Citizens’ Oversight Responds to Padilla’s “Okay to Rig the Election” Letter

CA Secretary of State Argues for Sham AuditsAll rationale in the letter are based on bad logic and inaccuracies,
leaving huge holes in the audit process, green-lighting rigging in the November election


WHAT: Press Conference with Ray Lutz and COPs participants
WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 11 am
WHERE: At the ROV office in San Diego, 5600 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123
(Note: We may move across the parking lot if there is excessive construction noise)
WILL BE LIVE STREAMED ON FACEBOOK on the page of Citizens’ Oversight Projects

SAN DIEGO (Sept 20, 2016) — Citizens’ Oversight, Inc. (also known as Citizens’ Oversight Projects, or “COPs”) announced a press conference in front of the Registrar of Voters office in San Diego on Sept 21, 2016 at 11am. All Election Integrity volunteers are invited to attend to show their support and rally for election integrity and to halt election rigging.

The subject of the press conference will be the letter from California Secretary of State Chief Counsel Steven J. Reyes which was sent to all California election officials, and the response by Citizens’ Oversight, sent to the Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, and the top two dozen counties in the state (representing more than 92% of the electorate.)

Ray Lutz, National Coordinator of Citizens Oversight, explains, “This letter by the Chief Counsel representing Alex Padilla, the California Secretary of State (SOS) is a disgusting example of continued rigging of our elections process in California. This letter directs the county officials to continue to violate the state election code, particularly with regard to the audits which can catch election fraud.

“We sent this letter to the top two-dozen counties to underline the fact that the SOS letter should not be viewed as a get-out-of-jail monopoly card that will allow them to flout their responsibility to conduct meaningful audits that will indeed accomplish the purpose of verifying the automated count.”

Reyes mentioned the Citizens Oversight vs Vu lawsuit in an embarrassing attempt to provide cover to counties that want to ignore elections code 15360, which mandates an audit process including “all ballots cast.” It is the position of the SOS that validated provisional and Vote-By-Mail ballots need not be included in the audit process.

Both letters can be found at this URL:
(and they are attached to this email)

The trial in the case is scheduled for Oct 3 through Oct 6 in San Diego Superior Court, Dept. 73.

“If you exclude 37% of the ballots from the audit — as San Diego Registrar Michael Vu did in the June election — it is easy for compromised employees or hackers to “fix” the election. The spread between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was less than 4%,” said Lutz. “Padilla is continuing the pattern of blatant partisanship in an office that is supposed to be nonpartisan and fair.

“Our lawsuit is all about getting a clean audit from the San Diego Registrar of Voters. Without a complete audit, it opens the door for election fraud. The Registrar, Michael Vu, decided to leave out about 285,000 ballots from the audit procedure.”

Full information about the lawsuit can be found at this link:

This lawsuit does not prove election fraud is occurring. Instead, it proves that elections officials are conducting incomplete audits, exactly what fraudsters need to fix an election.

San Diego Registrar of Voters (ROV) Michael Vu said he would include ZERO Vote-By-Mail (VBM) ballots processed after election night and ZERO provisional ballots in the state-mandated audit process, thereby excluding 285,000 ballots. “They’ve had a habit of short-cutting this audit procedure for years. It is time to follow the law and include all ballots cast in the audit,” Lutz said.

Citizens Oversight is seeking volunteers in other election districts in California, most particularly the big three: LA, SD, and OC, which account for about 50% of voters in the state. The top dozen counties in California are (in order): Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Bernardino, Sacramento, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Fresno, and Ventura. These 12 counties account for 76% of the electorate and we must have oversight teams trained and in place in each county by October. Also, we want to extend the Snapshot Protocol — a procedure to carefully monitor the audit process — to any other states that mandate a post-election audit for the November election as well.

Volunteers can sign up at:
Donations are accepted at

Please do not get fooled by copy-cat sites. CitizensOversight is the group doing the heavy lifting and will be offering training to teams in election districts so we will be effective in combating election fraud.

Citizens Oversight is a 501(c)3 Delaware corporation with primary offices in California and is a nonpartisan organization.

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Ray Lutz
Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPs)

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