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February 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

Farmed Fish Fed Cheap Food May Be Less Nutritious For Humans
Tainted Food: When the diets of farmed fish are altered, the food we ingest also changes.

Tysabri Linked to Possible Liver Damage; Drug Treats Multiple Sclerois and Crohn's Disease
Medical Industry: Some of those patients experienced liver injury as early as six days after starting Tysabri.

Lipitor Lowers Cognitive Ability in Women, Doctor Says
Medical Industry: “The changes started to occur within six weeks of starting the statin, and the cognitive abilities returned very quickly when they went off,” Devi [Dr. Gayatri Devi, associate professor of neurology and psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine] said. “It’s just a handful of patients, but for them, it made a huge difference.”

Health Insurance Does Not Equal Health Care, Opinion Piece Writes
Medical Industry: health insurance "is for healthy people" and health care "is for the sick."

Alert over 'radioactive' packages

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Study: High toxin levels in nat'l parks
Ecohazard: Pesticides, heavy metals and other airborne contaminants are raining down on national parks across the West and Alaska, turning up at sometimes dangerously high levels in lakes, plants and fish, according to a newly released report.

Oil and Water
Ecohazard: Indeed, of the more than 32,000 fishermen and small-business owners who filed this class action suit against Exxon in 1994, about 20 percent are now dead.

Antidepressants may only be useful for the severely depressed: study
Psychotropics: "Although patients get better when they take antidepressants, they also get better when they take a placebo, and the difference in improvement is not very great," said Irving Kirsch, one of the study's authors.

Surgeon Accused of Speeding a Death to Get Organs
Medical Industry:

Mounting Evidence Of Increased Mortality From Drug Used By Anemic Cancer Patients
Medical Industry:

Health Care To Cost Over $13K Per Person By 2017
Medical Industry: Represents Annual Increase Of 6.7 Percent.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Omnivore's Nightmare
Tainted Foods: Video

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brenda Cobb: 4 Reasons People Get Sick and Healing Through Thoughts
Natural Health:

Milk-free Diet And Other Dietry Changes Will Reduce Hyperactivity
In Kids
Natural Health: "I could tell something was wrong with him as soon as he began eating solids as a baby. It was if the food was draining him," says Rita, 50, describing how her son Christoffer had yoyoed between passive and hyperactive behaviour until she had removed several staples from his diet including milk and grains.

Childhood Obesity Leads To Higher Rate Of Problems During Surgery
Health Trends::

Fertility study builds buzz around cellphones
Tainted Products: Cellphones emit radiofrequency electromagnetic waves. Scientists have reported potential adverse effects of the waves on the brain, heart, endocrine system and DNA, Agarwal, director of the andrology lab at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and his co-authors write in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Radiation From Mobile Phones Changes Protein Expression In Living People, Study Suggests
Tainted Products:

Chlorine Can React With Sweat, Urine At Indoor Swimming Pools Forming Volatile Disinfection Byproducts
Ecohazard: "Some indoor swimming pools seem to have a characteristic chlorine odor," said Purdue environmental engineering professor Ernest R. Blatchley III. "You may think you're smelling chlorine, but you are probably smelling a mixture of disinfection byproducts. If their concentrations get high enough, then they can become an irritant to your respiratory system, to your skin and to your eyes."

Monday, February, 25, 2008

New test shows source of disease side-effects
Medical Industry: Statins, the wildly popular cholesterol-lowering drugs, may interact with at least one blood pressure drug to damage the mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells, the researchers reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Inflammation: What to Eat to Reduce Your Risk of Many Diseases
Natural Health:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vitamin C and Cancer
Natural Health: The takeaway from the Canadian study was that IV-vitamin C produces plasma levels 25 times higher than those that can be achieved with oral vitamin C. At such high concentrations, vitamin C is toxic to some cancer cells but not to normal cells in vitro.

Insurer fined $9M for dropping cancer patient
The World Reacts: Bates' attorney William Shernoff said he wanted other insurers to take notice of the award.
"We are going to put a stop to this practice," he said.

FDA Approves Breast Cancer Drug, Defying Panel
Medical Industry:

Vegetarians, Vegans and Eating Meat
Natural Health: There has never been a better time to go vegetarian. Mounting evidence suggests that meat-based diets are not only unhealthy, but that just about every aspect of meat production - from grazing-related loss of cropland, to the inefficiencies of feeding vast quantities of water and grain to cattle, to pollution from “factory farms” - is an environmental disaster with wide and sometimes catastrophic consequences.

Drug Companies’ ‘invisible Influence’ on Medical Education Exposed
Medical Industry: In the report, he gives a detailed account of how leaked documents and emails from a variety of sources show drug company sponsors having input into the selection of some speakers at seminars held in recent years, regardless of the fact that these have been assertively sold to general practitioners in brochures claiming that “all content is independent of industry influence.”

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ingredient In Yellow Curry Can Reduce Heart Enlargement And May Prevent Heart Failure
Natural Health: Eating curcumin, a natural ingredient in the spice turmeric, may dramatically reduce the chance of developing heart failure, researchers at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre of the Toronto General Hospital have discovered.

Number Of Ads For Unhealthy Foods, Beverages On Spanish-Language Channels May Contribute To Obesity Among Hispanic Children, Study Finds
Health Trends:

Big Pharma Money Spent on Marketing Exceeds Drug Development Costs
Medical Industry: The breakdown is not accurately known of unmonitored promotion, but CAM believes that approximately 10% is due to incomplete disclosure by surveyed physicians and 20% comes from promotion geared towards physicians not surveyed or unmonitored journals. Combining the information gathered from CAM, as well as IMS, the total amount of money spent on marketing by pharmaceuticals was U.S. $57.5 billion for 2004.

Much of Recalled Meat Sent To Schools
Tainted Food: About 50 million pounds of the meat went to schools, said Eric Steiner, deputy administrator of special nutrition programs for the department's Food and Nutrition Service.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Call to scrap children's database
The World Reacts: The government faces calls to scrap a database containing the details of every child in England after a report said it could never be secure.

U.S. Cancer Deaths Up in 2005
Health Trends:

FDA Missteps Over Defective Drugs Draw Fire from Congressman
The World Reacts: Recent scandals over tainted Baxter Heparin, Avandia, Ketek, Vytorin and other defective drugs have led many to conclude that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is broken.  But Representative Bart Stupak (D-Mich) has argued for years that the FDA wasn’t doing a thorough job protecting Americans from unsafe drugs.

Pesticide Found in Fish Processed in China
Tainted Food: According to the company, the fish were caught and frozen in Denmark, but marinated in vinegar and then vacuum packed in factories in Shandong Province, China. The poisonous product was produced on June 5, 2007 and then exported to Japan by Kobe-based food wholesaler Shinko Gyorui, Ltd.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Xylitol's potential beyond gum explored
Tainted Food: The combination of aspartame and xylitol enhanced the sweetness intensity of the system, added the researchers.
"The use of more than one sweetener might allow diminishing the amount of each one of them to assure a specific sweet level," concluded Campos and co-workers. Once again, the food industry looks at adulterating a safe sweetener, rendering it inedible for anyone who chooses to avoid aspartame.

Non-stick Coatings in Cookware can Be Hazardous to Health
Tainted Products: Non-stick coatings used in cookware can damage the liver and weaken the immune systems, thus posing a higher risk of catching diseases, says a new study.

Hospital left family in pain after daughter assaulted
Medical Industry: The parents filed a civil lawsuit against the hospital in King County Superior Court at the end of last year.
They say that Children's staff neglected to follow its own guidelines meant to keep children in the inpatient psychiatric unit safe, a view that was supported by the CPS report.

The Rise Of Drug-Resistant E.coli
Health Trends:

ADHD Treatment is Safe for Kids With Fragile X Syndrome
Natural Health: A new study has confirmed that a form of the amino acid carnitine called L-acetyl carnitine (LAC) is a safe alternative to stimulants that are used for the treatment of attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children who are also suffering from Fragile X Syndrome. Fragile X Syndrome is the most common hereditary form of mental retardation.

More Studies Link Bayer Heart Drugs To Deaths
Medical Industry:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New! Documentary Offering in our catalog: All Jacked Up
Health Trends: Eat a meal at the family dining table (with the television off!), do the dishes and then gather the family together to watch this modern, fashionable tale of loss and hope of rebirth.

Healthy Food Costs Poor More Than Half Their Income
Health Trends: Cancer Council NSW nutritionist Kathy Chapman said the costs were a lot to bear for poorer families, who now have to spend 56 per cent of their household budget on average to maintain a healthy diet.
The figure was well above the 22 per cent spent by a family on an average income.
"A healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight is proven to be one of the biggest lifestyle choices in preventing cancer," Ms Chapman said.

Probiotics help distance runners stay healthy
Health Trends:

Prosecutors to Appeal Shaken Baby Ruling
The World Reacts: The decision "applies a novel legal analysis that may tend to upset the finality of all convictions where scientific evidence was properly adduced at trial," he said in a statement.

FDA Says It Approved The Wrong Drug Plant
Medical Industry: . . . And these are the people who we are supposed to trust to make the proper health decisions for us!?!

Latest Meat Recall Highlights USDA Weaknesses
The World Reacts: The Hallmark/Westland beef recall came just weeks after disturbing undercover video shot by the Humane Society showed workers at the plant using several abusive techniques to make sick animals stand up and pass a pre-slaughter inspection.

TV ads in Spanish may fuel kid obesity: study
Health Trends: Two or three food commercials air every hour during prime-time on two top Spanish-language stations in the United States, they found, and a third of these were aimed specifically at children.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flu Vaccine Not Stopping People From Catching The Flu
Vaccines: If you think that your flu shot will protect you from catching flu, think again - because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the latest flu shot offers no protection against 60% of flu viruses that are currently spreading and infecting people.

Bittersweet: Aspartame Breast Cancer Link
Tainted Food: The methanol from Aspartame can reach a woman’s breast and will there is readily converted into formaldehyde by ADH.

No Sweets for New York City Jail Inmates
The World Reacts: "The cost of an inmate having a stroke or going into diabetic shock is far greater than keeping people healthy to the extent we can," [Department of Correction Commissioner Martin] Horn said.

Older People Are Happy: Life Begins At 40 And 50 And 60
Health Trends: Dr Garry said: “We have all heard the saying ‘life begins at forty’. But it seems that many people, particularly young people, actually associate growing old with being miserable, meaning they don’t see any benefit in preserving their health for old age".

Chronic Vitamin Deficiency may Lead to Obesity, Cancer
Health Trends: According to him, a large number of people on a high-calorie diet in the West or poor diet in developing countries were deficient in many micronutrients. That’s what lead to the body enter an emergency "triage" response, where it tried to maintain balance of its metabolism by a process of compensation.

President Bush Puts Health Of Americans With Medicare In Jeopardy While Overpaying Medicare Private Insurers
Medical Industry:

FDA Proposed Off-Label Marketing Rule Changes Will Hurt Consumers, Critics Say
Medical Industry: According to The New York Times, the FDA has justified this proposed loosening of the rules by claiming it never really enforced those requirements anyway. Why, then, do they find it so important to "enforce" their rules so strongly against natural and alternative therapies?

Eating Moderate Amounts of Berries Every Day May Lower Blood Pressure and Raise Good Cholesterol, Study Shows
Natural Health: So says a study backing up berries' status as a super food.

Mad cow concerns follow U.S meat recall
Tainted Food:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Banning the Neurotoxic Carcinogenic Aspartame in Hawaii? Health Director Relies on Ajinomoto funded Toxicology "Report"
Tainted Food: Thus, any Legislature Resolution that is watered down and weakened asking the DOH to “study” this more and report back to the legislature is pretty toothless, as in my opinion the DOH has already disqualified itself from even any illusion of objectivity!

Study on Salmon Shows Pesticide's Toxic Effects on Nervous System
Ecohazard: A new study on salmon has revealed that pesticides that overspill from the land and mix in rivers and streams combine to have a greater than expected toxic effect on the nervous system.

Chronic Disease Impacting On Australia's Older Workforce
Health Trends: "If the chronic conditions in growth industries [like retail trade or health care] are work-related, then rates of disease may increase in the future as these industries continue to grow".

Go ahead and laugh off science
Natural Health: There have been several studies that have shown that laughing boosts natural-killer-cell activity, with a few exceptions. In general, though, the studies are small and not always the best design.

USDA Recalls 143M Pounds Of California Beef
Tainted Food:

Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance—And the Cutting Edge Science that Promises Hope
Natural Health: In THE AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance--And the Cutting Edge Science That Promises Hope (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster; February 5, 2008; $25.00/hardcover; 0-7432-7775-9), author and lecturer Donna Jackson Nakazawa--herself afflicted with several autoimmune diseases--sounds a call to arms, taking readers inside today’s most prestigious scientific labs to show how “autogens” (heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, viruses, and everyday chemicals that can play a role in triggering autoimmunity) are putting an often unbearable load on the human immune system.

Cancer Less Likely to Strike the Boss - Study
Health Trends:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fish Devastated By Sex-changing Chemicals In Municipal Wastewater
Ecohazard: While most people understand the dangers of flushing toxic chemicals into the ecosystem through municipal sewer systems, one potentially devastating threat to wild fish populations comes from an unlikely source: estrogen.

U.S. Seeks to Limit Animal Testing of Toxic Chemicals
The World Reacts:

Cancer lab reports out next week: Eastern Health
Medical Industry: The language may sound esoteric, but came down to an important principle for a commission of inquiry poised to examine why more than 300 breast cancer patients received flawed hormone receptor test results from the Eastern Health lab in St. John's over an eight-year period.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why America has too many stores
The World Reacts: Working 60 hours per week and chasing job promotion "for the sake of buying the latest crap off the Sharper Image store shelf is no way to live," says Adam Weissman, spokesman for

F.D.A. Seeks to Broaden Range of Use for Drugs
Medical Industry: The rules also say that drug companies do not have to promise to adequately test the unapproved use discussed in the article.

Alcohol Ads Made Illegal in France
The World Reacts:

Building a Child's Immunity the Natural Way
Vaccines: Vaccines are dangerous for the health of any individual, but when administered to small children in their important developmental years, they are
especially damaging.

Cell phone-cancer link found by Tel Aviv University scientist
Tainted Products: Those who used a cell phone heavily on the side of the head where the tumor developed were found to have an increased risk of about 50% for developing a tumor of the main salivary gland (parotid), compared to those who did not use cell phones.

Bush Administration Fails To Comply With Subpoena For Documents On Testimony About FDA Approval Of Ketek
Medical Industry: The committee "has tried to pry the briefing book from FDA since shortly after the hearing, in which von Eschenbach was accused of misleading lawmakers on more than a dozen points concerning the agency's approval" of Ketek, CongressDaily reports.

Doctors group backs marijuana for medical uses
The World Reacts: "Additional research is needed to clarify marijuana's therapeutic properties and determine standard and optimal doses and routes of delivery. Unfortunately, research expansion has been hindered by a complicated federal approval process, limited availability of research-grade marijuana and the debate over legalization," the group said.

Diet drinks linked to increase in metabolic syndrome
Health Trends:

Fatty Fast Food, Idleness May Vex Liver
Health Trends: The students were asked to gain 5% to 15% of their body weight in a month by eating at least two daily meals at fast-food restaurants and adopting a sedentary lifestyle... Before-and-after measurements show a ballooning of the students' weight, waist, fat, and liver enzymes.
On average, the students gained 14 pounds, added 2.6 inches to their waistline, and padded their body fat percentage by 3.7% during the study.

Many lawsuits against pharmacies settled in silence
Medical Industry:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stevia: A Bittersweet Tale
PR: This fear-mongering comes out of the mouth of The Center for Science in the Public Interest. Taking a slightly closer look at The Center, however, reveals this description from the website, "CSPI’s “Integrity in Science” project is ostensibly concerned with the potential conflict of interest that researchers might have when their funding comes from industry. But many of CSPI’s own campaigns—including those heavily reliant on junk science—are equally susceptible to conflict of interest charges. In addition to its $65,000 incentive to bash the fat substitute Olestra, CSPI accepted over $100,000 from the Park Foundation to work on its food additives project. And in 2001, the reliably anti-alcohol Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gave CSPI’s campaign against social drinkers $749,999." For a different view of stevia, look at Body Ecology's excellent research into industry's attempts to make this safe herb appear dangerous. Click here to go to the site. So, before you through out your stevia, take a look at these sources.

Natural medicines – the safest way to avoid death

Natural Health: Despite extensive research, coroner Dr Wallace Bain found no deaths have occurred in this country due to natural medicines such as vitamins, minerals and herbal products.

U.S. to Attempt to Shoot Down Faulty Satellite
Ecohazard/PR: The effort will be a real-world test of the nation’s antiballistic missile systems and its antisatellite abilities, even though the Pentagon said it was not using the effort to test its most exotic weapons or send a message to any adversaries.

22,000 died amid delayed Bayer drug recall: doctor
Tainted Products: Dr. Dennis Mangano, the study's researcher, said during the program that 22,000 lives could have been saved if Trasylol had been taken off the market when he first published his study in January 2006, according to a CBS News report on its Web site ahead of a broadcast slated for next Sunday.

State requiring doctors to report severe staph infections
The World Reacts:

Suppressed Report Shows Elevated Cancer Levels and Other Health Problems in Key States in US
Health Trends: An official report on the health scene in the Great Lake states in US has been sought to be suppressed. Activists wonder whether authorities are embarrassed by its findings of elevated rates of lung, colon and breast cancers in that region.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Painkiller patches recalled because defect could be fatal
Tainted Products: PriCara estimates that two patches out of every million included in the recall have the defect that causes the leak. When, then will FDA come to terms with the thousands of people who have had adverse reactions to aspartame -- that I think of, certainly, as a drug?

International Pharmaceutical Company To Pay Over 323,000 Dollars To State Medicaid Program For Engaging In Unfair Business Practices
Medical Industry: The national investigation focused on allegations that Aventis reported false and fraudulent Average Wholesale Prices (AWPs) to national price reporting services, resulting in inflated Medicaid reimbursement levels for its prescription medication Anzemet.

Blue Cross stops controversial letter
The World Reacts:

New Trends on Patients View on Doctors
Health Trends: The researcher says that the patients’ attitude to medicine changes as they gain knowledge, and they stop showing their doctors absolute and unquestionable respect.

Why Youth Hostel Showers Are Like The Stock Market: Variety Provides Stabililty
The World Reacts: One thing is always true, the more individualistic the behaviour of those involved in the market is, the more stable the whole system becomes. We must realize this simple truth, in the face of Wendy's and Target and MacDonald's. . .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Artificial Sweeteners Could be A Diet No-No
Tainted Food:Artificial sweeteners such as saccharine and aspartame could sabotage diet efforts.

Speed, high volume, can trigger mistakes
Malpractice: The prescription called for Inderal to control a little boy's tremors. A Wa;green's pharmacy instead gave him Methitest, a steroid usually prescribed for older males. Five-year-old Trey Jones took the wrong medication for two months and began showing signs of early puberty. How do mistakes like this happen?

Blue Cross letter brings outrage
Medical Industry: Didech put it this way: medical insurance companies should be forced to provide policies to everyone, "just like a driver's license."

Dramatic Declines In Wild Salmon Populations Linked To Exposure To Farmed Salmon
Tainted Food: A global survey of wild salmon and trout populations reveals substantially reduced survival among those populations that migrate past salmon farms as juveniles on their way to the ocean.

Ledger's death turns a new spotlight on polypharmacy
The World Reacts: Actor Heath Ledger's accidental death from a combination of painkillers and tranquilizers serves as a tragic reminder that taking multiple prescription drugs at once can have lethal ramifications.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Food Additives Could Be Making Your Kids Hyper
The World Reacts: Now, a highly regarded British study says a variety of common food additives -- including yellow dyes 5 and 6 -- can make kids hyper. And the findings are not just in children who have been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Doctors Will Soon Be Able To Feel Organs Via A Display Screen
Health Trends: Whatever happened to those skilled family doctors of the past who could press into our abdomens and sides and know instantly if we had an inflamed appendix or if something was wrong with our spleens?

Heart disease diagnosis rarely prompts diet change
Health Trends: About 80 percent of people don't go to cardiac rehabilitation programs after having a heart attack, the researcher noted, and even if they do such programs often emphasize exercise over nutrition.

Heart attacks drop after Italy's smoking ban: study
Health Trends: Italy's 2005 smoking ban has led to a sharp fall in heart attacks, researchers reported on Monday in a finding they said shows that such laws really do improve public health.

2 Die Of Apparent Oxycodone Overdoses
Health Trends:

Bride collapses, dies during first dance
Health Trends: less than an hour after the Bronx-born woman and Teddy Efkarpides were wed, Sjostrom crumpled in her husband's arms during a Greek song that means "Love Me." At 36, Sjostrom was dead from heart disease.

What Do Patients Need And Want To Know About Dental Professionals' Additional Skills And Qualifications? UK
The World Reacts:

The Claim: Too Much Cola Can Cause Kidney Problems
Health Trends: Colas contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which has been linked to kidney stones and other renal problems.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Fight Dengue
GMO's: Now, tell me that these frankenbugs are going to be prevented from contaminating nature? The largest problem with genetically modified organisms is "unknown effects", according to Jeffrey Smith from The Institute for Responsible Technology.

Cities study dearth of healthy food
Health Trends: In some urban areas, it's easier to buy a Twinkie than a stalk of broccoli.

FDA downplays long-term impact of animal cloning
The World Reacts: So far, several major food companies including Tyson Foods Inc, the largest U.S. meat company, and Smithfield Foods Inc have said they would avoid using cloned animals.

More Lawsuits Over Tainted Syringes
Tainted Products: Five more patients filed a lawsuit Thursday against the manufacturer of a batch of pre-filled syringes that were contaminated with bacteria, claiming they became seriously ill and were hospitalized.

Researcher criticizes alternative medicine
PR: Bausell gets no book tour. He has heard from few colleagues who have read his tome. A favorable review in The New York Times has barely registered. Funny, the reaction he says he's receiving toward his book sounds an awful lot like the reception given in the mainstream to a book which shows alternative medicine in a positive light!

Study Raises Questions About Diagnosis, Medical Treatment Of ADHD
Health Trends: The study also found that in populations where medication is rarely prescribed to treat ADHD, the prevalence and symptoms of the disorder are roughly equivalent to populations in which medication is widely used.

Medical Marijuana Users Can be Fired, According to California Court
Prohibition: In March last year, a federal court based in San Francisco said a California woman with an inoperable brain tumor had no fundamental right to marijuana for medical purposes. What fundamental right should any court seize to tell us what we should decide to do to help ourselves?

Monday, February 11, 2008


Speak out against aspartame
The World Reacts: The build up of aspartame on the retinas of unborn mice, the changes in the optic nerve noticed after a long period of aspartame ingestion, the health problems, such as seizures, tremors and sudden heart attack are all masked by failure to take any kind of reasonable action such as educating consumers and truthful labeling of food products. The United States is 42nd in mortality rates, ranking right down there with third world countries and way behind any other civilized country.

Banning Aspartame - A Common Sense Precaution
The World Reacts: It is even worth risking the destruction of the Coca- Cola empire, apparently much more fragile than any of us ever imagined.

Bill aims to stabilize health-fee contracts
Medical Industry:

Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda
The World Reacts: "This is interesting," said Lyn M. Steffen, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Minnesota and a co-author of the paper, which was posted online in the journal Circulation on Jan. 22. "Why is it happening? Is it some kind of chemical in the diet soda, or something about the behavior of diet soda drinkers?" This information is finally really beginning to break into the mainstream.

Artificial Sweeteners Linked To Weight Gain
Tainted Food: Want to lose weight? It might help to pour that diet soda down the drain.

Ayurvedic Treatment:
Natural Health (Video): It makes me feel happy, and if happiness and that kind joy is helpful in healing, then I can vouch for this. It feels amazing.

FDA approval means cloned meat could make it to dinner tables
Frankenfoods: With meat and milk from cloned animals expected to be allowed into the U.S. food supply in a matter of months, and their offspring already permitted, consumers have two choices.
They can ignore the controversy and chow down with abandon, or they can quiz each of their grocery stores, restaurants and dinner hosts about their policy on using food developed with cloning.

Sunday, Februay 10, 2008

Legislators consider aspartame ban
The World Reacts: The bill drew testimony from all over the country.

One in Five Hospital Patients are Malnourished
Health Trends: And up to 80% of these patients enter and leave hospital without any action being taken to treat their malnutrition because screening tools are underused and poorly enforced.

Diets Lack Nutrients That May Prevent Blindness, Researchers Say
Health Trends:

Are Vitamins In Soda Just A Gimmick?
PR: With March noted as National Nutrition month, it is a good time for consumers to beware that the perceived benefits of vitamins in soda can be deceiving.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda
Tainted Food: ...and surprisingly, the risk of developing metabolic syndrome was 34 percent higher among those who drank one can of diet soda a day compared with those who drank none.

How Teenage Rebellion Has Become a Mental Illness
Psychotropics: Disruptive young people who are medicated with Ritalin, Adderall and other amphetamines routinely report that these drugs make them "care less" about their boredom, resentments and other negative emotions, thus making them more compliant and manageable

Depressed medical residents more likely to make medicine mistakes
Medical Industry:

FDA warns of deaths in children treated with Botox
Tainted Products: The popular anti-wrinkle drug Botox and a competitor Myobloc have been linked to some deaths and other severe side effects suggestive of botulism, the government warned doctors Friday.

Tobacco Could Claim More Than One Billion Lives This Century, Warns WHO
Health Trends: Most people think medical residents' round-the-clock schedules and lack of sleep are key causes of depression and burnout. But residents told researchers they were more frustrated by a lack of autonomy, endless paperwork and constant pagings that leave them unable to complete a thought. The researchers also were surprised to find that about half of the depressed residents didn't believe they were depressed.

Additive In Chicken Feed Could Harm Humans
Tainted Food: "Why would FDA approve it? - that's something that they need to think about and come up with the regulation," Dr. Basu said.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chatting on Mobiles for too Long Affects Sperm Count and Quality
Health Trends: According to the study, the fear is that, over time, the electromagnetic energy emitted from mobile phones could theoretically harm body tissue such as - by damaging DNA.

Legislation to Ban Aspartame in Hawaii is the First Step Toward Protecting the Health of the People of Hawaii by Cori Brackett
The World Reacts: As more knowledge comes to light, it has become your responsibility and high honor to react to this new understanding. I ask you to give your bill a do pass in your Health Committee.

French Medics Sued Over CJD Deaths
Medical Industry: Seven former medical officials are on trial in France following a 17 year investigation into over 100 deaths from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) of young patients treated with contaminated growth hormones.

Merck pays $671M to settle rebate cases
Medical Industry: Merck & Co. has agreed to pay $671 million to settle claims that it overcharged Medicaid programs for two big-selling drugs, Vioxx and Zocor, and to resolve allegations of improper marketing to doctors, U.S. prosecutors and company officials announced Thursday.

Flu Vaccines Found Useless for Seniors; Benefits Greatly Exaggerated, say Researchers
Vaccines: A commonly cited statistic is that flu shots lead to a 50 percent reduction in winter deaths among the elderly. But the study authors point out that flu itself is only responsible for 5 percent of winter deaths in that population, making such a claim absurd.

Environmental Toxins Linked To Early Onset Puberty In Girls, Study Suggests

Three Out of Four Americans View Health as Their Personal Symbol of Success
Health Trends: The survey also revealed that 91 percent of survey respondents said they would rather be talked about as someone who is “healthy” than as someone who is “wealthy,” and 71 percent of Americans say they would prefer to be described as someone who “looks really healthy” than as someone who looks “put together or well-dressed.”

Thursday, Fevruary 7, 2008

Santa Fe Pediatrician Regales Hawaii Legislative Committee with Dangers of Aspartame
The World Reacts: Dr. Ken Stoller, MD, writes a letter to the Hawaii State Senate regarding aspartame, including a very damning and provocative article about the history and chemical makeup of this notorious substance. The issue of banning aspartame from Hawaii comes up for a vote tomorrow.

Overwhelming Cancer Insurance Fraud Exposed!
Medical Industry: Judge Patrick McCartan of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court remanded Dr Emad Massoud and his nurse wife.
The couple is found guilty of a 731,000 euros fraud after falsely claiming that the wife had breast cancer.

Accidental drug mix killed Ledger
Medical Industry: Ledger's father Kim said: "While no medications were taken in excess, we learned today the combination of doctor-prescribed drugs proved lethal for our boy.

Diabetes study halted after safety review reveals risk
Medical Industry: But the study was halted 18 months early, after the trial's safety monitors found 257 deaths among patients given intensive treatment compared with 203 deaths among patients given standard treatment.

Activists may have poisoned China dumplings: media
Tainted Food:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008,

Hepatitis C Virus Arrested By Grape Fruit Compound
Natural Health: While HCV infects about 3 pct of the world population existing antiviral medications are effective in only half of infected patients, 70 percent of whom develop chronic infection that can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

What Are The Lifetime Medical Costs Associated With Obesity?
Health Trends: However, it is not currently clear whether successfully reducing obesity will also reduce national healthcare spending or not. I think that this is because obseity alone is not the issue.

Macy attacks US censors
Mind Control: Actor William H. Macy wants the US censors to get therapy because he is shocked that gory films are beating sex scenes for favourable ratings.

Are your mobile devices password protected?
Mind Control: The situation is even more crucial when it involves smartphones. They may contain as much sensitive information as a desktop computer: e-mails, contacts, even passwords pre-entered into Web sites we visit may be traveling on our mobile devices. Privacy and security are at stake, all in a gadget that can fall out of a pocket without us even realizing it is gone.

Bush seeks increase in funding for FDA food safety
Medical Industry: At a time when he is cutting or decreasing the budgets of almost every social, non-war program, it would seem - at least on the surface - that Bush's increase in the FDA's budget would be strange. After all, they have had a lousy track record in protecting our health. What is not so obvious, however; is that they have a great track record, in my opinion, when it comes to limiting the availability of natural products while boosting the power of the pharmaceutical companies. I say, please, let the public decide for themselves, what they want for their own personal health. I know that I am not the only one who is fed up with the government meddling in my health - which, in my belief, is definitely for the worse.

Beetroot 'may cut blood pressure'
Health Trends: More than 25% of the world's adult population are hypertensive, and it has been estimated that this figure will increase to 29% by 2025.

Restaurants as obesity cops doesn't sit well
The World Reacts: Nutrition experts are burning up calories in expressing their outrage over proposed legislation in Mississippi that would prohibit restaurants from serving obese customers.

Potatoes Not Part of Daily Fruits and Veggies
Natural Health:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

USDA Recommends That Food From Clones Stay Off the Market
Frankenfoods: Executives from the nation's major cattle cloning companies conceded yesterday that they have not been able to keep track of how many offspring of clones have entered the food supply, despite a years-old request by the FDA to keep them off the market pending completion of the agency's safety report.

Va. Senate Backs Phaseout of Trans Fats in School Food
The World Reacts:

Worrisome chemical found in kids
Ecohazard: The study found higher phthalate levels in babies whose parents used lotions, powders and baby shampoo shortly before the tests.

The Vitamin Hoax: Big Pharma Speaks Through Reader's Digest Magazine
Medical Industry:

Bush budget disastrous for health care, groups say
Medical Industry: The budget for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2009 would reduce spending on Medicare by $12.8 billion and lower federal funds for Medicaid by $18.2 billion over five years.

Are You Sleeping in a Dangerous, Electrically Polluted Bedroom?

A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota
Ecohazard: Quality Pork is the second biggest employer, with 1,300 employees. Most work eight-hour shifts along a conveyor belt -- a disassembly line, basically -- carving up a specific part of each carcass. Pay for these line jobs starts at about $11 to $12 an hour. The work is grueling, but the plant is exceptionally clean and the benefits are good, said Richard Morgan, president of the union local. Many of the workers are Hispanic immigrants. Quality Pork’s owner does not allow reporters to enter the plant.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bills to Ban Aspartame Progress in Hawaii; Tactics and Consumer Considerations
Tainted Food: I am grateful for the broad Hawaiian support thus far for the bill to ban aspartame, the neurotoxic artificial sweetener, from human consumption or sale, which I hope will be heard soon and strongly support in the Senate Health Committee and in the House Health, and Consumer Protection and Commerce Committees.

Marigold Therapy may Be Effective to Treat Foot Problems in HIV Patients
Natural Health: Tracey Vlahovic, a podiatrist at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, investigated the use of Marigold Therapy in three of her HIV-infected patients as an alternative treatment for the small skin lesions called verrucae.
She found that the treatments either cleared or greatly reduced the number and size of the warts in four to six sessions, after other treatments had failed to do so.

Congenital Heart Defects Increasing Among IVF Twins
Health Trends:

US settles lawsuit over alleged forced drugging of immigrants
Mind Control: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) [official website] has reached a settlement with two immigrants who said they were forcibly drugged with sedatives during deportation proceedings, CNN reported Friday.

Trans Fats Down In Many Snack Products, However Some Cheaper Snacks Still Have Significant Amounts
Health Trends: The researchers conclude: "Consumers need to read product labels because the trans fat content of individual products can vary significantly.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The World Reacts: (PDF)
Farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Indonesia,South America, Central America and here, have protested Monsanto and genetic engineering for years.

What does this have to do with you?

You have connections to Monsanto through the Rose Law Firm where you worked and through Bill who hired Monsanto people for central food- related roles. Your Orwellian-named "Rural Americans for Hillary" was planned withTroutman Sanders, Monsanto's lobbyists.

Obese patients wait longer for kidney transplants
Health Trends:The findings, according to researchers, suggest there may be a bias in the way donor kidneys are allocated.

Tamiflu Resistance Among Some Influenza Flu Virus Samples In Europe
Health Trends:

Two French Drug Firms Charged Over Hepatitis Vaccine
Vaccines: Two drug companies are facing charges in France over a hepatitis B vaccine blamed for the death of a 28-year-old woman in 1998 and which caused serious side effects among 1,300 patients.

U.S. FDA Warns About Pfizer Anti-Smoking Drug
Medical Industry: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that after an analysis of cases of depression, suicidal thoughts and other unusual behavior in patients on the medication, the evidence appears stronger of an association with Chantix.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Epsom Salt Cut Cerebral Palsy Rate in Half Among Preemies
Natural Health: An infusion of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) given just before delivery to pregnant women at high risk for preterm birth cut the rate of cerebral palsy among these newborns in half, U.S. researchers report. Dr. Russell Blaylok has been espousing the benifits of magnesium - especially against excitotoxins - for years.

Suicide Risk From 11 Epilepsy Drugs
Health Trends:

Friday, February 1, 2008

This just in: Diet soda might be bad for you
Tainted Products: Between 1981 and 1995, the FDA received more than 10,000 consumer complaints on Aspartame, or 80 percent of all its complaints received about food additives.

A string of hospital mistakes
Malpractice: Despite a decade of rising public awareness of such mistakes and research into how to prevent them, even one of the country's premier institutions and a celebrity couple were not immune. Hospitals still have a long way to go to avoid mistakenly hurting their charges.

Obesity drug use rises eight-fold
Health Trends:

FDA cites toxic risk of popular head-lice drug
Medical Industry: The sole U.S. maker of an insecticide-based treatment for head lice has stopped promoting the product after a sharply worded warning from the Food and Drug Administration that its marketing misled consumers by downplaying the rare, but serious, risks of the treatments.

Consumption Of Fruits May Reduce Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease
Natural Health: The authors concluded “[their] study demonstrated that antioxidants in the major fresh fruits consumed in the United States and Korea protected neuronal cells from oxidative stress….Additional consumption of fresh fruits such as apple, banana, and orange may be beneficial to improve effects in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”Emphasis mine - Dr. Woodrow Monte of speaks of the importance of eating fresh fruits (and vegetables) rather than canned fruits or bottled juices.

Farmers' Suicides Continue Unabated in India
Health Trends: This means that on average, there has been one farmer’s suicide every 30 minutes since 2002.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bring calorie, fat counts to front of package, EU urges
The World Reacts: "Consumers have to be able to make the right choice," said EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, noting more than half of all adults in the EU are overweight or obese.

10 Japanese sickened by insecticide-tainted dumplings from China
Tainted Food:

Hawaii Moves To Ban Aspartame
The World Reacts: 47 Members of the UK Parliament have also asked for an aspartame ban, and efforts in New Zealand continue with a circulating petition for ban.

Pot Vending Machine Set Up In L.A.
The World Reacts: Patients suffering from chronic pain, loss of appetite and other ailments that marijuana is said to alleviate can get their pot with a dose of convenience at the Herbal Nutrition Center, where a large machine will dole out the drug around the clock.

FDA Cannot Meet Requirements For Inspections Of Medical Device Manufacturing Facilities, GAO Report Finds
Medical Industry: The report found that inspections of all medical device manufacturing facilities abroad would take FDA 27 years.

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