Judge Richard Gordon Rules in Favor of Preserving Ballot Images in Pima County

A victory for the electorate in Pima County!

In Pima County, Judge Richard Gordon ruled in favor of preserving the ballot images. After a lengthy argument by Pima County to destroy the ballot images, Judge Gordon ruled from the bench that those images are public records, that they should be preserved and that ballot images are indeed part of the election’s chain of custody.

This demonstrates how the preservation of ballot images, even in the most corrupt and hostile environment, is a legal slam-dunk. If we can implement a plan do do the same for the remaining machines that generate ballot images pegged numerically against the physical ballots, we could make cheating a lot more difficult in 40% of the election departments across the country.

A video of the hearing (complete with what the inevitably amusing arguments by Pima County against preserving this crucial auditing function) can be found below.

John Brakey reports:

This was a big win in Pima County Superior Court today.  Now, at a certain point, you have to ask yourself, “why are they destroying the ballot images?” Fraction Magic is an application (a vote switching tool), that changes numbers at a precinct level. However, it cannot change the Ballot images. That’s why these images are being destroyed.
This URL explains more: http://blackboxvoting.org/fraction-magic-part-6/

This Video will post Nationally in the next day or two, and is from an Emergency Conference held by www.TrustVote.org last weekend in California.

This video will highlight how Election Fraud works, explaining Ballot Images, and Fraction Magic:

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Here is video of the court hearing:

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