a mysterious set of ailments, with problems including persistent fatigue, chronic headaches, joint pain and nausea, the paper noted in the story to appear in Thursday's print edition.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lawmakers push for change in food safety oversight
Regulation: "I believe the food safety system is broken. It's collapsing," Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Connecticut, told CNN "We're unable to protect the public health. We're unable to protect public confidence in the food supply."
The value of any one regulatory body is not in its power to ban a substance, but in the accuracy of the information it provides.

Nutrition group sues Burger King over trans fats
The World Reacts:

Diabetes drug costs could soar 70 pct by '09: report
Health Trends:

FDA gets more powers over drug checks
The value of any one regulatory body is not in its power to ban a substance, but in the accuracy of the information it provides.

Teen Use Of Diabetes Drug Triples In 5 Years
Health Trends: The number of adolescent girls taking drugs for type 2 diabetes nearly tripled in just five years, while use of chronic medicines for psychotic behavior and insomnia roughly doubled among boys and girls aged 10 to 19, a study shows.

Chemical can cause cancer when ingested
Eco-Hazzard: The chemical featured in the 2000 movie Erin Brockovich, hexavalent chromium, caused cancer in laboratory animals that drank it in their water, according to a study published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Many Americans Confused About Cancer: Survey
PR: "Patients can educate themselves by either talking with doctors, or the Internet can be very useful resource," he added. "Very trustworthy sites include the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. They aren't changing their recommendations based on every new study."
Here's a good litmus test to find out if a nonprofit is tainted by a system that is broken. Find out their position on the safety of aspartame.

Study: No Thimerosal Vaccine-Autism Link
PR: The study is one of the first to look at exposure to mercury-containing vaccines during the last months of pregnancy...."It is time to move on and focus our research dollars and efforts on
avenues that will be more productive," [University of Missouri researcher] Judith H.Miles says...

Thimerosal Still in Vaccines

While the Rh vaccine and most vaccines given to children in the U.S. no
longer contain thimerosal, the inexpensive preservative is still widely used to keep vaccines affordable in other parts of the world.
Why abandon concern for mercury poisoning because of an outcome achieved in "one of the first to look at exposure to mercury-containing vaccines?" Is that a responsible statement?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fox News Rigs Entire Debate To Savagely Attack Ron Paul
Mind Control:

NYU Study Shows Diminished Sense of Moral Outrage Key to Maintaining View That World Is Fair and Just
Mind Control:

Study shows dramatic increase in Caesarean sections
Healthcare Industry: "When we included private medical insurance into the analysis, we found that women who had medical insurance were more than three times as likely to have an elective caesarean section, and 1.34 times more likely to have an emergency c-section than those who were uninsured, even though pregnancy complications and obstetric problems which may need a caesarean section are higher in uninsured women." [Report author, Colleen O'Leary, from Perth's Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, said.]

In health care, U.S. pays more, gets less
Healthcare Industry: The United States differs from the other nations studied in one notable way, the report said: It doesn't have universal health insurance..."We do take more medication," which explains why the U.S. costs are higher, Davis said.

Hundreds of Children Exposed to Pesticide in US

Biodiversity loss linked to economic inequality worldwide
The World Reacts:"Our study suggests that if we can learn to share economic resources more fairly with fellow members of our own species, it may help us to share ecological resources more fairly with other species," said Dr. Greg Mikkelson, assistant professor in the McGill School of Environment and Department of Philosophy.

Ethicist: Health care system is 'a mess'
Medical Industry: He also said Americans' average life expectancy of 78 ranks 45th in the world, behind Bosnia and Jordan. And the U.S. infant death rate is 6.37 per 1,000 live births, higher than that of most developed nations.

Tuesday, May 15, 2008

US health system: Most expensive, least effective
Medical Industry:

Lose the ads, not the weight, says doctors' group
The World Reacts: An ad campaign that suggested milk can help people lose weight is ending, the Federal Trade Commission told a doctors' group that had complained.

New Food Allergy Clinic Opens at University of Michigan Health System
Symptoms: The rapid proliferation of children developing allergies to foods – such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk and more – has led the University of Michigan Health System to open a new clinic that will include a focus on the problem.

FDA signals approval of FluMist for kids under 5
Vaccines: FDA approval would open up the market for FluMist to 14 million children, company officials have said.

100 percent of pregnant women have at least one kind of pesticide in their placenta
Eco Hazzard: Human beings are directly responsible for more than 110,000 chemical substances which have been generated since the Industrial Revolution. Every year, we "invent" more than 2,000 new substances, most of them contaminants, which are emitted into the environment and which are consequently present in food, air, soil and water. Nonetheless, human beings are also victims of these emissions, and involuntarily (what is known in this scientific field as "inadvertent exposure"), every day humans ingest many of these substances which cannot be assimilated by our body, and are accumulated in the fatty parts of our tissues.

France Bans Splenda Ads

UK's ASDA to cut food additives as health worries grow
The World Reacts: Britain supermarket chain ASDA said on Tuesday it was removing all artificial colors and flavors from its own-label food amid growing concern about their impact on children's' behavior.

Monday, May 14, 2008

Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice
Here is a link to the original research:
However, as DCA is not patented, Michelakis is concerned that it may be difficult to find funding from private investors to test DCA in clinical trials.

Time to resist their fondant fancies
Tainted Foods: A forthcoming study links food additives to temper tantrums. But most parents know only too well that children are what they eat, says Judith Woods

US conservatives block cancer vaccine for girls
PR: Plans to vaccinate young girls against the sexually-transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer have been blocked in several US states by conservative groups, who say that doing so would encourage promiscuity.
For the most part, this story emphasizes uptight bible-thumpers concerned with encouraging sexual activity. Forget the people who believe that vaccines are dangerous.

Oral sex can cause throat cancer
PR: There have been no studies investigating whether the vaccine can also protect against throat cancer, but the new evidence linking HPV to throat cancer could lead to broader vaccination with Gardasil. "We will see a push for vaccination in men," says Stoler, who has been involved in the development of the vaccine.
Get vaccinated with Gardisil! Or join the rising trend of throat-tumored oral pleasure givers!

Veggies vow to boycott Mars bars
The World Reacts: Vegetarians plan to boycott Mars bars after their recipe changed to include animal products.

Breast cancer linked to chemicals
Eco Hazzard:

Vaporisers Make Marijuana Safe for Medicinal Use Compared to Smoking
Herbal Remedy: Scientists at San Francisco based the University of California have demonstrated that vaporising cannabis leaves can release the drug’s active ingredient just as effectively as burning them, while avoiding the harmful toxins inhaled through smoking it.

Sunday, May 13, 2008

Eating Organic On A Food Stamp Budget
The World Reacts:

Breakdown Of Myelin Implicated In Alzheimer's

Pesticides next frontier in China food safety
Tainted Food: Spraying chemicals on crops improperly or using products that may be fake or banned risks the health of China's hundreds of millions of farmers and could lead to unsafe levels of residues in fruits and vegetables, experts say

Saturday, May 12, 2008

Fluoridation Doing More Harm Than Good, Studies Show - New York State Coalition Opposed To Fluoridation, Inc
Psychotropics: Contrary to belief, fluoridation is damaging teeth with little cavity reduction, according to a review of recent studies reported in Clinical Oral Investigations.(1)

New plan would mandate HIV tests in N.J.
Medical Industry:
Speaking of fat. Some testing outfit will have a fat contract as a result of this infringement on individual privacy.

Dairy Council to End Ad Campaign That Linked Drinking Milk With Weight Loss

Equal And Splenda Settle Lawsuit
PR: The makers of Splenda and Equal on Friday settled a lawsuit over Splenda's disputed advertising slogan — “Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar.” The settlement came after the jury announced that it had reached a verdict.
The public doesn't get the verdict. No interest in the findings. Just a fat pay-off.

Organic Can Help Fight World Hunger
The World Reacts:

Dairy Council to End Ad Campaign That Linked Drinking Milk With Weight Loss
PR: A national advertising campaign that associates dairy products with weight loss will be curtailed because research does not support the claim, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Nexus Between Psychiatrists and Drug Firms Dangerous, Say Critics
Medical Industry: Some might squirm at the thought that doctors could be on the payrolls of drug manufacturers.

Friday, May 11, 2007

And now, ladies and gentlemen: The Aspirin Shuffle!

Aspirin risk compares to driving cars
Medical Industry: Taking an aspirin every day may help prevent heart disease and stroke but, for a middle-aged man, it is nearly as risky as driving a car or working as a firefighter, researchers said Tuesday.

Aspirin 'prevents bowel cancer'
PR: " They may have some risk of bleeding in the stomach, but they will see potentially significant benefits in the reduction of their colon cancer risk.

Aspirin vs. colon cancer: study weighs benefits
Medical Industry: A 2004 study of daily use of adult aspirin over a lifetime resulted in about 1 in 15 people having an aspirin-related complication and about 1 in 556 people dying.
In this study, they are trying to call aspirin a "natural product" from the bark of the willow tree, but they casually mention that it was synthesized more than a century ago.

Drugs adviser raises charity fear
PR: Concerns have been raised about the links between pharmaceutical firms and charity patient groups by the body that advises the NHS on which drugs to use.

Cop who made pot brownies will avoid charges
Prohibition: “If you’re a cop and you’re arresting people and you’re confiscating the marijuana and keeping it yourself, that’s bad. That’s real bad,” said City Councilman Doug Thomas.

FTC says milk ads under fire are ending
The World Reacts: An ad campaign that suggested milk can help people lose weight is ending, the Federal Trade Commission told a doctors' group that had complained.

More Deception by Wal-Mart With Organic Foods

Hospitals Bill Uninsured Patients More Than Health Insurers, Medicare, Study Finds
Healthcare Industry: Hospitals on average bill uninsured patients 2.5 times more than they bill health insurers and three times more than they bill Medicare for medical services, according to a study published on Tuesday in the journal Health Affairs, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Insurers weigh testing for cancer genes
Healthcare Industry:

Lupus cluster at oilfield points finger at pollution
Ecohazard: An alarmingly high number of people living in houses built on top of a disused oilfield in New Mexico have been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus. It is the latest in a growing number of lupus clusters near polluted areas, and points towards the environmental triggers for this complex disease.

Depleted uranium weapons linked to lung cancer
Ecohazard: Governments deny it, but many people have long suspected that depleted uranium weapons may cause cancer. It looks as if the suspicions were right.

Drinking farm milk reduces childhood asthma and allergies but raw consumption remains unsafe
PR: As boiling is likely to have been over-reported, this could indicate that pasteurisation is not as important as previously thought, as compounds other than microbes may offer a protective role.
I would drink this any day over bovine growth hormone.

Healthy eating program helps slim school kids
The World Reacts: "There are lots of communities around the country attempting to make changes and what this study tells us is they should persevere," she [study leader Christina Economos] said.

Doubts arise about cancer vaccine
Vaccines: New data on the HPV vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer have raised serious questions about its efficacy, researchers reported today, perhaps undercutting the efforts in many states to make vaccination mandatory..."The effect is fairly small," Sawaya said in a telephone interview. "The recommendation for widespread vaccination of women after they become sexually active may need to be rethought."

Dutch Euthanasia Rates Steady After Legalization

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Behind the label: Red Bull & Nicorette patches
Tainted Food: If these get you through the day, your days could be numbered.

Why health freedom will ultimately overcome Big Pharma mischief and FDA corruption (opinion)
The World Reacts: we did stand up and be heard . Hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters of natural health contacted their senators and let their voices be heard. As a result, senators Hatch, Enzi and others are now on the record stating that Senate bill S.1082 will in no way restrict access to nutritional supplements. That's a small but notable victory that would not have happened without the outpouring of support from natural health advocates like you.

FDA seeks more data on cancer vaccine
Medical Industry: The delay caused by the demand for more data "exposes the firm to risk that (an ongoing clinical) trial does not demonstrate the requisite improvement in survival," Next Generation analyst Liisa Bayko wrote in a research note.

Recommended Doses of Herbal Supplement Do Not Interfere With Drug Absorption
Natural Remedy: The scientists found no significant differences between those who received one, both, or none of the ginseng and ginkgo biloba supplements in how their bodies absorbed or metabolized any of the five prescription drugs.

Psychiatrists, Children and Drug Industry’s Role
Psychotropics: Isabella Bailey, Anya’s mother, said she had no idea that children might be especially susceptible to Risperdal’s side effects. Nor did she know that Risperdal and similar medicines were not approved at the time to treat children, or that medical trials often cited to justify the use of such drugs had as few as eight children taking the drug by the end.

The War on Free Expression
The World Reacts: It starts at the grass roots with a well-coordinated massive outreach effort to bring together educators; human and civil rights groups; labor; the clergy; alternative media journalists; writers; artists; women's groups; small business; your friends, family and neighbors; and other organizations and activists of all stripes concerned enough to build a collective mass-action movement in numbers too large to be stopped.

Shut Up and Heat
Mind Control:

Coca-Cola Vs Coca Sek in Colombia
Food Industry: But until recently, his hardline government had not gone after natural coca products made by Indians, acknowledging that millions of peasants have chewed calcium-rich coca for thousands of years to stave off hunger and as a remedy for ailments from altitude sickness to stomach aches.

Big Business' Healthcare Solution Ignores Those Who Need It Most

Medical Industry: The emphasis on "market forces" sends a signal that the coalition wants universal coverage in name only, where our government mandates individuals to get private coverage but does little to reign in the detrimental practices of the insurance industry. Everyone might be covered, so to speak, but for too many, it would be paltry coverage at high cost.

UK 'worst' on cancer drug access
PR: The research was funded by drugs firm Roche, but independent experts said that did not invalidate the findings.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

FDA drug safety bill passes in the U.S. Senate; health freedom advocates outraged at betrayal of American consumers
Big Pharma:

Ron Paul: Total Victory, Yet Censorship Continues
Mind Control: Texas Congressman trounces rivals in all polls but is deliberately pushed to margins by terrified corporate media

Help Wanted: Human Guinea Pigs
Medical Industry:

Drug maker to pay $19.5 million over OxyContin promotion
Medical Industry: The states had complained that Purdue had been encouraging physicians to prescribe the drugs for use every eight hours, instead of the every 12-hour dose approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Count mockolate?
PR: At the center of the chocolate debate is a petition filed last October by the Grocery Manufacturers Association on behalf of 11 food trade groups, including the Chocolate Manufacturers Association. They are asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to update its definitions for a wide range of foods, everything from using reconstituted milk in yogurt to allowing cartoon character-shaped pasta to be called macaroni.

Study links lung disease to WTC work
Ecohazard: The study, published by nine doctors including the medical officer monitoring city firefighters, Dr. David Prezant, found that firefighters and rescue workers contracted sarcoidosis in the year after Sept. 11, 2001, at a rate more than five times higher than the years before the attacks.

Doctors get millions for giving anemia drugs: NYT
Medical Industry: The payments are legal, the Times said. But it cited critics as saying that the payments give doctors an incentive to prescribe the anemia drugs known as EPO at levels that might increase risks of heart attacks or strokes.

The proof food additives ARE as bad as we feared
Parents have been warned to avoid artificial additives used in drinks, sweets and processed foods amid a link to behaviour problems in children.

FDA's 'Draconian Policies' Should Be Checked By Court, Op-Ed Says

Perry won't veto virus vaccination
The World Reacts: Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday said he won't veto a bill that would block state officials from following his order that all sixth-grade girls be vaccinated against a virus that causes cervical cancer.

US movies expose youth to billions of smoking images

Fish meant for humans fed tainted food
Tainted Food:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Americans betrayed by Democratic senators with surprise amendment that protects Big Pharma monopoly
Medical Industry: Fifteen Democratic senators voted in favor of this amendment to defend Big Pharma's monopoly. Those senators are: Max Baucus, Evan Bayh, Maria Cantwell, Thomas Carper, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, Mary Landrieu, Frank Lautenberg, Blanche Lincoln, Robert Menéndez, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Ben Nelson, Jay Rockefeller, and Kenneth Salazar.

Thirty-three Republicans also supported the bill, which passed 49-40 (11 not voting). The Republican senators who voted for this amendment are: Lamar Alexander, Robert Bennett, Kit Bond, Jim Bunning, Richard Burr, Saxby Chambliss, Tom Coburn, Thad Cochran, Norm Coleman, Bob Corker, John Cornyn, Michael Crapo, Elizabeth Dole, Pete Domenici, Michael Enzi, Lindsey Graham, Judd Gregg, Chuck Hagel, Orrin Hatch, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Johnny Isakson, Jon Kyl, Richard Lugar, Mel Martinez, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Roberts, Arlen Specter, Ted Stevens, John Sununu, Craig Thomas, George Voinovich, and John Warner.

More Outsourced Science Raises More Questions

Diesel Exhaust Impairs Blood Flow to Marrow
Eco Hazzard:

TV Hurts Kids Of All Ages, Studies Say
Mind control: Many experts claim that too much television isn't good for kids — they should read books or play outside instead.

Many Infants, Toddlers Have TV in Their Bedroom
Mind Control:

WHO criticized for neglecting evidence
PR: The medical journal's criticism of WHO could shock many in the global health community, as one of WHO's main jobs is to produce guidelines on everything from fighting the spread of bird flu and malaria control to enacting anti-tobacco legislation.

Study Suggests Meditation Can Help Train Attention
Natural Health:

Study: Over 10 percent of U.S. adults abuse drugs
Prescibed psychotropics have become a rite of adulthood.

GAO says prescription drug aid didn't reach poorest
Medical Industry: Some "dual-eligibles" - seniors and disabled people whose incomes are so low that they also qualify for Medicaid - were never told they could seek reimbursement for some drug-related expenses, federal investigators say in a report to be released today.

Study Report On Ill Effects Of Soft Drinks
Tainted Food

Additives ARE to blame for children's tantrums
Psychotropics: Parents have been advised by food safety experts to omit several additives from their children's diets, with new research set to confirm a link between the ingredients and behavioural problems.

Monday, May 7, 2007

How food is prepared important to health: study
Natural Health: By relying more on steaming, boiling and stewing to cook foods and using acidic marinades on meat cooked with dry heat, people may be able to stay healthier, a New York City researcher suggests.

Chicken McShitlets
Tainted Food: Would You Like Salmonella Sauce With That, Russia?

Flavoring Suspected in Illness
The World Reacts: Calif. Considers Banning Chemical Used in Microwave Popcorn

New knowledge improves rice quality
PR: The main aim of the new International Network for Quality Rice is to help rice breeders around the world develop varieties with improved quality traits such as better taste, aroma, and cooking characteristics as well as higher levels of nutrition. Once provided to farmers, the new varieties are expected to command a higher price among consumers, especially those in Asia, who, as they become increasingly affluent, are seeking – and paying for – better quality food.
This article is a great example of the need to differentiate in-lab type of exchanging genetic material from growing improved strains in a greenhouse.
Notice how this article never makes this distinction.

Why spring babies could do worse at school
Eco Hazard: A study of more than 1.5 million children clearly showed that those conceived in the summer - when pesticide use is at its highest - are less clever than other youngsters.

Md. vying to host deadly disease lab
Eugenics: A dozen states competing for government research facility full of killer germs

Hard Sell Cited as Insurers Push Plans to Elderly
Medical Industry: Insurance companies have used improper hard-sell tactics to persuade Medicare recipients to sign up for private health plans that cost the government far more than the traditional Medicare program, federal and state officials and consumer advocates say.

A Nervous Case

Brazil Opts for Indian Drugs Bypassing Merck
The World Reacts:

How to cope with immunization anxiety
Vaccines: Some children sob, others scream, and some get so upset they have to be restrained by medical staff.
Actually, if parents knew what they were doing to their children, they would be the ones needing restraint.

Mystery disease kills pigs in Southern China
Eco Hazzard: The outbreak began around early April in Silao town, where the animals stopped eating, developed high fevers and started hemorrhaging under their skin.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The amount of sugar in 'healthy' products has doubled in 30 years
Tainted Food:

Epilepsy Drug Linked to Low IQ
Psychotropics: Children Whose Moms Took Valproate During Pregnancy More Likely to Have Lower IQs

Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill To Provide Federal Government With Authority To Negotiate Prescription Drug Prices
The World Reacts:
This is strange because there's a very good report about recent efforts to restrict herbal supplements. I see no bill number in this Sanders article but News Target reporting these initiatives as "lumped together".

Mass poisonings tied to toxic syrup
Tainted Food: A syrupy poison, diethylene glycol, is an indispensable part of the modern world, an industrial solvent and prime ingredient in antifreeze.

Switch to organic crops could help poor
The World Reacts: Organic food has long been considered a niche market, a luxury for wealthy consumers. But researchers told a U.N. conference Saturday that a large-scale shift to organic agriculture could help fight world hunger while improving the environment.

Dramatic Rise in U.S. Kids Hospitalized for Type 2 Diabetes
Health Trends: In another sign of the alarming childhood obesity epidemic in the United States, researchers report a 200 percent increase in the number of children hospitalized for type 2 diabetes.

Do Medications Help Young ADHD Drivers Ignore Real World Distractions?

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Unauthorised GM In Rice Protein For Animal Feed, UK
GM Foods: usinesses in Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain were also named as receiving consignments of the rice protein concentrate.

Food imports called safe
Tainted Food: "Consumers should be reassured that the international situation is under control," [FDA commissioner for food protection Dr. David W.K. Achesonhe said in an interview.

20 million chickens held because of feed
Tainted Food: More farms probably received contaminated feed, the agencies said.

Face masks offer solace in pandemic, CDC says
PR: Face masks may do little to prevent infection during an influenza pandemic, but wearing them might help comfort people in crowds, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday.

Taking painkillers can make your headaches worse
Medical Industry: The only cure is to stop taking the tablets.

Suit Filed Against Horrors of Psychiatric Ward in New York Hospital
Psychotropics: Along with the New York Civil Liberties Union, the agency has filed a suit in the federal court demanding an end to the horrors at the ward, where patients are subjected to overcrowded conditions, physical abuse and unnecessary injections of mood-altering drugs.

Brazil bypasses patent on U.S. AIDS drug
The World Reacts: "Between our business and our health, we are going to take care of our health," he [President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva] said after signing the decree.

Thailand Unfazed As US Worries Over Copyright Violations
The World Reacts:

Costco is Selling Mexican Coke!
While carbonated syrups are a likely contribution to pancreatic cancer, I posted this because of the corn syrup/real sugar comparison. (Found this on

Friday, May 4, 2007

Natural health community having a huge impact on Senate bill S.1082; consumers achieving important victories
The World Reacts:

KFC tells of chemical in potatoes
This is the 2nd time KFC restaurants indicate an interest in keeping their customers alive, so let's take them up on it and ask them to remove MSG.

Canada confirms new mad cow case
Tainted food: Nine previous cases of mad cow, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, have been detected in Canadian cattle since May 2003, when the discovery of an Alberta cow with the disease caused the United States to slam the border shut to cattle exports entirely...there have been three confirmed cases of mad cow disease in U.S. animals.

Critics Deny Teflon's Toxicity

Doubts About World Bank's New Ten Year Health Policy And Its President
Medical Industry: [A comment in this week's edition of The Lancet] says: "While the Bank's strategy contains much to agree with, its claims to expertise and credibility in the field of health systems are troubling. Indeed, structural adjustment programmes and health sector reforms inspired by the bank have underpinned many of the current problems in poor countries." It adds: "The Bank's continued promotion of market oriented policies and its view that health care can be reduced to a set of tradable commodities and services raise important concerns."

Walkable neighborhood tied to depression risk
Natural Health: Researchers found that among 740 older adults living in the Seattle area, men who lived in more walkable neighborhoods tended to show fewer depression symptoms than men from less walker-friendly areas.

Ban on Monsanto genetically modified alfalfa upheld
The World Reacts:

Diet drug may be of little benefit in obese teens
Natural Health: It's possible, the team speculates, that the effect of sibutramine was masked by the effects of diet and exercise.

Ginseng, ginkgo don't interfere with drug absorption
Herbal Remedy:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

China Food Mislabeled, U.S. Says
Tainted Food: A Chinese company accused of selling contaminated wheat gluten to American pet food suppliers avoided inspections partly because it did not correctly disclose its shipping contents to Chinese export authorities, according to American regulators.

Canada confirms new mad cow case
Tainted Food:

Experts skeptical of 'Master Cleanse' detox diet
Detox: They say those who try the Master Cleanse to lose weight will just gain it back. And they dispute the claim that the Master Cleanse or any other diet can "detoxify" the body from the effects of red meat, sugar, fried foods or alcohol -- or that the body needs to be detoxified at all.
That's almost as bad as saying "aspartame is safe".

Study: 1 In 4 Kids Go Without Health Care
Medical Industry:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

FDA seeks antidepressant suicide warning
Psychotropics: Young adults beginning treatment with any antidepressant should be warned about an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior associated with the drugs, health officials said Wednesday.
The value in any one regulatory body is not it's abiility to ban a substance, but in the accuracy of the information it provides.

Health-care-data firms win a key court battle
PR: A judge struck down a N.H. ban on gathering information used to target doctors for sales pitches...Drug companies use the data to tailor sales pitches toward individual prescribers, such as identifying early adopters vs. skeptics of new products. Sales representatives often are ordered to keep the information confidential from doctors.

Drug Companies Provide Slightly More Information
Industry-Funded Nonprofits: Eli Lilly recently posted online its donations for the first quarter of 2007. The company's first-ever public list of donations totals $11.8 million, with the largest grantees being Massachusetts General Hospital's psychiatry department ($825,000) and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill ($544,500).

Migraine and Pregnancy – Is the Combo Pregnant to Trigger Strokes?
Symptoms: There is a definite link between pregnancy, migraine and stroke, US researchers said. The combination appears to be a deadly one.

'Food safety czar' named
Regulation: Dr. David A. Kessler, FDA commissioner under former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, called the food safety system "broken" and said the FDA needs to restore research and other efforts to prevent foodborne illness.
Do we really need to provide a "broken" agency with MORE authority? See how much they respect us by looking at the article below:

FDA hoodwinks public over CAM Guidelines comment period, slams door shut on public comments one month early
Regulation: The agency operates as if it is subject to no law, rule or regulation of its own. It lies to the public, defends the profits of pharmaceutical companies, and ultimately operates with apparent legal immunity.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Breaking News:  Marijuana Gets You High!
Herbal Remedies: Totally awesome brain scans freak reporters out. Does sex "damage" the brain too?

The effect of aspartame administration on oncogene and suppressor gene expressions.
Tainted Food: CONCLUSION: Aspartame has a biological effect even at the recommended daily maximum dose.
Thanks to

Doctors: Pot triggers psychotic symptoms
PR: One compound, cannabidiol, or CBD, made people more relaxed. But even small doses of another component, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, produced temporary psychotic symptoms in people, including hallucinations and paranoid delusions, doctors said.
What a co-winky-dink! THC is the same substance recently discovered to reduce lung cancer tumors. Looks like they'll include that warning before suggesting we "ask our doctor" in the next cannibus TV commercial...

KFC Buckets Will Have Zero Trans Fat Label
The World Reacts: Chain Says All 5,500 Restaurants Have Stopped Frying Chicken In Trans Fat Oil
So how about the MSG? When's that getting removed?

Link Between Migraine Attacks in Teens and Suicidal Tendencies
Symptoms: Those of you budding youth, who suffer migraine attacks, beware. Recent research has shown the propensity of teen migraine sufferers to be prone to depression and suicidal tendencies. They could also be suffering other psychiatric ailments like panic disorder or depression.

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, type 2 diabetes similar at molecular level
Health Trends: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, the human version of mad cow disease, and other degenerative diseases are more closely related at the molecular level than scientists realized, a team reports this week in an advanced online publication of the journal Nature.

Pharmaceutical compounds found in nation's fresh water
Eco Hazzard: Undigested, discarded medication in septic tanks leading to water pollution

Bush creates new food safety position
Regulation: Dr. David Acheson, who had been chief medical officer at the Food and Drug Administration's food safety center, will step into the role immediately. His new appointment comes with the government reporting that 38 poultry farms in Indiana received contaminated feed in February

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