Investigation: 75% Of US Nuclear Power Plants Leaking Radiation Into Drinking Water Up To 750 Times Legal Limits

Alexander Higgins Blog, June 22, 2011

Leaks of radioactive tritium have been detected from 48 of the 65 nuclear power plants, with 37 of those sites leaking at levels exceeding federal drinking water standards by hundreds of times. The EPA says even exceeding these levels by hundreds of times there is no cause for concern or threat to public health. Then why do we have regulations if exceeding them by hundreds of times is no threat to human health?

It is also reported that the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant here in NJ is leaking radiation directly into the aquifer that feeds the drinking water in surrounding towns. To of Oyster creek is Toms River which known as known locally as “cancer alley” due to the unexplained high rate of cancers in the area.

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