FATALLY FLAWED Reviewed by Marta Steele on OPED News

“I’ve been an activist all my life . . . but I’ve never done anything more important than what I’ve done now” (John Brakey)
“Every data point assured that the election was rigged” (Bill Risner)
“This is a third-world standard of justice” (Jim March)

J. T. Waldron’s 2009 documentary Fatally Flawed: The Problems Are Inside, The Solutions Are Outside is (I can’t say it better) “not only a character driven cinema verite but a moving journey of triumph and heartache in the face of monolithic government opposition.” 
Ultimately, the Democrats succeeded in gaining the release of all of the election 2006 databases–the largest release of such files in U.S. history up until that time. But unfortunately this is hardly the end of the story.

Set in Pima County, Arizona, it begins innocuously enough with a situation posited for a primary election referendum: In Tucson, Grant Road, a six-lane highway, narrows down to a four-lane highway, causing a bottleneck. The six-lane width needs to continue beyond this point to improve traffic flow, from Swann Road to Oracle Road. This process will involve gutting homes and businesses. At least one nearby neighborhood association is understandably worried. There is no thought about their plight as the project moves forward; it’s “Get them out of the way and then we’ll make it better,” says one local resident.  [Click here to read more]

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