Adapting to a New World of Invisible Toxins

Huffington Post Health, Apr. 24, 2011

It’s a whole new ballgame, folks. Nearly every community in the modern world is facing an invisible enemy. Constant exposures to toxic loads in our environment carry far more serious consequences than ever before. Survival of the fittest, when the best-suited mutations become dominant, may mean carefully rethinking your place in the modern world.

The environmental challenges we now face are exponentially far greater than at any time in my life. More than fourteen thousand synthetic chemicals and preservatives are now a part of our daily food. We are only guessing at the impact of genetically modifying our food and irradiation much as we did with cigarettes. Cell phones are another great “modern” experiment, unconsciously placing them next to our skulls for hours at a time. Body scanning devices in more than 60 US airports are common now, x-raying far more than our feet when we bought those new shoes. Cesium-137 is in our drinking water now; radioactive iodine-131 is in fish. The new symbol on food packages may very well soon be the familiar yellow triangle for radiation with a line through it, bragging “This food has no radioactivity.”

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