Lunchtime update on today’s testimony

AUDIT-AZ’s lawsuit challenging the Arizona Presidential Preference Election (primary) is in its second day. We’re still presenting our case.

Here’s the update as of the lunch break:

This morning our witness Richard Charnin testified remotely. He helped get into the record our estimate that 150,000 voters were disenfranchised in Maricopa County in the Presidential Preference Election (primary). And guess what? It turns out our estimate may be LOW.

To explain as simply as possible, the estimate was created by comparing the voter turnout (people who actually voted, not people who showed up to vote) county by county for this election to the turnout in the 2008 Presidential Preference Election. While the other counties showed increased turnout this year, Maricopa County’s turnout decreased.

We now know that the number we used for comparison in Coconino Co., 3.62% increase in turnout, was a preliminary figure. The real turnout figure for Coconino Co. was 8.63% higher in this year’s election than in the 2008 election. (The 2008 Presidential Preference Election is used for comparison because it’s the most recent presidential primary that’s similar to this one, with no incumbent on the ballot.) So Maricopa County’s turnout numbers indicate even greater disenfranchisement than we previously thought.

Testimony resumes this afternoon with our side (plaintiffs) calling Helen Purcell to the stand. Purcell, as you may remember, is the Maricopa County Recorder, the county’s chief election official.

We anticipate that when we rest our case, the defense will move for summary judgment, as this is standard practice. We expect that motion to be denied, as we’ve certainly proven that there’s ample reason the announced results of this election cannot be trusted.

Then it will be the defense’s turn to put on their case, followed by closing arguments.

AUDIT-AZ Co-Founder and plaintiff John Brakey says, “I’m not going to be happy until ballots are a public record.”

Our case is the only one in the state that has any hope of a remedy for the ‘yuge’ problems in the Presidential Preference Election.

Additionally, John says, “We are concerned about the bond election happening in May and we’re very concerned about the August state primaries.”

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To integrity and transparency in elections,

John Brakey and the AUDIT-AZ team

P.S. You can now read witness Dianne Post’s affidavit on our blog. Ms. Post is the poll worker we wrote to you about last night who testified about the electronic poll book system preventing her from giving voters the correct ballots.

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