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Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

A close examination into what many consider to be a “hoax”: aspartame toxicity. This documentary attempts to look at what is ‘definitively’ known about aspartame and discovers that the label “hoax” in this case is a dangerous misconception. In a journey through interviews with varous doctors, lawers, activists and victims, narrator Cori Brackett discovers symptoms to a much larger problem:

Our institutions design to protect the public from harmful substances have failed us.

In a poisoned world, victims are found throughout the country and are finally given a voice. A close examination of the process for approving aspartame by the FDA leads to earllier examples of revolving door activity and how powerful corporations are influencing once trusted institutions. Today, resistance to aspartame continues, as a portrait of this poisoned world also offers hope and remedy.

Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts To an Adulterated Food Supply

While aspartame was the single focus in Sweet Misery:  A Poisoned World,  Sweet Remedy demonstrates that a corrupt flagship regulatory agency has given birth to numerous toxins in our food supply.  This is no accident.

A close examination of the U.S. Corporate power stucture demonstates that neurotoxic foods resulting in a dumber populace is simply a matter of policy.  In the United States and through each nation within its global corporate  grasp, maintaining a healthy mind and body is an act of civil disobediance. Ultimately, healing has become the path of resistance for informed individuals improving their health.  We interview a host of MD’s and Natural Health practioners to gain the clearest possible perspective for a path to recovery.  Perhaps the sweetest remedy this film offers is the hope provided by  witnessing a variety of groups as they withstand the confusion, casualties and obstacles involved with taking control of their food and their health.

Includes appearances by Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jim Turner, ESQ, Dr. Michael Ruff, Dr. Candace Pert, Professor Noam Chomsky, Sheldon Rampart, Jeffrey Smith, Jack Samuels, Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Mary Nash Stoddard, Spice Williams-Crosby, Bob Wall, Larry Hagman, David Getoff, Howard Glasser, Sally Fallon, Robert Scott Bell, Arthur Evangelista, Betty Martini, and many more. 

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