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According to our Attorney Bill Risner: “Every study of the security of computer voting systems has identified insiders such as company employees and or vendors and election department employees as the primary security risks.”

AUDIT-AZ is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to restore public ownership and oversight of elections, work to ensure the fundamental right of every American citizen to vote, and to have each vote counted as intended in a secure, transparent, impartial, and independently audited election process.

AUDIT-AZ’s work is funded strictly through individual donations, which are needed for their continued participation in the months ahead with other states in the upcoming general election.

Activists in Arizona had an extraordinary team of professional computer scientists who educated the public and provided the Court with compelling testimony about the lack of security in electronic voting systems. Attorney and AUDIT-AZ member Bill Risner brought a suit against Pima County that exposed fraudulent actions within that county, including the local elections department. With our assistance, Risner won the first successful public elections information lawsuit in the nation, which yielded the largest release of Diebold databases in U.S. history.

Now it is time to assemble and educate a national team of activists that can readily apply those same procedures packaged to assist activists in every county in the nation. They must be equipped to act before the 2016 General Election.

Who is doing this now?

No one is really watching or asking hard questions. Few know what questions to ask. In most cases, observers are recruited and/or approved by the county elections director.

What’s next?

We need to file proactive public records requests compliant with election law and subject to enforcement through legal procedures such as the Mandamus Act. We must organize and coordinate our right of oversight as electors and candidates to foster mutual alliances with the effected political parties. With adequate funding for education, outreach and networking, we can create and promote national seminars, host regional retreats and provide crucial communications through continuous news and updated web resources.

A national, well-publicized coordinated effort will help reinstate once ditched security measures and send a message to our election folks. A little paranoia among criminals will be good for election transparency. A key public records request helped us find a clandestine statewide vendor William E. Doyle, who programmed the databases for 13 out of 15 Arizona counties for years. This programmer was loading election databases through the same phone modems that receive election results from the precincts. All throughout this country are ‘Doyles’ that need a little sunshine.

With your help, AUDIT-AZ intends to continue its efforts in troubled spots throughout the country.

Our plan involves a nationwide effort with gumshoes, statisticians, computer geeks and lawyers to hit a number of different states over the summer.

This effort will be filmed professionally and provided as a series called “Election Nightmares” (like “Kitchen Nightmares”) that chronicles a cross country look at elections in 17 different states (including both corporate conventions) through the eyes of John Brakey, Jim March Simpson and the usual suspects.

They hook up with various election integrity advocates in each state to come up with a plan to get key information from the various elections divisions and come up with a strategy to help deter fraud.

As you know, it is very difficult to reverse outcomes even when the fix is happening before your eyes. You have to hit them up front. Make them understand we are looking in precisely the right areas to catch them cheating. Early scrutiny is the most effective way at this moment in time to remove their impunity to cheat.

This plan could have three major effects:

1. It will help with election integrity, transparency and verifiability in each of these states.

2. It will chronicle and show to a larger audience that there are measures to be taken in their own backyards.

3. It will encourage people to engage in this sort of activism.

With a sufficient budget, AUDIT-AZ would visit 17 to 20 states including Washington D.C. On the ground activity can provide our team with a first-hand look at each process to determine the best action necessary for deterring election fraud.

Please donate what you can to AUDIT-AZ to help make elections fair, verifiable and transparent this elections season.

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2 thoughts on “Help AUDIT-AZ Push for Fair, Verifiable, Transparent Elections Nationwide

  • May 7, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Dear AZ friends for vote protection,
    I had a grave concern about the foul play occurring even prior AZ vote day. I had tried to contact the Sanders campaign and even emailed Jeff Weaver to no avail. I was volunteering for the campaign hosting events, phone banking and donating. All I would get from the campaign is more requests fro more phone banking and more $. I expressed my concern that there needed to be an equal effort in protecting the voters votes with boots on the ground at polling places as there was of an impressive effort to mobilize activists to get voters to the polls. I became dismayed at what seemed like a negligence by the campaign to protect the votes and I withdrew my support after AZ. I am in NM and have witnessed preference for their candidate of choice by the DNC state and especially county wide. My bernie buddies kept encouraging me that if I withdrew from rallying voters to get my own voter protection organized.So at this point while I am starting next week to work with our county finding out and vetting delegates as we are dealing with obstruction from the county dnc is like the Berlin Wall so I am getting into the driver seat on pushing through. BUT I want to know if you can instruct me as to how I can approach safe guarding out votes in New Mexico come June 7th ? And thank you ! is not enough to express how impressed and grateful I am for your leadership on this issue. In solidarity, Abe.

    • May 7, 2016 at 3:46 pm

      Hi Abe,

      We appreciate what you’re doing and would like to talk to you. New Mexico would be part of our schedule:

      Let me give you John Brakey’s phone number: 520-339-2696

      Please give him a shout. Thanks. J.T.


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