John Brakey Asks Pima County to Cease Litigation and Allow Publicly Verifiable Elections

Nobody, of course, is holding their breath while Pima County’s Board of Supervisors do the right thing. The second phase of this litigation will likely commence.

As this suit continues, Judge Richard Gordon requested from Richard Hernandez’s legal team an amended complaint that includes a records request.

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente has officially joined this suit as a Plaintiff. Soon, visitors of this site will be able to access a copy of the records request, a temporary restraining order to prevent destruction of ballot images and a list of various counties with machines that numerically peg ballot images with their corresponding physical ballots.

We need to move quickly if we are going to put a dent into the 40% of the precincts that have this advantageous auditing function. Don’t let party/candidate loyalty stand in the way of transparent, trackable, publicly verifiable elections now. Participate in these actions in your own back yard and consider donating to this cause on our site.

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