Open Primaries? Or just another Orwellian Rich Man’s Trick?

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Video: Open Primaries? Or just another Orwellian Rich Man’s Trick? At 16 minutes into video Attorney Bill Risner starts taking their trick apart:

“Well, Meet the highly shady out-of-state characters influencing, and bankrolling, Top Two Primary in AZ

Working with other billionaires, Michael Bloomberg has been building a network and now is waiting until after “Super Tuesday” before he may use it. He will be eyeing the March 1st Primaries in the Southeast and in Massachusetts along a total of 13 states to make his decision for a Presidential run to strategically spoil the outcome.  If Sanders and Trump still have the lead, he’s in.  If Clinton wins, he won’t enter. Bloomberg’s strategy is an indication of what the establishment will do to hold power. The following two stories are worth your attention:

Michael Bloomberg Could Change American Politics

Michael Bloomberg provides $1.25 million boost to ‘top-two’ primary measure on Oregon ballot:

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