ITS OUT! Part 6 – How the heist works, wholesale election fraud!


6 – Middlemen, Inside Access and the Manipulation Script –

A fractional voting framework is treacherous because it can be scaled to run across multiple jurisdictions very quickly. False results precisely mimic known patterns to appear plausible. In the demonstration we performed, Smith’s one-size-fits-all utility showed that a person without any programming skills at all could seize control of election results in several counties at a time, even though each county had different precincts, races, and candidates. Vendors and well-placed middlemen can alter results in multiple states. GEMS’ unique design offers both product and service.

We have discussed two ways to weight a race:

a. By candidate (assign percent to candidate)
b. By voter (assign weight to each voter)

Weight by candidate allows the greatest breadth of execution.

What is needed to weight by candidate?

1. A set of desired percentages;
2. An insider manipulation utility;
3. A trifling moment of access to the GEMS election database.

1. Creating desired percentages

Such information is gathered for various reasons, such as targeting voters for advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts. Percentages can be shaved or enhanced, then cut and pasted into a fractional voting utility.

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