by Rosa Koire

Fortune Magazine (Fortune 500/Time, Inc.) published an article yesterday highlighting me and our fight against UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. The article is a nuanced manipulation that lies by omission and half-truths, and slimes by intent. David Morris, the author, brings in ICLEI public relations and the Southern Poverty Law Center to ‘balance’ the article, and then concludes that Agenda 21 is necessary to save the planet—it ‘requires some sacrifices, not all of them made entirely willingly’. The following quote is from our interview; David Morris asked me if I had anything to add.

I guess what I want to ask you, David, is ‘How committed you are to representing a particular point of view that’s going to marginalize what I’ve told you?’ I’m hoping that you’re going to write an article that is genuine and fair…We have something serious going on in our country and around the world and it needs to be dealt with in a serious manner. If the major corporations which own the media are controlling that information we will not be able to get that information out to the people so that they can make these decisions for themselves. So I’m hoping–you have an opportunity here–and I’m really hoping that you’re going to use it.

Watch the interview here on YouTube and read the article.  Judge for yourself how the media operates to manipulate public opinion and block the truth.