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December, 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007

Natural Health: VM advocates like to assert kinship with Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), whose homeopathic system of medicine was based on the notion that "likes are cured by likes."

Men don't feel pain same way as women
Health Trends: 'Testosterone appears to reduce sensibility to pain, whereas estrogens actually increase pain sensitivity,' said Hartmut Goebel, director of the Pain Clinic in Kiel, Germany.

Studies show yoga has multiple benefits
Natural Health:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Drug firms probed over Iraq cash
Medical Industry: The Serious Fraud Office is examining allegations of bribes paid to secure lucrative contracts in breach of Iraq's 1996 to 2003 oil-for-food programme.

US Diary Farm to Halt Production After Two Bacterial Deaths
Tainted Food: Dr. Alfred DeMaria said he knew of only two other situations in the United States in the past two decades when pasteurized milk was identified as the source of a cluster of listeriosis cases. I'm choosing this quote on page 2 of the article because it took me that long to find out if the milk in question was pasteurized. The first part of the article deceptively made it appear that the milk was raw.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Walking Packs Huge Health Punch
Natural Health:

FDA Makes Theravance Dance
Medical Industry: The FDA delayed approval of telavancin in October because it wanted more details about the drug, which explains summoning the Anti-Infective Drug Advisory Committee. The FDA also said in October that Theravance needed to address manufacturing issues regarding the injectable antibiotic.

High-fat, high-carb meals more harmful to obese
Health Trends: The findings provide yet more evidence that people should avoid high-fat, high carb fast food meals and consume as much fruit and vegetables as possible, Dandona said.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Women Exposed to Pesticides in Farm at Greater Risk of Asthma
Ecohazard: Results showed an average increase of 50 percent in the prevalence of allergic asthma in all farm women who applied or mixed pesticides.

N.J. Orders HIV Testing For Pregnant Women
The World Reacts: The mandatory screening has raised privacy concerns.

Bayer Recalls Faulty Blood Sugar Test Strips
Medical Industry: These strips manufactured by the German drug maker Bayer AG showed sugar readings that are too-high by about 5% to 17%.

Calif. Raw Milk Fans Oppose New Standards
The World Reacts: Raw milk producers and consumers say they were not told about the change until after the new law passed quietly earlier this year.

Food Pantries also Take Healthcare to the Poor in the US
The World Reacts: And because four of those conditions are diet-related, patients also will get nutrition education: Cooking classes in the pantry's kitchen and tips to make the often carbohydrate-and salt-heavy food-bank staples a little healthier.

Pfizer Arrests Sought in Nigeria
Medical Industry: Pfizer has been accused of killing 11 children and injuring 181 others when an antibiotic called Tovan was tested on them during a meningitis epidemic. Pfizer has denied the claim.

Restrictions on Fast Food Outlets as a Weapon Against Obesity Epidemic
Health Trends: Almost one in five 13-year-olds in Wales is classed as overweight or obese - higher than in England, Scotland and Ireland. And some 30 children in Wales have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a condition which only used to be associated with the over-40s.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Smoking Drug, Suicide Risks Questioned By FDA
Medical Industry: She thought she had found a wonder drug this fall: Chantix, the new anti-smoking pill prescribed by her doctor.
Then, Garza said she tried to kill herself, CBS News correspondent Thalia Assuras reports. Garza has a large scar on one wrist to prove it.

Testicular Cancer - Early Exposure To Environmental Factors May Influence Risk
Health Trends:

Popular diet has a caveat: It can be hard on hearts
Health Trends: The group compared three popular eating regimens -- Atkins, the low-carb and low-fat South Beach Diet and the vegetarian Ornish diet. Researchers concluded that Atkins alone puts people at higher risk of heart disease and did it after only one month.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Diabetes is More Nurture Than Nature
Health Trends: A study of twins suggests that the development of insulin resistance, a precursor to adult-onset diabetes, is influenced more by current body weight than by birth weight.

Despite No Side Effects Japan to Ban Tamiflu for Teenagers as Precaution
Vaccines: But Japanese authorities voiced alarm after more than 100 people who took Tamiflu, mostly young children and teenagers, behaved abnormally. Eight died by jumping off buildings, running into traffic or other rash action.
No side effects??

70,000 Farmers Declare to Take Back Their Expropriated Land
The World Reacts: Evicted Farmers were forced to rent back their seized land from the very officials who had seized it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chronic tummy aches common in young teens
Health Trends: One in five children will develop chronic abdominal pain during adolescence, according to a new study in English schoolchildren.

Researchers to Test Efficacy of Tibetan Meditation on PTSD Patients
Health Trends:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Excessive Fluoride in Ground Water Leaves UP Villagers Crippled
Tainted Food:

Red Food Coloring Used in Sausage Linked to Cancer
Tainted Food: In addition to being a potential carcinogen, aniline is also known to have detrimental effects on the nervous and circulatory systems, and may lead to cyanosis, drowsiness, loss of appetite, mental confusion and even convulsions.

The hazards inside the tube
Ecohazard: Environmental groups worry that millions of unwanted TVs and the toxic chemicals they contain could wind up in U.S. landfills or be shipped to poor countries to be disposed of improperly.
Those sets can contain lead, mercury, barium, cadmium and other dangerous substances.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Red Food Coloring Used in Sausage Linked to Cancer
Tainted Food:

Folic acid and cancer
Natural Health:

A Deadly Experiment?
Tainted Food: However, the increase in aspartame production and consumptiomn was relatively slow until it was approved for widespread use in fizzy drinks. Such a turning point offers a perfect time to look for anomales that might help us to hypothesise about the extent to which such a substance may be toxic. This devastatingly brilliant article by Dr. Woodrow Monte ( explores the similarities between the trends in the increase of multiple sclerosis and the rise of aspartame usage - and before that the canning industry. Look for the second part of his series of extremely well-researched and thought out articles next week here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Teen's family to sue Cigna over liver transplant
Medical Industry: The Philadelphia-based health insurance company denied payment for the transplant, saying the procedure was experimental and outside the scope of coverage.

Colon Cancer Screenings May Not Pay Off And Could Pose Harm To Some
Medical Industry:

Acupuncture Helps to Ease Crippling Fatigue Caused by Chemotherapy
Natural Health: According to the US National Institutes of Health, acupuncture is an efficient treatment for nausea caused by anaesthesia and cancer chemotherapy, as well as dental pain following surgery.

Friday, December 21, 2007

U.S. issues new warning on misuse of J&J pain patch
Tainted Products:

School Students Practice Laughter Yoga to Overcome Stress
The World Reacts: The school principal has stressed the need for such sessions in the school due to increase in instances of depression among the students. She said that the laughter sessions are an attempt to include laughter as a part of their general psyche.

Why Don't We Get Cancer All The Time?
Medical Industry: The seemingly inefficient way our bodies replace worn-out cells is a defense against cancer, according to new research.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Uninsured Cancer Patients Face Grim Future
Health Trends: Uninsured cancer patients are nearly twice as likely to die within five years as those with private coverage, according to the first national study of its kind and one that sheds light on troubling health care obstacles.

Very obese less likely to get kidney transplant
Health Trends:

Cancer report shows disparities between developing, developed countries
Health Trends: The majority of those cases and deaths will occur in developing countries, with 6.7 million cases and 4.7 million deaths versus 5.4 million cases and 2.9 million deaths in developed countries, according to the report.

Medical Gift Cards A Hot Commodity This X-Mas
Health Trends:

Tainted syringes sicken 20 patients of Dallas clinic
Tainted Products: The Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed Tuesday that the Dallas-area patients were among those exposed to a batch of tainted syringes that was shipped to fives states and also infected people in Illinois.

Shingles Vaccine Could Pose Health Risks
Vaccines: "I said 'how could you put a drug out without knowing the answers to these questions?'" Iris Cohn said.

Cancer Docs Often Miss Patient Fears
Health Trends:

Doctors rely too heavily on drug company data: CMA
Medical Industry: Most of the information doctors receive about prescription drugs comes from the companies making the product, a doctor said Wednesday, pointing to a possible reason doctors continue to prescribe dangerous drugs to seniors.

Doctors advised to defer booster shots of vaccine
Merck recalled its vaccine against Hib disease (Haemophilus influenzae type b) after quality-control checks found production equipment may not have been properly sterilized.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cancer Kills Over 20 Thousand People A Day Says Global Report
Health Trends: Also, in the less developed nations, among men, the most commonly diagnosed cancers are those of the stomach, lungs, and liver, and for women, breast, cervical and stomach cancer were the most commonly diagnosed.
In the developed nations, among men, prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers are the most commonly diagnosed, and for women it is breast, colorectal, and lung cancers.

Botched Surgeries Blamed On Addicted Docs

Canada Confirms New Case Of Mad Cow Disease
Health Trends: Canada confirmed a new case of mad cow disease Tuesday and said the animal in question was a 13-year-old beef cow from Alberta.

Industrial Waste and Pesticides Wreaking Havoc on Villagers in Northern Indian State

Many kids may not outgrow cow's milk allergy
Tainted Food: "The old data saying that most milk allergy will be easily outgrown, usually by the age of 3 years, is most likely wrong," Dr. Robert A. Wood, at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told Reuters Health.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

After a Lull for Over a Century Olive Oil is Back With a Bang!
Natural Health:

Microwave popcorn chemical out of the bag
The World Reacts: ConAgra has removed a controversial chemical from its microwave popcorn that gives the snack a buttery, creamy taste, citing concern for its workers' health. ConAgra manufactures more than half of the nation's microwave popcorn.

Health Care Costs Will 'Consume' U.S. Economy, CBO Director Says
Health Trends: Estimated increases in U.S. health care spending in future decades will place the federal budget on an "unsustainable path," which might "seriously harm the economy" without significant reductions in spending or increases in revenue, according to a report released on Thursday by the Congressional Budget Office, CongressDaily reports.

Agent Orange Chemical, Dioxin, Attacks The Mitochondria To Cause Cancer, Study Shows
Ecohazard: Researchers with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine have demonstrated the process by which the cancer-causing chemical dioxin attacks the cellular machinery, disrupts normal cellular function and ultimately promotes tumor progression.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hospital doctors leave office worries behind
The World Reacts: Older physicians with successful practices may not be interested in hospital employment, but younger physicians are more "quality-of-life-oriented," Singleton said, more interested in a work-life balance than the prospect of huge earnings.

Food in hospitals 'unacceptable'
The World Reacts: And others complained their dietary needs were not catered for, with poor vegetarian choices or a lack of knowledge about food allergies.

Milk thistle, liver health
Natural Health: A review of 13 studies also found that milk thistle reduced the risk of dying from liver disease.

Voters' Bodies Recoil At Negative Political Advertising; Brain Remembers Negative Messages
Mind Control: “The question was simple.” Bradley said “Are negative political ads unpleasant enough to engage a person’s emotional circuitry? The data show that negative ads do indeed engage emotional circuits involved in helping humans avoid unpleasantness.”

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merck drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses
Vaccines: Please forward this clip (link) to everyone you know who thinks vaccines are "safe and effective."

Study Finds Wild Mushroom's Ability to Fight Against Prostate Cancer
Natural Health: Researchers at the university in northern Israel said they found molecules in the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, commonly known as the reishi, which help supress some mechanisms involved in the progression of prostate cancer.

What Science And History May Owe To Homeopathic Medicine
Natural Health:

Julia Roberts Appalled by 'Toxic' Pop Culture Fest
The World Reacts: “People aren't as interested in making a cool movie or constructing interesting characters. Now it's just about being big and shiny and fabulous," she added.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ex-FDA commissioner forced out as U. Calif. dean
The World Reacts: He announced his departure to the faculty in an e-mail Friday morning that cited his concerns about financial irregularities at the school.

Too Much Fructose Could Leave Dieters Sugar Shocked
The World Reacts:

Suicide Highest In 25 Years Among Middle-Aged
Health Trends: The rate rose by about 20 percent between 1999 and 2004 for U.S. residents ages 45 through 54 — far outpacing increases among younger adults, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

Healthy Diet and Exercise can Ward Off Illness in Elderly People
Health Trends: Age isn’t a factor when it comes to improving your health and leading a healthier lifestyle, say researchers in the US who suggest that a better diet and exercise is all that’s needed to live better, even if you've had an unhealthy lifestyle in the past.

New Study Shows Environmental Contaminants Increase Risk Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Canada

Minnesota To Ban Added Mercury In Cosmetics
The World Reacts: Retailers who knowingly sell mercury-containing cosmetics could face fines of as much as $700. Penalties could reach $10,000 for manufacturers who fail to disclose mercury on product labels, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Friday, December 14, 2007

FDA Rejects Over-The-Counter Cholesterol Drug
The World Reacts: The FDA's advisers, however, were struck by how many people, in a study of almost 1,500 potential customers, wanted to buy the drug even though they were bad candidates.

Hospital 'fines' for patient harm
The World Reacts: Sir Liam Donaldson said the taxpayer should not have to foot the bill for poor care that resulted in longer stays in hospital.

1 Trillion Dollars Hospital Bill Fast Approaching, USA
Medical Industry:

EPA pressured to relax toxin disclosure rules: GAO report
Ecohazard: The White House Office of Management and Budget [official website] pushed for the lighter reporting requirements to reduce the paperwork burden on industry.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Use Of Diabetes Medication By Older Adults Linked With Increased Risk Of Heart Problems, Death
Medical Industry: "While improved glycemic control has been linked to better clinical outcomes in diabetes and TZDs have been suggested as having potential cardiovascular benefits, recent concerns have arisen regarding adverse cardiac effects of these drugs," the authors write.

Even top docs missing signs of cancer on mammogram
Medical Industry:

GE Announces Further Dose Reduction Improvements In CT

Nurses' Health and Workplace Exposures to Hazardous Substances
Ecohazard: Nurses absorb a small fraction of the substances they use to care for patients, day after day. They incur risks from these exposures in the absence of benefits.

Lipitor raises risk of brain hemorrhage while reducing overall stroke risk: study
Medical Industry: The study was a secondary analysis of a double-blind, randomized clinical trial funded by Pfizer, the company that makes Lipitor.

TV can raise blood pressure in obese children
Health Trends: TV watching time clearly influences obesity and high blood pressure is a known consequence of obesity, Schwimmer and his team point out in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting the Best Medicine, Plus Laughter
Health Trends: Over the past decade, clowns have secured a place at Children's and most large pediatric hospitals. More than 15 hospitals include them in their regimen, a testament to laughter as a potent medicine.

Study: Avandia, heart attack risk among elderly linked
Medical Industry: Canadian research could pressure government to restrict diabetes' drug sales.

Mediterranean Diet And Physical Activity Each Associated With Lower Death Rate Over 5 Years
Health Trends:

Stroke Risks Halved By Physical Fitness In Forty-Plus Individuals
Health Trends: According to the study published in December 11, 2007, issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, people who are physically fit after 40 might have lowered their risk of stroke by as much as 50 percent compared to people who are not able to climb stairs, kneel, bend, or lift as well.

Thousands Die From Medical Negligence
Medical Industry: Apart from dire health effects, the 1995 study also estimated that the direct hospital costs of adverse events, both fatal and non-fatal, were estimated to be around $900 million per annum.

Survey reveals doctors unsure in blood cancer diagnoses
Medical Industry: Three in four doctors indicated they were "not confident" or "somewhat confident" about educating their patients about conditions such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma and myelodysplastic syndrome.

Eating More Red And Processed Meats Linked To Greater Risk For Bowel And Lung Cancer, Findings Suggest
Health Trends:

It's Not A Stretch - Yoga May Help Cancer Patients
Natural Health: By measuring stress hormones in the blood, researchers will see what kind of scientific impact yoga can have on physical health. In the meantime, Linda will keep teaching her class - certain of the role yoga already plays in her emotional health.

Healthy Secrets Hiding In Your Spice Rack
Natural Health: "It has to be pure and you know, what you eat, that's what you become," says Schultz.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New! Activist: Chef Challenges Ottawa to Adopt Healthy Eatings Habits
The World Reacts: Holistic Chef, Lori Nichols-Davies, not only teaches healthy cooking to holistic chefs-in-training and to individuals who are interested in improving their diets and lifestyles in their own kitchens, she has a unique way of reaching out to her community and beyond to change the way that all of us look at the food we put into our bodies.

Environmental Toxin Collects in Breast Milk
Ecohazard: Used since the 1940s to manufacture explosives and rocket fuel, the contaminant is still widely present in the water and food supply, experts say.

Study: Monthly Fasting May Help Heart
Health Trends:

More Plant Based and Less Dairy Foods for American WIC National Nutrition Program
The World Reacts: Suzanne P. Murphy, who chaired the IOM review committee that made the recommendation in its report titled: "WIC Food Packages: Time For A Change", said that:
"We now know much more about the links between nutrition and chronic diseases, plus the nation is in the midst of an obesity epidemic."

Organic Farming Becoming Popular in Punjab
The World Reacts: Organic farming is becoming popular in Punjab, the granary of India. The State has been facing serious problems due to the deterioration of soil and sub-soil water, including drinking water, due to the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides by farmers.

Herbal Extract Found To Increase Lifespan
Natural Health:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Studies show how fruits and veggies reduce cancer
Natural Health: Just three servings a month of raw broccoli or cabbage can reduce the risk of bladder cancer by as much as 40 percent, researchers reported this week.

Fed up with dioxin, residents say they want out
Ecohazard: They all live along the Tittabawassee River, downstream from Dow Chemical Co.'s Midland plant. All have changed their lives in response to dioxin in the soil near their homes.

Chemicals Added in Bath Soaps Alters Hormonal Activities
Tainted Products: Called endocrine disruptors, or endocrine disrupting substances (EDS), such chemicals have been linked in animal studies to a range of problems, including cancer, reproductive failure and developmental anomalies.

Research Links Diet, Gardening And Lung Cancer Risk
Natural Health: By simply eating four or more servings of green salad a week and working in the garden once or twice a week, smokers and nonsmokers alike may be able to substantially reduce the risk of developing lung cancer, say researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Too Much of Sugar may Trigger Alzheimer's Risk
Health Trends:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can Where You Live Lead To An Early Death?
Ecohazard: Four areas -- the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia, Coastal Plains along the East Coast, and northern Nevada--have clusters of counties with some of the highest mortality rates nationwide.
At the other end of the scale, the upper Great Plains has groups of some of the lowest mortality rates.

The Effects Of Diet And Metabolism On The Body
Natural Health: If you’re a veteran of the diet wars, the one word answer to your dilemma should be muscle. Let’s take a look at why diets often fail and how strength training (exercise) can rev up your metabolism.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Theater Review: 'Secret Order'
The World Reacts: In the outwardly staid laboratories, all is not noble and pure, as cancer researchers and their mentors vie for power and prestige.

Child cancer risk higher near nuclear plants: study
Ecohazard: The researchers found that 37 children within a 5-kilometer (3-mile) radius of nuclear power plants had developed leukemia between 1980 and 2003, while the statistical average during this time period was 17, the paper said.

Antibacterial Chemical Disrupts Hormone Activities, Study Finds
Tainted Products: The findings come as an increasing number of studies -- of both lab animals and humans -- are revealing that some synthetic chemicals in household products can cause health problems by interfering with normal hormone action.

Fruit, Vegetables And Whole Grains Added To Women, Infants And Children Program
The World Reacts:

How Many of These Ridiculous "Disorders" Do YOU Suffer From?
Health Trends:

Doctors study nerve symptoms of U.S. pork workers
Ecohazard: State and federal officials were working to find out if other workers at Quality Pork Processors Inc. in the city of Austin may be in danger.

Cattle Fed On Ethanol Byproduct Have More E Coli
Tainted Food: However, there is a growing number of ethanol plants, which means more and more cattle are likely to be fed on distiller's grain, thus increasing the risk to human health through increased prevalence of E. coli O:157.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Diet And Cancer Prevention: New Evidence For The Protective Effects Of Fruits And Veggies
Natural Health: Researchers present new data that demonstrate how diets full of raw vegetables --particularly broccoli sprouts -- and black raspberries could prevent or slow the growth of some common forms of cancer.

Dioxin report details deception
Ecohazard: With the state's complicity, Dow Chemical Co. has delayed cleanup and misled the public about the dangers of dioxin it dumped decades ago into rivers downstream of its Midland plant, Environmental Protection Agency officials charged in a confidential August internal report.

Nurse Who Gave Anti-Psychotic Drug To Treat Diarrhoea Struck Off, UK
The World Reacts: A 40 year old mental health nurse from Gloucester who gave a patient an anti-psychotic drug without their knowledge will no longer be allowed to work as a nurse.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pine Bark Naturally Reduces Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
Natural Health:

Is Modern Medicine Founded On Error?
Medical Industry: But with a huge increase today in infectious diseases and the rapidly rising epidemic of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses; we have to wonder if Pasteur’s theory is really that sound.

Kids' obesity hints at heart woes
Health Trends: The researchers found that the more overweight a child was between ages 7 and 13, the greater the risk of heart disease was in adulthood.

Emergency room visits by seniors rising: study
Health Trends: The rate of visits to U.S. hospital emergency rooms by senior citizens grew faster than that of any other age group between 1993 and 2003, straining the country's already overcrowded emergency care system, according to a study published on Wednesday.

Court Directs Asbestos Manufacturer to Compensate for Mesothelioma Victim
The World Reacts:

Even Low Lead Exposure Linked To ADHD
Tainted Products: The research findings support a growing body of national evidence suggesting there is no safe level of lead in the blood, said Joel Nigg, MSU professor of psychology and study director. Other studies show a link between low-level lead exposure and lower IQ.

Household Chemical Found to Affect Breast Development in Rats
Tainted Products: This type of chemical is known to be an endocrine disruptor, which mimics the effect of hormones. Endocrine disruptors are known to damage wildlife and they have also been implicated in reduced sperm counts and neurological problems in humans.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

FDA Panel Votes Against Cancer Drug
The World Reacts: By a narrow 5-4 margin, the committee voted that Avastin’s ability to delay the worsening of cancer did not outweigh the drug’s toxic side effects, especially since women getting Avastin did not live longer in the end.

A High Price for Healthy Food
Natural Health: Calorie for calorie, junk foods not only cost less than fruits and vegetables, but junk food prices also are less likely to rise as a result of inflation. My answer to this is always that paying 10 cents more a pound or 50 cents more a box does not compare to the $1000.00/month that multiple sclerosis drugs cost per month when I took them or the $1200.00 or so they wanted for my MRI's, so that they could try to prove themselves right. Eating healthy is a necessity, not a luxury.

U.S. Adults Not Very Confident that Physicians Have the Complete Picture
Medical Industry: A new Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive Healthcare Poll finds that only one-third (33%) of U.S. adults are very confident in their physicians and other healthcare providers having a complete and accurate picture of their medical history.

Drugs don't help sinus infections, researchers find
Medical Industry: "The current view that antibiotics are effective can now be challenged, particularly for the routine cases which physicians treat," said lead author Dr. Ian Williamson of the University of Southampton in England.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Doctor testifies after woman misdiagnosed with HIV
Medical Industry: Now Serrano is suing a doctor who treated her, saying the powerful combination of drugs she took triggered a string of ailments, including depression, chronic fatigue, loss of weight and appetite and inflammation of the intestine.

Transcendental Meditation Effective In Reducing High Blood Pressure, Study Shows
Natural Health: The transcendental meditation technique produces a statistically significant reduction in high blood pressure that is not found with other forms of relaxation, meditation, biofeedback or stress management.

Nearly One In Five Americans Say They Can't Afford Needed Health Care
Health Trends: Nearly one in five U.S. adults - more than 40 million people - report they do not have adequate access to the health care they need, according to the annual report on the nation's health released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Elite Athletes More Susceptible To Common Illnesses, Research Suggests
Health Trends:

Just Say No To Prescription Drugs
Medical Industry: All prescription drugs - without exception - have side effects. The most common cause of side effects is the simple fact that prescription drugs are highly concentrated and usually not found in nature, so they’re hard on the liver.

FDA Report Says Nation's Health at Risk
Medical Industry: A new report by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration subcommittee says the agency can no longer adequately protect the nation's food and drug supply.

Study: Doctors don't always report colleagues, errors
Medical Industry: While 96% of respondents said doctors should always report impaired or incompetent colleagues, only 55% of those with direct personal knowledge of such doctors in the past three years said they always did so.

Fried food may increase cancer risk in women
Health Trends: The study found that women who ate more acrylamide - a chemical produced when the food if fried, grilled or roasted - appeared to be more at risk of cancer, reports the online edition of BBC News.

Depression is over-diagnosed and over-treated, says top psychiatrist

Psychiatric Medication Treatment Guidelines For Preschoolers Issued
Psychotropics: ??! Now we're drugging our preschoolers before their brains have a chance to develop.

Patients advised to question X-ray, CT scan use
The World Reacts:

Strawberries' Potency to Ward Off Cancer Revealed
Natural Health: A new study has revealed that wild strawberries are the best source of reducing cancer risk.

Encouraging Baby To Like Fruits And Veggies
Natural Health: According to new research from the Monell Center, if you're breast feeding, you can provide baby with a good start by eating them yourself.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Honey eases nighttime cough
Natural Health: When compared to the cough syrup ingredient dextromethorphan or no treatment, honey came out on top.

Merck Sued by Patients Whose Jaws Were Damaged by Osteoporosis Drug
Medical Industry: Barely has the drug giant Merck recovered from the Vioxx disaster, it is now confronted with suits demanding compensation from users of its osteoporosis drug Fosamax.

Eating Broccoli Helps to Combat Genetic Skin Disorder
Natural Health:

Happiness Comes Cheap -- Even For Millionaires
Natural Health: In a study commissioned by the National Lottery, Dr Richard Tunney of the University’s School of Psychology found that it’s the simple things in life that impact most positively on our sense of well being.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Big dose of lobbying secures vaccine deal
PR: The existing vaccine often caused swollen arms and muscle and joint pain. Inoculation required six injections over 18 months, followed by yearly booster shots. The estimated shelf life was just three years.... Yet nearly six years later, the old vaccine is still the only one available - and the government is buying it in mass quantities for the Strategic National Stockpile.

The Call of K Street

Pfizer to Outsource 30 Per Cent of Its Manufacturing to Asia
Medical Industry: The U.S. market for outsourced pharmaceutical manufacturing is growing at the rate of 10 to 12% annually. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to fuel much of this growth as they outsource an increasing number of products and services.

Neuroligical Damage Inflicted By Club Drugs Likened To Traumatic Brain Injury
Health Trends: University of Florida researchers say both may trigger a similar chemical chain reaction in the brain, leading to cell death, memory loss and potentially irreversible brain damage.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is It Healthy? Food Rating Systems Battle It Out
The World Reacts: Prof. Drewnowski said the problem with many of the health logos in stores was that they focused on negative attributes like sodium and saturated fat but did not account for positive attributes.

Pomegranate Could Be an Effective Alternative to Viagra
Natural Health:

Doctors Tracking 'Anesthesia Awareness'
Medical Industry: Some studies estimate it happens in one or two of every 1,000 patients. Most reports of recollections fleeting, but there are rare reports of patients hearing things, not being able to breathe, or feeling pain.

Color - Coded Inheritance: Eugenics
PR: Eugenics had all the trappings of ‘the absurd’ and was identified for what it was, even during its formative years.

FDA Considers Easing Curbs on Drug Makers
Medical Industry: The proposal would be a break with the FDA's prohibition on the marketing of drugs and medical devices for unapproved purposes, which dates to 1938.

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