The Calorie Conspiracy

You Can’t Make This Up, Jan. 11, 2012

The human organism is designed to be homeostatic (maintaining balance), not permitting obesity without a survival-related reason. If you are on a normal diet, and you overeat, you do not get fat. You excrete the excess calories. What constitutes a normal diet is determined by evolution (genetics) and not by politics, advertising, culture, dieticians, doctors or taste. Human evolution moved at a snail’s pace the past 100 000 years and our metabolism hasn’t adapted to the the agricultural age, which started around 4 000 years ago. Implying that a normal human diet consists mainly of fish and game, supplemented with berries, nuts, honey, grubs and roots. Most of the year this means mainly fat and protein. People are biologically-proven omnivores and archeologists say we have been hunters and fishermen through the ages.
The conspiracy is that medical doctors don’t tell us how fat storage works: All food is metabolized into simpler chemicals and when excessive carbohydrate intake raises the insulin level and this gets above a critical threshold, fat is deposited. Under influence of this hormone, those chemicals get assembled into lipids. Instead doctors tell us that because fat contains more energy per gram than carbohydrates, fat makes you fatter than carbs. Sounds reasonable, no? They don’t know any better. Fat contains more calories than carbohydrates and protein only when you burn it in a calorimeter, not when you eat it. People have been shown to be a little bit more complex than calorimeters, and that is ignored by the currupt policy makers in the medical establishment. They have understood the carbohydrate/insulin priciple of weight gain for decades. Ordinary doctors are kept in the dark because Big Pharma publishes or sponsors corrupted course material, -research and high-profile public education programs on the menace of fat and the blessings of carbs.
Qui bono? The only corporate entity that greatly benefits from a morbidly obese population is Big Pharma. Most Western doctors are little more than Big Pharma’s glorified snake-oil salesmen. Big Pharma needs us to be overweight to sell more expensive meds to lower cholesterol, keep diabetics on life-support and symptom-relieve the many obesity-related ailments. It’s all about shareholder payouts. Their goal is achieved by fooling folks into fattening eating habits, and Big Pharma’s loyal footsoldier – the family physician – can be relied on to ignore all scientific research, obey the dogma and tell you to eat more fattening carbs and less slimming fats. Big Pharma throws a lot of cash around, “educating” the public through government and media brainwashing on how “fat is bad”.

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