Alternative Healing: Self-Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Payvand Iran News, Sept. 7, 2011

I have spent many years of my life working with Multiple Sclerosis in various ways. As explained fully in the previous article: Meeting of Western & Eastern medicine, a probable alternative therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, this life-long research has shown that people suffering from MS have a leak in their vital energy system. In this article I am disclosing how one can seal and stop this leak. But before that, you first of all need to break through the solid belief instilled by prevalent western medical knowledge that MS is still ‘incurable.’

Based on the old Chinese proverb: Tell me what you eat, and I tell you who you are, after a few years of deep clinical observation and experience, another version of this proverb was formed in my mind: Tell me what is your physical illness, and I tell you who you are.

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