This site is dedicated to those individuals who withstand the confusion, casualties and obstacles involved with taking control of their food and their health.
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People Making a Difference
Aspartame survivor Ermelle Martinez was told ten years ago by her doctor that she was showing signs of menopause but at that time she was only 34. That was before she developed two non-cancerous breast tumors and received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Her doctor advised that she stop eating and drinking everything containing aspartame and to stop adding NutraSweet to her morning tea. The result: Martinez says she feels better and blames aspartame for her misery.
Are you making a difference in your community?
People all over the world are helping to create positive change. Help turn the tide towards health -- and let us know about it! Even telling one person can be very important, and when you tell us about it, you're spurring even more people to spread the word. Contact us at
Here are some of the ideas that people are doing to help one another:
We had the opportunity to speak with Ermelle, who educates the children she teaches about the dangers of aspartame. [Click Here] to see an exerpt.
Virginia High School student Katie Clarke chose for her science project to experiment with aspartame and its effects on the heart beats of the daphnia fly.
Katie compared the heart-rates of an unexposed daphnia, a "sugared" daphnia and an "aspartame laced" daphnia. She discovered a significant "jump" in the heartrate of the daphia fly exposed to aspartame. Receiving an "A" for her work, Katie suggests further research is needed to learn more about aspartame and it's effects on the heart. Sound reasoning, Katie! Here's her
powerpoint presentation.
John Baum: Host of "Mission Possible Radio" in the nation's capital, John Baum secured the url, It immediately feeds to his popular site,! That is why you see in search engines, "for credible information on aspartame" see That is ironic, because it should say "for the aspartame industry's position on aspartame..." As Noam Chomsky says, "Lying is a part of free trade." John became involved with the aspartame industry during her mother's illness. Check it out.
Stephen Fox: Whether its seeking a ban from the Environmental Improvement Board of New Mexico, or introducing a bill through the New Mexico Senate with Senator Ortiz y Piño, few others have been as tenacious as Stephen Fox.

The removal of aspartame from the food supply has been Stephen's calling since the mid to late 90's. His actions have effectively catapulted the aspartame issue into the national spotlight and have required Monsanto and industry-funded hacks
to send teams of lawyers raining down with threats of massive amounts of paperwork and lawsuits to entangle New Mexico- and not all New Mexicans are waivering. To this day, in spite all that the industry is throwing at them, New Mexico legislatures are still debating a statewide ban on the substance.
In this clip, Stephen Fox discusses his preference for keeping the bill in play.
Aspartame Awareness Comes to France

Posted September 30, 2006
Health activist and author, Corinne Gouget, teaches
people how to read food labels in France.
Pictured at Right, Corinne has booths at different fairs
around France (this picture was taken at a fair in
Beziérs). Corinne is the author of a book listing food
additives, their safety or danger and if it is known.
The book is entitled, "DANGER - additifs alimentaires: Le guide indispensible pour ne plus vous empoisonner".

This essential guide is small enough to put in a purse or back pocket and sells for 6 Eur. It is aimed at European food consumers.
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