Are Your Morning Vitamins Slowly Killing You?

Propaganda courtesy of the Cochrane Collaboration -Ed.

Gizmodo, Mar. 24, 2012

A Cochrane Systematic review—a study which takes in as much data as possible from around the world to help firm up medical thinking—suggests that a number of the vitamins present in daily supplements can actually cause damage.
Combine that with the fact that some studies show that high doses of vitamin supplements can increase cancer risk, and it’s pretty compelling evidence to try and get your nutrients from your food rather than a pill.

Vitamins Will Kill You [“The BBC Radio flagship programme “Today” this morning (Wed), did a feature on a report from something called ‘The Cochrane Collaboration’ which claimed that use of vitamins and supplements could be damaging to health…The Cochrane Collaboration, and the Campbell Collaboration, with which Cochrane is increasingly allied, are examples of the kind of semi-invisible bodies, linked to major elite organisations, that drive health practices into national populations via govt & supra-govt. (e.g. EU) bureaucratic channels”]