Attorney Bill Risner Explains How Election Fraud Works in Pima County (Tucson) Arizona

John Brakey
Here is a video Clip of Attorney Bill Risner Explaining How Election Fraud Works in Pima County, (Tucson) Arizona:
We’ve said nothing about the media blackout they done on this story. Maybe several millions spent on suppressing all of this? We know that an attorney fees Pima County has spent $1.3 million.
Pima County’s Manger “Chuck Huckelberry” has created a monster PR Staff, AZ Daily Star: Sunday, October 9, 2011 
Quick, how many Pima County communications staffers does it take to put out a press release?
Answer JB
10 and Maricopa County PR office has 3 media people. 
Please help us with media if you can to end the blackout.
Best regards, John Roberts Brakey
Your presence is needed to send a message that elections matter and they must be verifiable.
Fact: “At the present time it is easy to cheat using our election computers and impossible to challenge a rigged election. The ease of cheating when matched with the impossibility of challenging any specific election requires court intervention in order to protect the purity of elections and ensure that we will have free elections.” Attorney Bill Risner
New Motion filed Aug 6th: The county ‘WE ONLY CHEATED ONCE’ ARGUMENT: 
Judge Kyle Bryson’s decision of May 4, 2012 was contrary to law. This court should correct its ruling and erroneous judgment and require the county to file its answer to the counterclaim filed on October 3, 2008.
BACKGROUND: AUDIT-AZ, the Pima County Libertarian Party and other interested citizens of multiple parties since 2002 have been investigating election processes in Pima County. In previous actions, the Democratic Party took the lead in winning public records lawsuits and revealing the extent of the problems, including poor security practices on “designed to cheat systems”, election results that consistently did not add up, missing or falsified paper, and election officials and staff who continuously disobey the law. We know this because of the county’s testimony in 3 previous lawsuits that we won. This case is about presenting the evidences. 
The Democratic and Libertarian Parties jointly filed suit years ago to ask a court to order reforms to the process. One local judge decided that his court was unable to do so no matter how obvious the problems might be. After that, the Democratic Party dropped out. The Libertarian Party did not: they appealed and won. Pima County appealed that decision to the AZ Supreme Court and lost. The courts have now ruled that if it can be proven that elections are being handled poorly, a local judge can indeed order Pima County to institute reforms.
The important bit is this: at this stage of the game, the court has to accept as TRUE that Pima County rigged an election. Judge Bryson is saying that even if that’s the case, there’s still nothing he can do – in open defiance of three appellate judges and five Supreme Court judges above him.
We’re asking Judge Kyle Bryson’s to reconsider, as he’s not allowed to guess what our arguments will be before they’re even made and throw us out on that basis.
Come to court with us and show that we the people of this county are paying attention: 
Monday, August 13, 2012 – 2:30 PM
Judge Kyle Bryson’s Courtroom
Fifth Floor, Pima Superior Court:
110 W. Congress, Tucson, AZ
Also List of VIP links and documents: 
1) Bill Risner Reply to Pima County BOS Opposition to Motion for a new trial filed Aug 6th: we only cheated once argument: 
2) LP’s Motion for a New Trial filed 07.12.12.pdf: ; Hearing set for Aug 13: ; Scan able copy of Motion w/o exhibits. pdf: 
3) June 10, 2012, Arizona Election Fraud: Pima County Superior Court Judge Kyle Bryson Rules in Direct Opposition to the Appellate Courts: 
5) “V.P.” Link to Bill Risner initial disclosure statement which is a mind blowing comprehensive statement of facts collected over many years of investigations and litigation of Pima County:
6) The Ellen Theisen report on the many Significant Discrepancies in the AZ AG office hand count:
7) Bill Risner’s resolution to State Democratic Party, with backup documents:
8) Summary of the Four Pima County Cases 09/06/10 by Bill Risner updated 7/16/11 by Jim March and John Brakey:
9) When It Comes To Election Integrity In Arizona There’s Nothing Like Having An “Elephant in the Room” Or At Least A “Big Donkey” August 8, 2010:
11) Pima County’s Manger “Chuck Huckelberry” created a monster PR Staff, AZ Daily Star: Josh Brodesky: County’s new PR force: Good use of tax funds? Sunday, October 9, 2011 
12) Maricopa County no better (Phoenix) 4th largest county in USA, “These Points “Interlock” To Make A Complete Election Fraud Recipe”:
John R Brakey

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