William E. Doyle, the Hidden De Facto Statewide Election Director

John Brakey

The ‘Doyle Anomaly’!  On December 3, 2014 after we won our Santa Cruz County Court case we received the requested public records, we learned about the role William E Doyle plays in Arizona elections. We call him the Hidden De Facto Statewide Election Director because he controls the backdoor of most of Arizona’s 15 county elections. He is able to do so by programming the county’s election databases and/or by having access to the Election Day phone modem number that’s upload precinct results to a central tabulator on election nights. In the November 2006 election all but 3 of Pima County’s 400 precincts were reloaded on election night twice within minutes of each other. That election included the Senate race between Sen. John Kyle and Peterson, $27 million was spent on that campaign. Pima County disconnected their phone modems by 2008.

So is William E Doyle the “one guy” who controls the backdoor for a “man in the middle attack” election hack system that is not supposed to exist in Arizona elections? Since 2003 he has programmed the databases for many of the 11 Arizona counties that use Diebold equipment and for Election Services & Software (ES&S) in Cochise, Graham and Pinal Counties. Doyle also assists in the statewide election system. This explains why Santa Cruz County Election Director Melinda Meek committed perjury when she claimed she did the programming in house? The programming was not done in house; it was done by William E Doyle DBA Elections Operations Services located in Glendale, Arizona.  Meek openly in court under oath said when question by JOHN HOLMAN, Esq. Answers by Melinda Meek on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Q. Okay. If I could draw your attention to have a look side by side at Exhibit 6 and also Exhibit 1, which on page 3 identifies that the ten itemized requests made by plaintiff Brakey. The response made by the county is that the document as requested does not exist. What do you mean by that, what’s meant by that?

A. The one you’re referring to, is that item —

Q. Item No. 1. We’re going to go down the stream. Item No. 1?

A. So it’s my understanding that in the public records request, as the item was requested, it does not exist.

Q. Okay. And why is that?

A. Because there is not one.

Q. Okay. And I guess just for the Court’s benefit, what was being requested was an electronic copy of the contract with the vendor who programs the central county election computer and the AccuVote memory card, and you’re saying that does not exist?

A. It doesn’t exist because I do that myself, it’s done in house.

Q. So there is no contract, there is no vendor that would satisfy —

A. in my opinion, no.

Short video on ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ of Ohio Vote Rigging and how it worked: https://youtu.be/JNNHSpM-Z-w  

October 30, 2014: The Curious Business of William E. Doyle. By J.T. Waldron: http://sweetremedy.tv/electionnightmares/2014/10/30/the-curious-business-of-william-e-doyle/

October 21, 2014 Santa Cruz Judge Kimberly Corsaro Rules in Favor of the Plaintiffs Seeking Election Records . By J.T. Waldron: http://sweetremedy.tv/electionnightmares/2014/10/22/santa-cruz-judge-kimberly-corsaro-rules-in-favor-of-the-plaintiffs-seeking-election-records/  

October 13, 2014 Santa Cruz Fulfills Data Request With an Altered Election Audit Log:  By J.T. Waldron: http://sweetremedy.tv/electionnightmares/2014/10/14/santa-cruz-fulfills-data-request-with-an-altered-audit-log/  

History teaches us that elections without public accountability are nothing more than vote-counting in the dark, controlled by county and state government in the act of choosing itself and its cronies, while picking our pockets. Our message is simple: “We the People”, must have elections that are 100% transparent, with a documented ‘chain-of-custody’, followed by mandatory election verification! Nothing less! Government can never be the sole verifier of its own secret elections.

More on “Man in middle” The ‘Connell Anomaly’ Pt.1 https://youtu.be/fxuRM2Zs_t4  

And BUSTING the ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ of Ohio Vote Rigging – “Stephen Spoonamore” explains in detail how it done:  https://youtu.be/BRW3Bh8HQic  

John Roberts Brakey of Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency, Arizona AUDITAZ@cox.net


County ordered to pay $38K for records delay. By Curt Prendergast of Nogales International: http://www.nogalesinternational.com/news/county-ordered-to-pay-k-for-records-delay/article_e6743b18-cf14-11e4-9ddb-cf55e3fed268.html#user-comment-area

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