Elections Expert Bev Harris Explains How Some People’s Votes Count More than Others

Bev Harris

After extensive research and fact checking, elections expert Bev Harris has written a series of articles on BlackBoxVoting.org revealing a racist, class oriented U.S. voting system that has nothing to do with popular consent of the governed.

Vote-by-mail ballots are identified with each person who voted and assigned a weighted average that could be determined by individual data such as race, income, political leanings or whatever those who program the voting machines decide.

Like the slaves before the emancipation, people of African descent could easily be assigned, for example, 60% so that their vote is not a single vote, but 60% of one.

Harris spoke at a meeting of top election integrity advocates discussing the current state of U.S. elections and the various options to help make elections transparent and verifiable.

The forum, held on May 29th, 2016, was moderated by Mimi Kennedy and included Bev Harris, Greg Palast, Harvey Wasserman, Bob Fitrakis and John Brakey.

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